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Partnership Archive #2


Transfusion Lore


Holographic Wheel of Fables


The fables of transfusion lore are a wheel of possibility of behavior, scripts and dreams that foster relationships of the two or the tribe. Fable lore is complex but is internal to self. Each has a wheel of fables in transfusion lore that draw into the life the dance of relationship unto each other in partnership or other association or as a group of others. Fables are case specific to archetypal sequences through time. Group fables are also case specific and each hosts a fable in relation to the dance of groups within the life.


Each human has a cycle of lore that renditions itself around the wheel of fable possibilities of self cycling into new dances of life in seven-year cycles. Each cycle is directed in seven-year systems of self to rendition itself towards realization amongst those upon the spiritual path. Not all humans are upon the spiritual foray of realization. Those that are not upon the path do rendition through lore changes in seven-year increments. Those who realize reverse poles at the end of each cycle of seven or less years altering the fables of life through forgiveness of self. Forgiveness of self leads to the birth of transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore is about realization and not any other lore of fable including Shakti Lore or Dragon Dreaming Lore.


Transfusion Lore Manifests Beautiful Relationships of Synergy


Shakti Lore and Dragon Dreaming Lore are also a wheel of fables. Shakti and Dragon lore is all about condrian and non-condrian systems of self and how they collide through time. Before transforming into transfusion lore fables, one must complete with the wheels of lore cycles associated with partnership (Shakti Lore) and life (Dragon Lore). As all lore is completed upon in condrian theme of self in a three quarter reversal, transfusion lore blossoms within and without in the dreams of life. Transfusion lore is a beautiful presupposition of existence in which the dreams of the two or the group synergize within and without. A state of synergy forays for dreams that cause magical moments in time between the two or the many.


Transfusion lore manifests beautiful relationships that are superlative in nature of dreaming to accolade into a state of synergy. Synergized states of being orchestrate relationships that are divine amongst those that can attune unto the transfusion lore of self. Not all in any group can attune to transfusion lore although the hypothesis is available to attune unto by each. Those that cannot foray for transfusion lore can be pulled into the lore during short durations of a day or two or three at events by those skilled at manifesting transfusion lore accolades of group self. Group self is a fundamental function of transfusion lore of the many. Transfusion lore of the many acquires many happenstances of synergized moments of those willing to flow in equality within and without.


Superlative Frequencies       


Attuning to transfusion lore in the life of those realizing self requires transfusion gates in superlative frequencies. Superlative frequencies of self synergize the moment to moment dream in a beautiful foray of truth. Synergy of superlative frequencies requires oscillations of divine precepts of existence and the action of florescence in light transfusion of self. Many learn to florescence but fail to cause superlative frequencies of self to occur. Superlative frequencies of self are another rendition of transfusion demonstrated through octaves above 400 or one decibel in vibration.


Superlative vibrations cause a florescence that is divine in colors of magenta to pink along with blue and green in vibration. Magenta causes the presupposition of divine mindset. Pink is the color of divine love. Blue is the color of the postulation of health. Green is the color of the postulation of peace. Superlative vibrations begin with four colors and are mastered in ranges into gold and silver, white and ivory, pastel lavender to orchid and pastel turquoise as demonstrative patterning of light synthesis. Light synthesis causes superlative thoughts as all color ranges are integrated.


Demonstrative patterning causes demonstrations of love and care between the two or in a family or group foray of dream. Demonstrative patterning is not invisible to the nonphysical that orchestrates dreams in all mastery level humans. Fables direct the mastery in transfusion lore along with unions of sublime patterning of self. Transfusion lore is about sublime nature of divinity and not other patterns associated with non-care to destructive nature of self. Transfusion lore is precarious to rendition into as all destructive paradigm of non-care must be forgiven. Non-care and destruction are all associated due to the paradigm of consumption within.


Vegan Diet and Compassion


Consumption is a presupposition that something else other than self is required to subsist. Consumption forays for dreams of others to consume in the life happenstance. Those in the life that consume are condrian lore or demon fables that harvest others to be o.k. within themselves. Those that flow into transfusion lore rendition those of condrian fables out of the life to cease to be consumed. Consumption is not a happenstance of transfusion. Consumption also is associated with eating fish and meat along with dairy and eggs and this too must be renditioned out of the life in order to fulfill upon transfusion lore of self. Those who continue to consume something other than a vegan happenstance of self often befall a difficult dream of loss of self that chooses to withdraw due to consumptive happenstance in the life.


