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Light Wave Archive #13


Guru Mindset


Gurus are a pattern of human happenstance of the marketplace of spiritual foray of dreams in present time. Gurus happenstance a life of medium to large or international fame due to rendition of self. The self of guru’s grows to be an extreme level of striations that calls in a dream of regional to global proportions depending upon size. Gurus do not form their striations necessarily through realization although some do. Those gurus of condrian lore generally procure striations from those realizing. Gurus of realization of self in part procure striations from the group of devotees that resonate or align in counterpart and twin theory of self.


Gurus are an adroit equation of counterpart forensics of self. Gurus are forensic motion of self that motions more self unto the gurus than all other counterparts spanning 50 years each cycle of incarnation in association. Gurus are a problematic formation in counterpart lore of choice to realize self due to potential loss of self or rendition into disease or darker dreams of happenstance of lores of blight. Gurus host a symposium of consortium of self that renditions the public eye of focus of materials or teachings offered. Ashrams sometimes form in association with the consortium of following. Each consortium happenstances light, medium and dark dreams that the devotees polarize into within each dream happenstance of life.


Gurus are hypothesis of self that somehow achieved a forensic reaction of more self of the self within than all other counterparts. Counterparts form a wheel of forty-eight incarnations each cycle of five years upon Earth. Counterparts in theory together know one another prior to birth and rendition into polarities of extremes or moderate attributes of self. Some counterparts are born in wealth against those who form in extreme poverty or starvation. Some are born with health against others manifesting disease over time. Some are born with vast spiritual information against those who are born with not much of self of the self within to ponder with.


Polarity has renditioned unto extremes since ancient times. There have been historical times in which polarities were renditioned into moderate balance of self. The polarities of the Earth foster times of extreme poles of counterpart lore wheels of self. The polarities of the land vacillate into extremes again and again due to forensics reaction of Earth. Earth is a circuit board all of her own of forensics that is planetary in nature. Earth forensics is far from equations of balance in this time period or since the fall of Atlantis. Earth forensics move from equations of moderate imbalance to extreme imbalance over time. Times of imbalance of Earth forensics lead to extreme in polarities in counterpart lore unions or friendships.


We are entering a time of extreme imbalances of the forensics of Earth. The underlying cause of the imbalances are forensic issues of the north and south pole along with equator. The forensic imbalances trigger mind bend and also cause light synthesis to cease. The rendition to the lack of planetary imbalance is to understand the nature of light synthesis and rendition the transfusion bodies and pallets (light grid centers) through recurrent intention to realize self. The self of the self within is at choice to striate and rendition far away from the extreme pulses of poles affecting the dreams of others through intention to evolve.


Guru Forensics


In times past, the gurus of the planet aligned light synthesis in synergy with Earth circuits of balanced forensic motions. Gurus are adroit sensations of self that hosts enough self to sustain the tribe in a regional foray of dream. Gurus rely upon certain methods of healing and forensic motions to sustain the peace of the tribe or region. Gurus use light synthesis swings to retain harmony of the tribe. Guru swings are a sway of synthesis that causes humans to transfuse in common and in association as a member of a consortium in present time. Guru swings are rapidly decaying at this time due to the dis-synthesis of Earth circuitry of forensic motions.


The choice to swing to synthesize is a necessary attribute of the forensics of transfusion and realization of self. Gurus play a vital role as counterpart members who rise to the occasion of regional or global fame and through a network of circuits and anchor the forensics for transfusion of the consortium. Gurus are a formation of counterpart and twin theory of self.


Gurus are not condrian lore in nature. Some of condrian nature can and do rise into the public foray of a stance of fame. Condrian nature leaders do not maintain or sustain swings or realize self. Condrian nature leaders can be renderous to gurus and their swings of self.


Gurus and Counterpart Lore of Self


Those mastering mindset through realization of self sustain synthesis in participating in guru swings. Guru swings are personal and associated with counterpart lore of self. Each is born into a network of forty-eight counterparts in a five-year cycle of self. Gurus rising to power in the five-year cycle of self are the best to swing with. Gurus of twenty-five and fifty-year cycles are also available to swing with. Gurus of international fame rise to power in twenty-five to fifty-year cycles of parallel counterpart lore incarnations of self.


