Image of a beautiful sunset in Romania. Changes in the New Dream Ahead

7. Changes in the New Dream Ahead


Blessings for Entering the New Dream


This article begins a new series of essays to be offered from the consciousness of Terra unto those who are ascending at this time in history with a focus of what it means to become the creator of one’s own dream. Terra is the consciousness of the body of Earth much as you have a consciousness as a human that directs your life and ascension. Terra is learning to direct her own existence as a creator just as many of you who are ascending are beginning to choose to intend and create your own dreams. Becoming the creator is not easy as so much information has been lost over time that the nonphysical forces own and manipulate dreams in lieu of the global consciousness commanding its own dream.


A time is now underway in which we, Terra, can manage all dreams upon our global body, and are choosing to move all dreams towards unity, peace, love, honor and integrity between all kingdoms. Earth is a consensus reality that is made up of all consciousness upon her. We speak as a group as Terra is composed of many consciousnesses from all over the globe along with the Inner Earth that are working together towards the common goal of entry into the New Dream ahead.


The human dream upon the surface of the Earth is the most distorted by extreme polarity of all other dreams. The Inner Earth peoples have a very middle path dream that is better suited to returning into the Great Central Sun, although in recent times they have discovered, as have we, that they have failed to release the karma associated with outer Earth polarity; and as a result, are contributing to its cause in failing to forgive all that has occurred upon all of Earth over time.


The Inner Earth people live in a bubble of more joyful relations and do not attune to or even acknowledge the outer Earth human circumstance. It is easy for the human species to become self-centered and fail to acknowledge all the karma at hand to be forgiven in the choice to ascend. This is changing at this time as the outer Earth karma is now creating unconscious patterns of harm within the Inner Earth, and this then allows the karma to come to the surface so that it may be forgiven by all ascending humans, and not just those upon the surface of the Earth.


The Current Economic Crisis


The surface Earth humans are experiencing in this moment a world mirror of economic crisis. Why is this occurring at this time? Partially, this crisis is so due to human pyramidal dreams that over inflated over the past 25 years by taking dream from Terra’s global body that was meant for the ascension of the land. As the human dreams inflated excessively, more and more of the global physical plane has been destroyed to create more and more goods that fuel a rising economy that has little or no bearing upon collective ascension. Read more