Compassionate action is the result of the beginning striations of self in transfusion lore mastery. Compassionate action is a necessary attribute unto transfusion lore of self. Compassion generates the superfluous nature of lore fables. Lore of transfusion is superfluous due to the dreams that oscillate in mindset of derivations of care. Care is an octave all of its own that is to be mastered through transfusion. Transfusion through the octaves of care cause an infusion of love into the field and biology. Infusions of love are superlative to experience and express. The gift of transfusion is that love can ignite as a foray of dream for the life. Love causes the sensation of the beloved of the beloved within to manifest as a flavor of self.


Sustainable Dreams


Life dreams in transfusion lore are not to be confused with love as it is known in Shakti or Dragon Dreamers lore. Transfusion lore is for the motion of divinity and not anything less. Divinity is not about becoming the monk or someone who is devout about anything other than self. Devotion to self causes one to do what is best for self, and best for each other self in the life dream. Self-theory of transfusion lore is wholeness concepts of life. Wholeness is to be transfused into further into the lore. As wholeness is transfused into, the greater good of the whole oscillates a motion of sustainability into the dream.


Sustainable dreams sustain life in transfusion lore. Sustainable dreams sustain a repetitive oscillation of a lore founded upon love. Divine love hosts a lore and motion that triggers the action of care of all that is. All that is can be reflected in all aspects of life. As care is taken towards all aspects of life, life unfolds out of syncopations of divine love. Divine love motions the life to intersect with all others founded upon the theories of care. As love oscillates in each dream, relations founded upon heart felt care emerge in all patterns in the life.


Mastery into divine notions of love is not necessarily an easy reflection of self to accomplish. Self reflects upon many topics and subjects to foster a repetitive action of care within and without in the stream of dream for life. Focuses of realization are explored in the Archive articles necessary to find the way into transfusion lore of self. Transfusion union lore shall be focused upon in the Relationship Archives articles. The articles provide presuppositions and theories of self leading to the embracing of the issues of transfusion to unfold within a life.


Transfusion Mastery versus Ascension Mastery


Life is meant to unfold in transfusion theory in superlative notions of self. Superlative notions are motions of the divine that rendition the dream to foster unity, honor, commitment to self, journeys of the divine, spiritual origins of life, and other focuses upon a day to day basis. Mastery in transfusion of superlative notion is not to be confused with ascension speculations of existence. Ascension is precious in its notions of love of nature. Ascension is consensus-based mastery for the purposes of renditioning humans towards care of the planet and not necessarily care of the self of the self within.


Realization of self begins as ascension ceases within. Ascension may or may not foray into a dream of realization. Some are incapable of causing dreams of realization to ignite in life. Those ceasing to master other than consensus ascension are many. Those choosing to move forward into transfusion theory of self are few and far between as the oscillations of mindset development must take flight. Mindset development is genetic and causes new synapses to form in cherry and flower like patterns that cause wholeness theory of self to be understood within.


Wholeness Theory of Self


Wholeness theory of self is a presupposition of healing for life. Life unfolds in non-wholeness theory of self due to the nature of the human happenstance of fragmentation of self. Fragmented self is subject to non-wholeness theory of destructive happenstances of existence. Destruction causes further fragmentation of self if not renditioned through into transfusion lore. Those mastering transfusion will ignite a pallet of the divine in which fragmentation ceases. Transfusion lore of self is a non-destructive based happenstance of dream accolades of self.


Transfusion lore has many hypothesis and suppositions for life. Hypothesis are a series of ckantor prose that provide a foundation for the existence of dreams to be oscillated into motion in the life. There are two presuppositions for life in most early levels of transfusion lore of self from 400 or one decibel into 800 or two decibels of mastery vibrations. The lore is not unlike the prose poetry offered in the archives from the Light Wave series. Prose hypothesis is personal founded upon archetypal nature of the existence of dream of the life.


