Light Wave Webinar #3: Improving Your Stanzas of Music in Light Wave Motion


The sounds of you

Are a fostering of angels

That play the instruments

Of your light show

In a tune of beauty

In a timing of grace

In stanzas of melodies

That transfigure

Your appearance

Into your divine blueprint


Light Wave Webinar #3 Introduction


Light and music interplay to draw beautiful dreams unto your daily life. Music resounds in light instruments that surround your subtle bodies that foster light to sway and harmonize within you and with others.


Sick sounds produced within you damage light motion triggering darkness to surround you. Sick sounds can be produced by ill instruments, demons attached to your field (most demons produce ill sounds) and regional sick sounds embedded in the land.


Sick sounds can be tuned up with certain rays of light that cause the instruments in your field to harmonize. Ill demons can be removed to foster purer sounds. Ill sounds upon the land may be tuned up by the Dao of the region as you choose to work with her.


Tuning up your personal music daily is important to drawing beautiful light wave dreams unto your day to day living. During this pre-recorded webinar, you will receive new instruments in a recasting fostered by the planetary Dao to produce more beautiful and graceful music within. Read more