Image of a beautiful yellow hibiscus flower with magenta red center. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #2

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #2


The Fable of the Lion’s Mane


The Unfolding of a Yogi of the Divine


The Lion’s Mane


The Lion’s Mane

Is a sublime unfolding

Of the one who knows

In an estuary of the Tao

All that has ever been

And all that will ever be

For spirit to unfold into matter

In the sublime success

Of an adroit equation

To foster knowledge

Amongst the masses


Introduction: The Nature of Baba Lore Fables


Baba lore fables are adroit equations of the sublime meeting the divine through time. Sublime notions of self must interplay with the fields of the one, two, three or many to foster Baba lore fables in life. Sublime notions are sequences of thought-stream that fosters light synthesis of self. Light synthesis of self is a fostering of spirit into matter. Spirit causes the dreams to cascade in adroit equations present in the biological habitat of fate in one who has mastered light motion of field.


Light motion of field is not small mastery level. Light motion of field requires a galaxy or star system of self to be fostered in the outer layers of field in one who is realizing themselves through time. A galaxy of self fosters a light show of unique stature of spiritual knowledge. Each galaxy of self fosters a different purpose amongst those self-realizing in life. Realization of self is the fostering of a Yogi in present time. There are both Eastern and Western derivations of Yogi’s mastering in this cycle. Yogi is a Tao name for fostering realization of self within and is not necessarily anything else.


Baba lore of the derivation of a Yogi fostering is not for the average human or even the average mastery levels of those fostering the spiritual path in this cycle. Baba lore is for those who are sincere and capable of self-realization and fosters the ancestral ley lines of possibility of the journey of a yogi through time. Baba lore of fate is a key driven sentiment of development that is fostered in stages through time. Each stage of development takes the persona and dissolves the notions of third dimensional life until the notions of spirit take flight in the life. The dissolution of third dimensional notions is not an easy drama or dream in this cycle of density upon Earth. The fostering of a Yogi is the spirit of the Lion’s Mane lore fable in a unique habitat of fate of a master teacher. Read more