Life is case sensitive to the nature of the region and the level of mastery to be attained into divine oscillations of self. Divine oscillations of self is a strategy of development of mastery over time. Mastery is a time driven portrait of life from motion to motion with increasing levels of love, care, wholeness theory and divine sustenance for existence in truth. Truth is the foundation of mastery in all accolades of achievement of self.


Superlative Languages


Achievement of self is measured in decibels attained through transfusion of lore. Lore is case specific to the experience in the dream of life. Dreams of life oscillate in motions of divinity only when superlative languages are available to be scripted through. Superlative languages are not necessarily a system of existence associated with ascension lore of self. Ascension lore is unity-based scripts of languages under decibels less than 100. From 100 to 400 decibels, there is another language that builds towards superlative languages. All transfusion languages are light wave synthesis based and contain florescence of self.


The transfusion wave prose that will be offered in the Relationship and Shakti Lore sections of Light Wave 4: Divine Partnership are an example of the nature of the language that causes superlative configurations of scripts for life. Superlative scripts honor, unite, ignite, sweeten, love, care, forgive and transform dreams into beautiful forays of synergized moments in time. Superlative lore is complex and one prose and wave ignites hundreds of light synthesis motions in a field to foster the dream in transfigurative language into the postulation offered.


Transfusion lore is not necessarily an easy lore to master. The issues contemplated in the relationship lore of self are those patterns required transfiguration through in order to master transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore hosts many oscillations that rendition the non-divine into happenstances of the sublime. Sublime happenstances generate beautiful dreams to foster the life within. Life of the sublime leads to joy, ecstatic reunion of self, marriage of interest in concepts and theories to share, and love is the foundation of the entire experience.


Divinity Is A Wave Notion, Unity Is A Magnetic Notion


Those mastering transfusion lore will exhibit the experience and expression of the sublime amongst those that can rendition into a shared happenstance regardless of level of mastery. The waves and prose ignite a dream over each in any happenstance that is a divine oscillation of resource of life can unfold. Most metaphysical motions of self are ascension oriented. Ascension oriented motions do allow for some level of synergy in unity concepts of existence. Unity and divinity is not the same derivation of thoughtform. Divinity is a wave notion. Unity is a magnetic notion of self. The field transitions from magnetism of ascension consensus foray of life into wave motion of self in octaves of 100 to 400 or as one decibel mastered within.


Moving from magnetism to light synthesis is not necessarily easy. Transfusion gates do not hold well if magnetic systems of self are present for many periods out of each day. Many motion between magnetism and light synthesis in the transition up through one decibel of level of transfusion mastery. The struggle to motion into light synthesis is the more difficult attribute of the beginning levels of transfusion theory of self.


Live in Pristine Regions to Master Transfusion


Managing fables is easy. Those learning to transfuse can choose fable lore that resonates with each in the life. Fables will flourish or fade founded upon intention. Intend harmonious fables with those in your life and the non-harmonious lore will fade. Intend beautiful fables with others and the non-beautiful lore will subside. Lore is a theory of wheel of possible experiences with others sustained in the archetypal foray of the large transfusion body. As the transfusion body is cast, the transfusion lore and all other lore become available to oscillate in and out of time in each dream.


Transfusion lore also occurs in the land if light transfusion is occurring. Many regions light transfuse in superlative languages of nature. As the transfusion gates of self parallel transfusion upon the land, transfusion lore is easier to master and manage in the day to day dream. Living in pristine regions with kind transfusion natural world gates is an easier place to master transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore of self has many essays ahead to share of the scripts for union and family or tribal happenstance of life. The articles to follow will explore each topic of transfusion lore to be renditioned into in formations of life ahead.


Transfusion Lore of the Ohana


I am the one of the many

Who renditions myself

Into a repose of honor

In a theory of Divine relations

Of the ohana (tribe)

In a foray of synergy

In a state of reunion

In a lore of truth

Of the Love of the Love within

In the sweetness

Of the caress

Of the infinite possibility

Of dream

In the care

Of the whole


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For My Beloveds throughout Time and Space



The Inspiration for this treatise on the Forever Love between Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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