Image of white butterflies flying to an orange, yellow Sun. Introduction-Earth Light Wave Language

Introduction: Earth Light Wave Language


The Emerging Earth Light Waves


A New Language of Light Wave Synergy


The Earth Waves


The Earth Waves

The waves of Earth foster a new language

Of sincerity of the heart

As the light motions flow between you and each

In the love of the two

And the care of the whole

In the fostering of the truth

Of a new era about to be born

In which the light waves motion

To foster the self of you

Into realization of the divine


New Light Wave Synergy Sign Language


The light waves of the planet have motioned on in recent years. The light waves ignite a divine system of self to open the Mother Sun Gates. The Mother Sun is a phenomenon of an intergalactic interplay of self that fosters light notions through time. Light notions are interpreted through light wave sign languages. Light wave sign languages are not new but have been unavailable upon a global scale up until recently. Light wave sign languages are to blossom in many regions global wide through the natural world ordering of the planetary Tao.


The planetary Tao is fostering the emerging light wave sign language into many more regions than they previously motioned into to date. Up until this year past, the light wave synergy sign language display motioned only in pristine regions often associated with national parks or regions uninhabited by humans. Now the new light language shall motion into any region fostering a light motion gate and Mother Sun Dream.


Light gates along with the emerging Mother Sun Dream are to open in succinct rhythms over the coming decade and in time span the globe. Most regions shall receive light gates wherever humans associated with ascension levels of mastery have been fostered to date. Light gates shall trigger the light wave synergy motions known as transfusion to begin. Transfusion is a light syncopated rhythm that allows light to be infused into the biology to renew and de-age the form. Transfusion is a light syncopated rhythm in the subtle body of field that triggers consciousness to grow into the concept of the self of the self within. Self-realization begins as transfusion motions in your field. Self-realization is not ascension levels of mastery. Self-realization is a fostering of mindset development into divine interpretation of thought-stream.


Growing New Synapses and Cortex Layers for Divine Realization        


The blossoming of the mind into divine realization requires the cortex to revive and renew and grow new synapses and cortex layers to foster another interpretation over the life experience through mindset development. The new cortex fosters a blossoming of spirit over the cranium in which soul can descend to experience the life more directly. The journey of mindset development is personal. Although personal, there is a pathway of light wave synergy sign language to be offered up in this series of articles for your own exploration within. The language builds upon itself into a fostering of divine interpretation over your life experiences and encounters if the cortex is mindset developing.


Mindset development requires the cortex to bud into twelve succinct synapses that triggers the light wave synergy language to be motioned and then interpreted by the mind. The mind formulates into flowering light showers over the cortex that are witnessed by spirit or those of clairvoyant capabilities through time. The purpose of this section is to explore the divine nature of each of the three concepts that trigger the emergence of a single flower of self above the cortex of the mind. The information is presented in a particular sequence that allows the synapses to bud in succinct rhythms that offsets mind bend through time. Mind bend can be a symptom of mindset development in this time period of emerging light wave synergy.


Mind bend can be interpreted as a state in which deep anxiety or depression into suicidal feelings may unfold due to non-succinct mind waves and a cortex and synapse system that has yet to fully develop. Mindset development takes time. Often the cortex requires four years to fully develop if all the nutrients required are present. For many it may take longer if you do not know what to ingest to speed up the process of cortex development. While the cortex is budding, mind bend can occur and before all the synapses form for even mind wave motion. It is important to treat the mind bend with those focuses that support succinct mind waves through time for those who are mindset developing.


How to Treat Mind Bend


Treating mind bend is easy. Generally, a walk, swim, yoga, soak in a bath or Jacuzzi, dancing or listening to uplifting music will sooth most states of mind bend. Diet is also important to retaining a state of mind bend not. Mind bend can be overcome by fasting and also providing those food resources that are needed to foster the growth of the cortex. Primarily, the mind development is best sustained through resources of foods high in nutrients such as super food concoctions. Protein levels also must be high in the blood to foster the growth of the cortex through time. A diet high in raw vegetables and fruits also purifies the blood in support of transfusion into health.


