Image of lavender orbs and a sweet butterfly sitting on violet sage plants. Attaining A Fifth Dimensional Awareness

4. Attaining A Fifth Dimensional Awareness


We would like to address the process of attaining a fifth-dimensional state of being. It is within the fifth-dimensional state of being that duality and polarity are completely integrated, and the unconscious “dark side” completely embraced, bringing an end to the human genetic patterns of death, destruction, competition, control, and abuse.


Attaining a fifth-dimensional awareness allows the initiate to fully embody Unconditional Love and Unconditional Acceptance of all other lifeforms on the face of the Earth. To accomplish this, all emotional records of pain, abuse, shame, anger and fear are erased from the cellular structure of the entire embodiment. Once accomplished, a fifth-dimensional state of awareness brings about longer periods of bliss, love and divine union within the initiate.


In the pyramids of ancient Egypt, initiates attained a fifth-dimensional awareness over a many year time span. These initiations gradually allowed the embodiment of each initiate to become “crystalline” in form. Within the crystalline cellular structure, each cell appears as a tiny crystal, and contains many properties similar to crystals. Much like crystals, a crystalline cellular structure can hold a very high vibration, which can be utilized for the purposes of healing, channeling, or bringing to fruition magical capabilities such as teleportation, instant manifestation, or interdimensional travel.


It is through the conversion to the crystalline cellular structure that all emotional records recorded in the initiate’s embodiment can be released and erased, thereby leading to an ongoing state of bliss.


In order to embrace a fifth-dimensional awareness, a sum total of 1,024 segments of DNA must be embodied, which both convert the remainder of the embodiment to crystalline in form, and simultaneously builds a fifth-dimensional vehicle that coexists with the fourth dimensional form. This fifth-dimensional vehicle allows the current form to experience a fifth dimensional state of awareness which transcends all limitation, emotionally embodies a state of Unconditional Acceptance, brings to fruition a complete surrender of one’s “free will”, and leads to an inner state of tranquility and peace not experienced on the Earth Plane for over 40,000 years. Read more

Image of Earth ascending or shifting to another dimension. The Ascension Process - Part 3

The Ascension Process – Part 3


The following information is from Chapter 4 of Ascension Insights, Volume 2:


Integration of the Unconscious


Now, it is our wish to go into detail surrounding initiations 109 through 1,024. Initiations 109 through 1,024 involve the full integration of the unconscious of both a personal nature, as well as for the initiate’s entire genetic family lineage. Additionally, all unconscious karma related to the humanoid experience must also be addressed and released. The unconscious plane of reality was severed off from humanity 44,000 years ago by the Order of Melchizedek. The Order, in the desire to stop the increasing amount of destruction that had become prevalent due to the warring between races in the third and fifth dimensional forms, decided that evolution had to be stopped. Evolution and destruction occur at exactly the same pace, and the Order understood that if evolution was stopped on Earth, both evolution and destruction would cease Universe wide.


In order to severe the Unconscious, the Order altered the orbit of another planet within our Solar System, known as Nibiru. Nibiru’s orbit, which originally was just outside of the planet Pluto, was stretched to an orbit with an approximate 3,600-year cycle around the Sun. Nibiru, in astrological terms, rules the Unconscious, and it is within Nibiru’s Akashic records that the records of the unconscious plane of reality are stored. As Nibiru pulled far enough away from our Solar System, the Unconscious ceased to have an influence over humanity.


The Unconscious is a parallel plane of reality in which the exact polar opposite experience to that which is physically manifested is simultaneously recorded. So, for example, if one is extremely heavy on the physical plane, they will be extremely thin in their unconscious manifestation. If they are extremely outgoing and social on the physical plane, they will be a hermit on the unconscious plane.


As the unconscious is integrated, along with the two polarities, it allows an initiate to fully embrace the middle path, which means that they can move beyond limitation. In the above example, the initiate would become social at times, and then a hermit at others, and instead of being either extremely heavy or thin, their embodiment will come to the middle path in weight. In addition to the polarities within personality traits or the embodiment, the unconscious records any karma incurred on the physical plane in an exact polar opposite experience. So for example, if one human cheated another and killed them, on the unconscious plane, they would experience being cheated and killed themselves. Read more