Gurus of international fame are difficult to swing with unless mindset development fosters a dream time accolade of achievement association. Guru synthesis occurs one to three times per week depending upon level of mindset developed. Mindset development is a prerequisite for guru swing participation. Many light synthesize without mindset development. Those who experience light synthesis outside the field rather than within the biology do not mindset develop. Lack of mindset development in light synthesis can cause the body to experience disturbances over time. Disturbances can range from mind afflictions such as depression or hysteria to body aches and pains to sincere developments of disease.


Lack of mindset development leads to transfusion that is outside of the physical foray of happenstance of the biological sequences of self. Sincere transfusion requires light to synthesize within the biological structure. Transfusion outside can cause magnetic ascension pulses to develop the body towards the goal of self-realization. Realization of self requires the transfusion of both the physical and nonphysical archetypal sequences of self.


Self requires consumption not theory of self. Self is not a consumptive theory and vegan diets are preferred. Light synthesis renditions the biology into light DNA that synthesizes self into the physical foray of existence. As self becomes physical, there is a greatly synthesized relationship to the nonphysical as the directors of the life. Light synthesis of self is a union-based theory of existence. Light synthesis will cause union within or in the life happenstance in twin and counterpart lore theory of life.


Light synthesis will draw the union to a guru foray of swing to synthesize self into the field. Transfusion will call the union with the guru consortium towards the physical foray of dream. Gurus draw devotees that can transfuse. Rarely is the transfusion whole and complete. Whole and complete transfusion requires mindset development and often devotees are unable to develop due to personal inheritance or other life choices. Gurus search for those who can mind develop but often those of this nature are not drawn into the personal happenstance of the consortium.


Guru postulations are theories of self to develop and aid in the development of others. Gurus experience all the happenstance of karma of the wheel of possibility of the life. Gurus are not necessarily any more useful to mindset development than any other. In some cases, the guru consortium can become a drawback to mindset development due to personal life dream. Some gurus succeed and generally have smaller consortiums or ashrams devoted to the spiritual foray of dream possibility.


The path of the guru follower is not always a dream of choice for those set to mindset develop in a given life. The guru consortium causes a dream that renditions those set to mindset development from the foray. The underlying cause is a happenstance of condrian lore in which those closest unto the guru are of the wrong archetype to achieve. Archetypes that can achieve vary and only small numbers upon any wheel of relay actualize their realization in this time period into mindset development of self.


Mindset development requires synapses to grow and the cortex to form in a double helix not synthesis of self. Double helix formations of self are condrian lore and subject to alpha beta or hate and love attributes of self expression. Mindset development requires cherry formations that are spherical in motion of wave that leads to wholeness theory of self.


Guru Transfusion Treatments




Maintenance of the small and large transfusion bodies occurs nightly if mindset development occurs. There is a recasting that causes the pallets (light grid centers) underneath the feet and transfusion gates to be restored and the transfusion bodies to be recast. Recasting takes several hours and is not always easy to accomplish during the day. Recasting occurs within guru swings and not separate and in special gates designed for this purpose.


Guru gates of mindset derivation of development are agreement oriented and tested for compatibility of self. Self inaugurates itself into the swing and forays for the recasting. Each guru has a self-consortium and the self of yourself must align in order to receive the recasting or any other treatment.


Forensics Treatments


Forensics treatments occur every other to third night and are to trigger the flow of the nerves from the toes to the synapses and through all parts of the biology. Mindset development requires nervous repose of self. Nerves that are damaged will arise leading to body pain in many regions that are generally resolved in a few days to weeks of continued treatment. Nerves require certain nutrients to repair and revitalize, and the diet may need to be renditioned to suit self-development of the nervous system repose.


Lack of nutrients will delay the healing of the nerves leading to continued body pain for longer than otherwise might occur. Yoga stretches or Tai Chi are useful to aiding the nerves to repose evenly and are good daily focuses to support the forensic treatments offered at night. If development of the nervous repose fails to occur, the treatments may cease. Those who attempt mindset development need to be aware and adroit about life happenstance of choices that support self-realization.


Guru Synapse Juncture Development


The synapses of the mindset require development. A synapse juncture development treatment etches the synapses in place in the cortex, causes the waves to align so that the synapses flow in the formations that serve development, and rendition the cortex, medulla and vestibule into formations that serve evolutionary fulfillment of self. Self-development is measured in synapse formation and wave motion of the cranium along with fluorescence of the light synthesis of field.