Recurrent mind bend is also a sign that you are eating the wrong diet or eating too much throughout the day. Too much food generally leads to apathy and depression in mindset development. Mind bend can also occur from eating too little or fasting too much causing the synapses to ignite in a wobble due to lack of enough blood sugar. Too much sugar and salt also lead to mind bend experiences. Too much salt leads to depression and too much sugar to anxiety, racing pulse and an inability to sleep during mindset development. Learning to eat just the right amount and the right foods is important to sustaining a state of mind bend not in learning to motion the light wave synergy sign language within.


Paranoia and Heavy Metal Issue


Mind rot is also a problem in some developments. Mind rot is a state in which so much fear develops that one fosters paranoia about yourself or others in the life. Mind rot is a sincere state that is the result of certain heavy metals in the nerves and brain, including lead and mercury. As the lead and mercury is cleansed, the mind rot ceases. Fostering those nutrients that attract heavy metals to allow them to abate out of the blood and nervous system along with brain is very important for most attempting to self-realize in this cycle. The highly toxic environment and water and food resources are the primary cause of this; along with bad dental practices of using mercury to fill decaying teeth.


The paranoia within is triggered as the light motions begin to transfuse in very uneven nerve motions due to heavy metal deposits in the spine or cortex. As the spine and nerves are cleansed by light rays that trigger a regrowth, then the paranoia ceases as the nerves motion more evenly from head to toe. It can take many years to foster a complete regrowth of the spine if it is poisoned by heavy metals. If you are experiencing paranoia or extreme anxiety or fear due to early light motion transfusion, then please understand it is a heavy metal issue and do what you need to in order to cleanse the blood and nerves of their toxic wounds. There are many substances useful to heavy metal cleansing that can be researched in the health food industry.


Importance of Cleansing the Biology


Cleansing the biology to foster mindset development is also necessary to each who is destined to realize yourself to sustain your health through time. The best cleanses include fasting upon fresh juices for four to six months with and undercurrent of raw foods as the primary food source. The raw foods and fresh juices will cleanse the blood and major organs adequately to allow the light infusion to grow to be more succinct and even in each cell. Failure to cleanse may lead to disease through time due to uneven light motions in some cells that will either over heat or grow to be too cool to sustain your health.


Light motions when succinct can renew cells, provide nutrients drawn from light, and can renew the organs into better and more functional light wave DNA through time. Those choosing to self-realize will de-age through time due to the emerging light in each cell. This is the gift of Spirit for the choice to go Home this cycle. There are many souls incarnating at this time to return home to the Mother Sun Dream.


The Mother Sun Dream does not speak the languages that humans know or developed into in ascension levels of mastery. The Mother Sun speaks in light wave synergy sign languages. The sign languages can be mastered but requires mindset development to foster and cleansing of the biology to hold more light. Those destined to self-realize will also complete their requirement to reincarnate upon Earth this cycle, returning Home to the Mother Sun dream from which you originated long ago. This is the gift of this particular time of mindset development.


Mastering All Rays for Balanced Mindset          


Light wave sign language fluxes in light ribbons in bandwidths of the seven primary rays of red, blue, green, violet, magenta, orange, and yellow. Each ray has a particular quality of divine thought-stream to be mastered as light wave sign language is integrated. There are characteristics unique unto each color and thread along with wave motion.


The red ray fosters health of the life form; the blue ray fosters harmony and synergy with others; the green ray fosters the care of the body in health, the violet ray fosters the passion for the spiritual quest; the magenta ray fosters the care of the heart; the orange ray fosters the truth of yourself; and the yellow ray fosters expression upon the physical plane. In balanced mindset, all rays must be mastered as a flower of self. Each flower is unique in its color and shape as it forms above the cortex of the mind and in the light wave synergy of the subtle body of field.


