Image of the Sun in the center point with double circles of reflecting light around it, surrounded by snow background. Earth Archive #4

Earth Archive #4: Finding Your Center Point


Centeredness of You


The centeredness of you

Is a system of Earth

To mature you into you

To foster a system of life

In which dreams can unfold

In the love of the planet

In a dream of your life form

In synergy with all of life

In the love of the planetary keepers

In the care of the whole of Earth


Center Point of You: Fostering You into You into You


The center point of you is a vast array of self that fosters the physical life in its unfolding dreams through time. The center point aligns the self of yourself to find its axis in time. When the center point is offset a very difficult dream can unfold. The self of yourself is often depressed to suicidal if the center point has fluxed elsewhere. The center point should align under the feet and over the head allowing the subtle body of field to surround oneself along with the life form. A center point that is off axis causes the subtle body and life form to exist elsewhere and away from the physical. Boundaries do not hold and life dreams are difficult to impossible to foster with others.


Often the center point of self is offset when murder of self unfolds. A demon damages the infrastructure of the self of the self of the subtle body removing it from you and motioning it into another. The subtle body collapses and then the center point is offset often forty to fifty miles from the physical. The loss of the center point and subtle body is very difficult upon the physical in this cycle. Demon actions have often oscillated beyond karmic habitat of fate fostering those who are almost unable to live in their lives in this time period. Often those fostering such strife feel suicidal and sometimes accomplish this in the life.


The center point can be restored in the action known as un-murder of self which will foster a restoration of the striations of field in about four to six hours after intending. Then the intent to restore the center point (under the feet) and end point (above the head) and flux point (in the navel area) and the zero point (in the sun under the subtle body) will restore the motions around the physical for proper dream motions in the life.


Sometimes certain octaves that one is transfusing through have been murdered in the self of yourself. In choosing to un-murder and restore the center point, the field can rapidly come back together again. Center point of field causes a centeredness of you in you in you through time. In the you of you of you, you know who you are unto you and unto each in the life happenstance of experience. The you of you of you is the essence and fragrance of yourself in life. The essence of self can be murdered too leading to moments in time in which you are uncertain about who you are or where you belong.


The essence of self can be restored as it is un-murdered through time. Taking the essence of self of another is a demonic affluence of experience that is often difficult until recovered from. The loss of the essence of self leads to difficult feelings of suicidal nature within. As the essence is restored, the flavor of needing to depart the life lifts.


The you of you of you is a sacred system that should not be disturbed. There can be karmic action that disturbs the you of you of you, however it is a rare interplay unless an intimate notion that is sexual unfolds. It is difficult sometimes to be with demons in intimate happenstance of marriage or partnership lore fables. It is best for dragon dreamers to find dragon partners as a result. Sometimes demons foster marriage just to procure the essence of another. They depart the union generally after the essence has been stripped. What is the point of taking the essence of another? There is a fullness that is felt internal to self that fosters the life dreams in an expanded state if the essence of another is procured. The one losing their essence suffers the opposite and generally finds dreaming the life very difficult until the pattern mends.


Today there are some others than those in intimate encounters damaging the essence of self. The demons at play are taking the essence of you to foster larger than life feelings and dreams in others. Sometimes one may have procured as many as seven essences of self from other dragon dreamers upon the path. This is a sick time period in which so much destruction of the self of the self has fluxed forward that many in development of self cycles are depressed to suicidal, or feeling or becoming ill in the physical. There is to be a restoration of each essence now due to planetary intervention on the part of the Dao and Tao of Earth. If you are afflicted, know that you will be supported through your recovery ahead.


The gemstone of self is another area of strife if afflicted in a demonic interplay. The gemstone of self is a fostering of spirit to communicate and guide the life from the heart accolade of self in the subtle body of field. If the gemstone of self is afflicted, there are mis-communications that can flux the physical in the wrong direction or the wrong choices of dreams through time.


If partnership occurs due to a gemstone of self-manipulation, generally the restoration of the gemstone of self fosters a conclusion of the union in about a year. If a move has occurred due to a gemstone of self manipulation, a relocation generally unfolds in four years to follow to reorient the body in the correct location for its dreams to motion forward through time. The loss of the gemstone of self often occurs prior to the loss of the center point of field. If both have occurred there is a need to repair the two simultaneously to foster the life into its accord again.


The Earth Systems of Support


The Tao of Earth is fostering systems of support for those dragon dreamers who have been heavily manipulated in their dreams of life at this time. Over 13,000 dragon dreamers are afflicted. The systems of self are damaged as are many gemstones of self and many center points are offset at this time. The goal of the Earth systems is to restore each into the you of you of you in about 16 months. The patterns are very complex to sort through due to vast demonic interplay of so many developments at this time. Many may be afflicted personally. Some may know those that are and ponder why their life dreams are so unsustainable at this time. Some may be homeless as a result of a loss of incapacity to dream. Please take those in and aid them in this predicament if you can and if you are a known friend. Their lives will sort themselves out in a few months with some support on your behalf.


The Earth systems are a fortuitous notion of the Tao of Shaktar to restore the dragon dreamers ahead. The notions of self are to be fostered in each to rise above the octaves of strife amongst those who have passed their dragon tests after a period of nemesis dreaming. Nemesis resolves the “who done it” aspect of where the essence has been attacked or who motioned the center point away.


Once who as a demon dreamer is the known force behind the manipulation, forgiveness can unfold and the dance can be undone. It is not able to be undone until all players involved are known. Sometimes there is a long period of strife leading up to resolution of the loss of your center point. The cause of this is the incapacity to know all who are involved in motioning the center point away or murdering the self of yourself. As all players are known, then the entire pattern can be undone and the problems associated can lift.