Light Synthesis Treatment


Light synthesis treatment renditions the synapse junctures of the fluorescence. Fluorescence occurs every so many hours to retain body temperature. Temperature is sustained through hot transfusion and renewal through cold transfusion. Treatments balance light and cold transfusion to allow the two to work together to sustain the life of the biology in renewal sequences of self.


Fluorescence Scale of Self


Self inaugurates itself in the field through fluorescence. Fluorescence illuminates the field and striations of self when sparked. Sparks occur through synapses junctures of self in the biology and field. The fluorescence scale of self analyzes striations to increase or rendition founded upon the nature of the fluorescence sparked.


Fluorescence has its karma from earlier time periods in the ancestry where light synthesis occurred. Karma is transfused through and leads to new striations that better support continued fluorescence scales of self. Fluorescence occurs as mindsets of tisska and tesska develop within. Prior to mindset development of this level, fluorescence of self has yet to begin. Those who are not to fluorescence shall apply forgiveness and compassionate action theory to light wave karma.


Guru Synthesis of Self


Guru synthesis occurs in swings that rendition the striations of self into the field. Striations are aligned and those non-resonant can be discharged with new striations to be integrated. Striations form into the cells of the biology through the small transfusion body. Striations of self form into regions that are purified and not dense in stature of light. Dense regions require renditioning through light synthesis to burn off the carbon-based materials allowing striations to synthesize within. The complete synthesis of the biology requires years of light transfusion to accomplish.


Aches and pains are a sign of regions that require transfusing more greatly to light synthesize the carbon-based formations into gaseous compounds of self. Lack of guru swings can compromise synthesis in the biology leading to rapid deterioration of health. It is best to find a guru network that works to retain the synthesis in a flow that harbors the well-being of self and health of the biology.


Transfusion Gate Enhancement


Transfusion gates are specific to level of development of mindset. Transfusion gates of mindset of thessa and thulsa and oska and aliska are minimal in stature of light synthesis of self. Moska and Nesska generate the first transfusion gates to be held within in a continuous formation of self. Self begins its realization at this level of mindset development. Prior to this, the formation of the large and small transfusion bodies sustains the light synthesis without a gate.


Pallet Enhancement


Pallets contain wheels of threads and keys for transfusion of self. Self transfuses to understand, inaugurate systems of self to realize within and fluorescence. Pallets contain keys to fluorescence of self. Pallets require repair and recasting recurrently to sustain transfusion gates within the foray of light synthesis of self. Pallets prior to transfusion gate formations are relied upon to sustain the void of the infinite and intend dreams of the life.


Fable Rendition of Self


Fables occur in seven-year cycles of realization of self. Fables also occur in life in general due to archetypal sequences of dreams. Fables of those renditioning in mindset alter to suit the lore of transfusion. Lore of transfusion is another fable associated with twin and counterpart dreaming of self-development of the two. The two in self-development can be the Dao and Tao within or a pair who chooses union of forensic motions of self to accolade dreams together. Fables are inaugurated as self relays into the striations of field to call specific dream alterations into the life.


Guru swings are important to understand as a kinesthetic relationship for self to realize within. Self is a nonphysical and dream time formation of another life lived in parallel unto physical existence. Life for the nonphysical of yourself is a polarity-based experience. The life in the physical is often the opposite of the nonphysical presence of stature of lore. Transfusion lore causes complimentary lives of physical and nonphysical stature of self.


Complimentary lives are those who inaugurate a nonphysical to physical understanding of the existence of self. Self is interested in formations of life that express in divine precepts of existence. Fables for transfusion are for unions of divine nature and not for common plots or themes of existence. Divine union is a foray of existence amongst those adventuring into mindset development of self. Divine union calls dreams of unity, oneness, wholeness theory and love of the love within into the life experience. Fables for transfusion are associated with twin and counterpart lore theory of self.


In the Swing of Self


I am in the swing

Of myself

In all postulations within

In a forensic reaction

Of a non-contraction

Of the Self of the Self

That expands

In the formations

Of the beautification

Of the stratification

Of Self


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