Each ray is associated with a particular bandwidth of thought-stream of divine ordering surrounding the planet at large. Each layer of thought-stream denotes a particular divine thought. Each divine thought-stream can only be entered as you match the light wave sign symbol associated by replicating it in the cortex of the mind. Each symbol fosters another interpretation over your life happenstance or difficult plights of the night to allow divine contemplation to unfold leading to deeper levels of love within and for all to emerge in your life as a self-realizing human.


The Three Premises of Light Wave Sign Language


Light wave sign language has three premises of interpretive understanding that transcends common thought-stream prevalent today. The first is that light is not an object. Objects are solid and have a foundation that you can stand upon. Light is not an object and you cannot stand upon light motion of field. For some this is a difficult understanding to grasp at first in the transition out of ascension into light motion of field, as the magnetics of sound-based levels of mastery causes what feels like a solid foundation of field rotation underneath your feet and around the body. As light is motioned into, the foundation of magnetism must be transfused through, allowing a loft to be born out of light motion sway instead, that sustains the flavor of boundaries with others in the life.


As light sway is magnified, the laws of the third dimensional reality can be departed from. The laws of the third dimension include weight, gravity, sound, molecular arrangement and notions of limitation. Light sway as it emerges in strength and aptitude can allow for transfiguration, instant manifestation, teleportation, bi-location, levitation, shape shifting and other transcendental states of being to be mastered within. The choice to foster transcendental states of being amongst those realizing self are brought forth to demonstrate the gifts of spirit into matter through time.


Transfiguration of objects or instant manifestation may grow to become more common and experienced more recurrently than other transcendental states amongst most destined to self-realize in this cycle. Mastering all transcendental states requires a ninety-eight percent light infused state. Most may become ill long before they would reach a ninety-eight percent light infused state due to DNA disturbances in the anthology. Transfiguration and instant manifestation demonstrations may begin at an eighty-six percent light infused state.


The second concept of light wave sign language is that light is the primary food for you and not food. Light feeds the body with vital nutrients that are beyond what you may consume even from the health food industry resources at this time. Light can motion in the blood to create any needed substance to feed the biology from the molecular level up; or motion to regrow cells or renew the body from scratch. In time most self-realizing will demonstrate the capacity to renew the cells without food and dine mostly upon light. Dining mostly upon light requires an eighty-eight percent light infusion level of the physical at this time. Many self-realizing will reach the eighty-eight percent light infusion level in the coming eighteen years of mastery.


The third concept of light wave synergy language is that all is divine. Witnessing all humans and all others as divine is a sign of mastering all forty-eight concepts of light wave synergy sign language. In viewing all others as divine, you will learn to love yourself and love each and all regardless of role in the dreams of your life. The love of the love within expressed in many more destined to realize self this cycle is the goal of the planetary Tao to foster at this time.


There is a vast need to restore love to the mind stream of the planet. Humans are natural conduits of mind stream. The vast majority of humans think in interpretive hate and fear at this time. As more humans bud into flowering divine concepts through mindset development, the global mind stream of humanity will be able to aid in the anchoring of the Mother Sun Dream ahead. The Mother Sun is attracted to global thought-stream that is loved based only.


The Journey of Integrating Light Wave Sign Language      


The path of mastering the light sign system of language is a known journey witnessed by spirit in many other time periods upon Earth. The journey is unique unto each choosing for self-realization. The path of self-realization causes those mastering to confront the darkest parts of themselves within in order to give birth to something new in a divine thought-stream.


The dark parts of self confronted within can sometimes be frightening. As the divine thought-stream is integrated, the fear or other emotions depart. The dark parts of self can be also witnessed as diseased or disturbed nerve function in the spine or dysfunctional synapse formation in the mind. The darkness within is also biological in the DNA and RNA threads. As the biology regrows into light wave DNA, the nerves and cortex heal of what afflicts the motions of the mind to bend into dark thought stream.


