Image of a sacred dream catcher with 8-pointed star facing the sun. The Twelve Paths of the Red Road Home

4. The Twelve Paths of the Red Road Home


Blessings for Conscious Dream Weaving Through Intention


September 22, 2021


Dear Beloved on the Red Road of Self Discovery,


It is the Native American Ancestors that speak forth about the new scripts associated with Red Nation archetypes that two leggeds or humans are beginning to embody at this time. Humans are a living dream that catch a script for the life dance. Most humans are unaware of how they catch a particular dream or how to change the dream if it is not what you desire to create. Most humans are also unaware of how your thoughts direct the dream that you catch. Thoughts create intentions; intention is a force that causes a particular thought to be sent to the solar Sun by which if it resonates with the language of the solar system, will relay a dream associated into the manifestation planes. It is for this reason that monitoring thoughts is one way to cultivate one’s dreams.


Thoughts that are random as well as unconscious also create intentions; if the focus is negative in the nature of one’s thoughts, then negative or sour dreams will be drawn into the dance of life. If the thoughts are positive, then more positive dreams will be drawn into the dance of life. Most humans have positive and negative thoughts which essentially cancel each another out leading to boring dreams with little excitement, unless there is karma to draw an exciting or difficult dream to oneself nonetheless.


This is the crux of why the ancestors do not suggest watching violent movies or reading violent or depressing or sour media materials, because if there is karma for violence, depression or sour life experiences, then a violent dream may be drawn into the dance of life without awareness. Choosing to focus upon positive themed stories with outcomes you would like to manifest is far better; and yet even more desirable is the focus internal to self through meditation to connect with the natural world and nature kingdoms or Mother Earth along with your ancestral council of twelve for guidance upon your spiritual path. (Please see the last chapter “The History of Atlantis” for a lovely meditation to meet your ancestral council of twelve.)


The History of Loss of Dream Weaving Knowledge


Manifestation upon Earth is very slow. There are seven manifestation planes that any dream must step through before it becomes physical. The planes themselves have been host to a load of distortion that has been cleared through ascending initiates embodying their upper level of mastery at this time in history, such as Asur’Ana and Per. The dream time planes should step down a dream that is resonant with the thoughtform that the DNA in the body holds. For a long time, dreams did not reflect the DNA of the body. This was due to a series of manipulations to the dream time planes orchestrated by a group of blue blooded Pleiadians, known as the family of Anu, who came to Earth to mine gold to perpetuate the life in their home creation.


The Anu soon realized that the energy flow of Terra (Earth) was non-conducive to their thoughtform. The Pleiades is an electrical creation from another Great Central Sun that hosts radioactive geometry. Electrical or radioactive geometry is non-resonant with Earth as she is a magnetic creation from a magnetic Great Central Sun. As the Anu arrived upon Earth, they soon began to age, and they discovered that the geometry that they spun would invert in the magnetic biosphere of Terra. So, what did they do? The Anu called upon their own scientists of the time to come to Terra and alter her biosphere enough by introducing electrical geometrical patterns that were not prevalent before this time period. These patterns were held in large minerals that were grown in laboratories for this purpose and then imported unto Earth from the Pleiades. Read more