Image of a superlative sandalwood tree. Blessings for Movement of the Language of Light Through the Etheric

24. Blessings for Movement of the Language of Light Through the Etheric


From the Sandalwood Tree Kingdom


It is the Sandalwood Tree Kingdom that greets you today. Sandalwood is an aromatic tree that has been used heavily in the East as a form of incense as well as for carved artwork and interior décor. One of Asur’Ana and Per’s favorite incense is of fine sandalwood that is spiraled so that a single stick burns for many hours. The aroma is most intoxicating as well as purifying in nature. Why is sandalwood such a popular incense? Our kingdom holds illumination for the visionary void of Mother Earth. As sandalwood is ignited creating a lovely smelling smoke, it also allows for illumination of one’s field as to the patterns that one is transcending in ascension.


Unique Purpose of Each Incense


Sandalwood was one of Buddha’s favorite wood for his fire as well as for carvings of many artisans that came to be with him over time. Later the idea of taking the dust from the sandalwood carvings and creating incense from it by rolling it together with other essential oils occurred. This is the origins of incense from the sawdust of many trees in present time. Per and Asur’Ana not only enjoy burning sandalwood incense today, but also pine, cedar, and sage as well. Each tree kingdom can provide unique support via incense of those who are ascending.


Burning sandalwood will illuminate one’s thoughtform in need of transcendence. Burning pine will provide a gateway into the void of infinite possibility so that one may more clearly direct one’s dream in a manner that supports and sustains ascension. Burning cedar wood will provide clarity of the karmic dance that one may be facing with others. Burning sage will allow for the release of denser tones of vibration and the entities that accompany them. Burning sweet grass will allow one to understand what has happened to distort one’s consciousness so that one may rectify it.


Asur’Ana is also fond of burning tree resins such as frankincense, myrrh and forest resins from pine trees. Tree resins provide access to the void of infinite possibility for the purposes of dream weaving; they also aid the ascending field in spinning with greater ease allowing one to spin off the density that one is clearing in the moment.


Any forest will have some trees that are prolific at offering resins or sap. As long as one gathers the sap in honor and agreement, the trees are happy to share of their resin for your purification; we just request that you exchange blessings of love with us in your gathering. Resin trees provide the “blood” of the forest. What is the blood of the forest? The blood of the forest provides a gateway for the water element to provide the necessary water through lakes, streams, rainfall or mist and fog for all trees in the associated forest to grow. If there are not enough trees that produce resin, then the forest will lack in water element and begin to die. This is occurring in many forests today due to pollution of humankind primarily. Read more