The light wave synergy language seeks to lead to arc motions that foster a mind bend not state of being of greater happiness in a life of mastery. The light wave synergy language is wholeness orientated. Every three loops of light motion mastered in the cortex of the mind fosters a more balanced state of mind bend not within. Mind bend can be considered any loop of thought that is dark, sinister, fearful, abusive or non-caring of you or others. The more loops of light wave synergy thought stream that are mastered the more greatly the mind flowers triggering loving thoughts of you and others instead. Mastering the light wave synergy sign language is a pathway to divine understanding for those that wish to foster the path of self realization this cycle.


The current essays to follow will explore the first fifteen light wave synergy notions of divine interpretation of light wave synergy sign language and flowers of self. The work shall also trigger transfusion of you through the density of your own biological habitat of existence. Transfusion is an action of light that allows the density of the molecular structure to gasify and purify. All dark thoughts that are fear based can be equated to ill carbons in the molecular structure. As the light infuses into the molecules, the ill carbons are gasified and purified. As enough of any given ill carbon chains associated with a particular fearful thought defuses, the dark thoughts associated cease to recur within leading to a blossoming into increasing love-based notions in the developing cortex of the light wave mind.


Light Infusion and Sustainable Health


Density of carbons in your structure are also associated with disease in the physical. As light is infused, sick cells are renewed into new light wave DNA that fosters a path into sustainable health through time. Sick cells in a given part of the body are also associated with sick thoughts in the mind. Sick cells in the liver are associated with anger and anxiety. Sick cells in the spleen are associated with loss of heart or loss of passion for your life dreams. Sick cells in the kidneys are associated with loss of the desire to live or suicidal tendencies. Sick cells in the pancreas are associated with the loss of hope for your life purpose. Sick cells in the lungs are associated with the desire to not associate with others or care for others or yourself. Sick cells in the heart are associated with loss of love of yourself or for others.


Sick cells in the blood are associated with a loss of the desire to dream your dreams. Sick cells in the lymph are associated with the loss of the desire to foster the life into a dream you desire. Sick cells in the bladder are associated with the loss of capacity to be in your light wave mind. Sick cells in the reproductive organs are associated with the loss of the desire for partnership in the life. Sick cells in the spine are associated with the loss of enough life force to live the life. Sick cells in the hands or the feet are associated with the desire not to live.


Transfusion brings up the sickness in each part of the body and its DNA from the most unhealthy to least unhealthy through time to be cleansed in the light. The light is infused into the sick cells triggering them to renew and regrow into new light wave DNA that is healthy and functional. The old DNA is warbled and sour leading to aging and disease. The new light wave DNA is pure and does not repose in sour sounds leading to sustainable longevity and health.


The light infusion in the act of transfusion renews and restores the health of the entire organism of you. All unhealthy DNA and cells are associated with sick thoughts in the mind stream of you. Most of the sick thoughts were suspended in the unconscious through ascension levels of development. As the light motion takes flight and transfusion begins, what is unconscious grows to be conscious so that the sickness of you can be self-realized through into new understanding of the divine.


Divine understanding is a gracious state to experience and express when the mindset has fully developed. It takes time to bridge into divine understanding in this time period. Please be gentle and kind to yourself as your self-development into self-realization unfolds. There are many resources present upon Earth to aid you in your journey of mindset development. Please give to the body all the nutrients required to foster a complete cortex revitalization and growth into a full set of twelve synapses that flower in all divine concepts ahead.


In the Care of the Path,

The Tao of Earth and the Self of the Planet


Lots of Love and Light,

Asur’Ana and Per


The Earth Waves


The Earth Waves

The waves of Earth foster a new language

Of sincerity of the heart

As the light motions flow between you and each

In the love of the two

And the care of the whole

In the fostering of the truth

Of a new era about to be born

In which the light waves motion

To foster the self of you

Into realization of the divine


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To all Souls in fostering the Self of you into realization of the Divine. May all on Earth be filled with Love and Light in the Golden Age or the Age of Enlightenment about to be born.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 6: Mother Sun Dream and Star Seeds. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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