Image of the Aurora Northern Lights. Earth Prose

Earth Prose


The Light Show of Earth


The light art of Earth

Fosters an enlightening stance in life

For sustainable knowing

To be realized within

Where the Sun meets the Heavens

And the Aurora graces the nighttime skies

And pinnacles in the beauty of oneself

In Divine sustenance of Love

Born through the heart of the Tao of the Earth

And fostered by the Dao of his heart

In the sacredness of all time

In a notion of lifeform

Giving birth unto life through time


Aurora of Earth


The light show of Earth is a fostering of the Aurora. The motions foster the above prose as an incantation from the planetary Tao to renew the life of the planet. The light is budding in the Aurora because of many light gates opening simultaneously due to openings unto the Mother Sun dream. This is one of many photos of the Aurora and prose to be shared from the Heart of the Tao unto your heart as a mastery level human syncopating light of the light within.


The above prose exemplifies the need to renew in sustainable resources of light motion of field. Renewable light motion requires cleansing of the biology to foster another octave of mastery of spiritual pursuits within. The light is turning on upon Earth. Many regions previously clinging to darker syncopations of dreams will shift in the year ahead. Some regions may blear light fostering disease amongst those unready for the enlightenment. The era of cleansing ahead may include some who perish in the wake of light formations of field that the biology is unready to accommodate within.


Transfusion and Light Synthesis of Field


The light show of Earth will appear from time to time in photos of the Aurora of Earth. The light show will increase to magnificent proportions in about four years time. The light will not dim thereafter and many will ponder the light show emanating around the world in about fifteen years. The Aurora is to motion light for the first time in eight thousand years due to a solar shift into the Mother Sun dream. Those who prepare the body through fasting and providing vital nutrients in support of sustainable light motion known as transfusion will witness the birth of the light show of Earth ahead in the physical.


The light show of Earth is a production of the Tao of Earth to foster humans into the self of the self of yourself. The self of the self is birthed in light syncopation gates known as transfusion lore of self. Transfusion is an art that is developed in spiritual mastery known as light synthesis of field. Light synthesis fosters a small and large transfusion body that fluxes into a light show all of one’s own if the field was perceived from a psychic perception of self. The light show of you is to be birthed along with the light show of the planet in the coming one-hundred-year cycle.


The light show of Earth is not a phenomenon unknown to the nonphysical that partake in life upon Earth. There are many resources descending into physicality at this time to foster the light show of you and each along with the planet. The light show enlivens spirit into matter in this cycle. Spirit is attracted to those who care, who love others unconditionally, who foster others in truth and sincerity of the heart, and who engrace others and spirit with forgiveness and compassion within.


Spirit is not attracted to those who hate or who think spirit is unwise or unworldly in its knowledge base. The darker forces also have wisdom and will enlighten along with humankind in the era ahead. As all enlightens, a new Earth shall be born and a civilization of enlightenment shall unfold ahead along with a new you.


The Waves of the Earth


The Waves of Earth

The waves of Earth

Are a formulation of light

That causes fluidity

In the dreams of life

In deep care of the whole

In a flux of a truth

That unifies the heart and the mind

Into light wave synergy

Allowing for the emergence

Of the Mother Sun Dreams

Upon Earth

Giving birth unto

The love of each through time


Opening of Major Light Gates


The light waves are beginning to flow in major gates of the planetary circumference of affluence. Light gates are opening in many regions at this time. There are major gates already open in the North and South Poles, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands, the Austrian and Swiss Alps, Kauai of Hawaii, Haleakala in Maui, the Everglades in Florida, Taos in New Mexico, the Canadian Rockies, Lake Titicaca in Peru, and the Cape of South Africa.


There are minor gates that spiral out of each major gate into other regions within one hundred nautical miles of each major gate. It is important for those desiring to transfuse into self-realization capabilities to live near a major or minor light gate in this cycle. There are six other major gates to open in the coming six years including Tibet, Denmark, Sedona in Arizona, the Big Island of Hawaii, Tasmania in Australia and Yellow Knife in Northern Canada. There are six more to open in the coming ten years including Kenya, Vietnam, Aland in Finland, Greece, the Panama Canal, and the North Island of New Zealand.


Mother Sun Dream


The spark of the Earth has spawned the opening of the major gates in the above regions and the second spark will spawn the opening of the other six major gates ahead. The third spark shall open the remaining six gates and will foster the entrance of the Mother Sun Dream upon Earth. The Mother Sun Dream is an anticipated motion of light wave synergy that shall catch upon the whole of Earth as her gates open wide into the Aurora of the planet ahead.


The Aurora will ignite and expand its hues and colors of beauty as the Mother Sun gates open in full. The full opening of the Mother Sun gates will take forty years. For those living in or near the major gates or in the offshoots associated with each, the Mother Sun Dream begins now. The Mother Sun Dream is a light wave motion that fosters deep care of the heart in each who waves with the waves of the emerging light show of the planet.


Self Realization and Mindset Development


The waves of Earth spawn the journey of transfusion. Transfusion is a light syncopation of gate that fosters waves within the light body of each. Transfusion fosters another lore fable of dream amongst those learning to motion light within of deep care of the heart. The journey of transfusion leads to the spiritual quest known as self-realization amongst those who are mindset develop in this cycle. The mind must wave along with the field and the planet at large. Mindset development fosters wave motions above the cortex that match the waves of the planet triggering divine understanding of the journey of life. Divine understanding bridges humans into a new notion of caring for each and the whole in light wave synergy.


Caring for each and the whole triggers the love and blessings to flow softening the dreams of each into mellow and beautiful encounters through time. Many children are born in this time period to syncopate into new mind waves that foster deep care of each and of the family. Those giving birth to mindset development levels of children have an opportunity to heal the heart of all that afflicts your life through time. Opening the heart is pivotal to waving with the emerging planetary light motions. Love directs the dreams for those in the Mother Sun gates.


The planetary sway is also to ignite in September of 2024. The planetary sway will allow those living outside of major light gates to begin to light motion sway in synergy with the whole. The Mother Sun Dreams will flux to those swaying with the Earth in light wave synergy ahead and through time. Learn to wave with the Earth and be blessed in the Mother Sun dreaming of your life into new heights of deep care of each and the love of you.


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Light Wave Art & Glossary







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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 2: Poetic Prose. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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