Some initiates lost their gemstone of self, their essence and their center point. It moved them to regions they do not belong. They will resolve themselves. Please be patient with yourself until you understand who manipulated you through time. There are many players of demonic affluences associated in each manipulation. The planetary Tao is dispensing a special force of dragons to witness and aid each in recovering. Life will unfold better as soon as all keys are recovered and the center point and essence are restored and as each player involved is known and forgiven.


How to Dream with a Misaligned Axis


Until the center point is recovered, the Tao of oneself will dream the life alongside you. As you intend to Tao dream each day, the day’s dream will align. The Tao will also manage your life dreams for work, friendship, partnership or other concerns until the center point and essence is recovered.


Tao dreaming is set up in the region to foster the life. Intend to Tao dream each morning for the given day. Make sure to Tao dream sacred space at home to witness your nemesis until you recover. Intend to love the Tao of yourself that is fostering you through a very difficult happenstance of strife associated with loss of you. The loss of you leaves you empty and unable to dream with the others who are full. Those who stripped the essence are full and living dreams often meant for you. Although difficult to understand or witness, this is how murder of self works in this world and at this time.


The Tao of your archetype activates the nemesis to process what is needed to foster a recovery when the center point is lost. The nemesis may be very deep in this cycle due to so many affluences striking out at dragon dreamers worldwide. The process may be very uncomfortable within or in the life. Partners or friends that are not suffering from a loss of their center point may have a difficult time witnessing the one who has been struck down.


Please be patient with those recovering from a vast loss of themselves in this time period. The dreams will motion forward as the forgiveness of each involved unfolds. The life will motion into greater fullness in a re-bloom of self to follow that may take as long as one year to unfold. A fuller and richer life will unfold thereafter as a gift of the planetary Tao for such a difficult development cycle upon Earth. Please receive his gifts in deep and sincere love of him too.


Tao dreaming is not a notion that is new. Tao dreaming is useful in all circumstances and even those who have not lost their center point. Tao dreaming aligns the dreams of life each day, week, month and year in syncopated rhythms that foster divine oscillations through time. Tao dreaming allows the center point to be temporarily realigned each day due to Tao command over the field. Tao dreaming is one means of assuring safety upon the physical plane and more graceful dreams to unfold with others through time. Tao dreaming requires the intent and the appropriate dream gear to foster. Intend the dream gear first and then try Tao dreaming each day and witness the joy that this causes in the life thereafter.


Dreaming with You


There is a need to learn to dream with the you of you of you through time in accord with your Tao within. Dreaming with you is a Tao ordination of self that fosters something inside of you to witness your life in its unfolding. It is the you of you of you that self realizes. It is the essence of you that experiences the joy of the ecstatic reunion possible with the Dao within. Sometimes the Dao of others participates or the Dao of nature. Sometimes not.


Union is an internal level of mastery in which the Tao and Dao marry one another and foster the love of the love within. The Tao within is the beloved of the beloved as he marries his Dao within your heart. The you of you of you participates in the marriage feeling as the beloved of your Dao and Tao in the life. The exquisite motions of deep care fill the heart accolade in big blessings as the Tao of Earth and Dao of Earth ignite a key to participate also in your Dao Tao marriage.


Self-realization is about the you of you of you motioning in accord with the Dao and Tao of your archetype and of the planet. As you motion with the Dao and Tao, the beauty of you is fulfilled upon within. The beauty of you anoints a divine key to interpret the flower of self in the motions suspended by the Dao and Tao of the land.


As you bathe in the flower of self of the land, you will match the motions within the heart accolade of self and then interpret the new concept within. Divine interpretations are filled with emotion. Sometimes they cause the you of you of you to cry. Sometimes they foster bliss in a kiss of the divine oscillations of the Babaji. The divine concepts of Babaji foster the love of you and each in your life regardless of role. In group theory, Yogananda often plays the role of a kiss bliss of group orientation through time. Divine group concepts are those of deep care of each and the whole of the group.


Flowers of Self Dreamtime Study Program


The Yogananda system of flowers of self have been launched. The group will accord into the flower each time that you gather in dreamtime. The flower will motion you up many octaves of personal mastery and renew the biology and self of yourself. The life form is to be recast in each gathering. The biology can roll back in time to an earlier stanza of age at each gathering. Divine keys are researched in key regions around the world to foster your continued realization of self. Key regions are to be chosen for eight years ahead or more to foster each participating in the study program.


To enroll in this study program, the simple intent to participate prior to drifting off to sleep will provide you access to the dreamtime planes associated. The group endeavors foster sacred Tao action on the part of each Dao and Tao of those associated and the Dao and Tao of the planet. Sacred Dao and Tao action fosters world healing due to the focuses presented during the dreamtime gathering on the part of Asur’Ana.


The information is needed by many dragon dreamers to recover their dreams and live their lives in accord with the Dao and Tao of Earth rather than starve. The dreams of the dragon dreamers are to be restored but self-realization requires conscious understanding of the journey in order to be fostered. The purpose of the group is to foster conscious realization and not dreaming of the realization while asleep.


Mastering self of yourself is of the utmost import in this cycle. The self of yourself is a striation of light synthesis of field. The you of you of you is anchored in the heart motion in the ethereal. The gemstone of self exists in the subtle body and relays communications from spirit into the you of you of you in your heart center. The self of you fosters your development in the physical while dreaming the life with you for the purposes of the experience and expressions you are to foster in your life.


Actualization is the realization of the dreams envisioned into the reality of your life. Realization is not complete until actualization unfolds. There are many dreams to actualize in this time period. The Dao and Tao of Earth are to take a large role in the dreamtime study program and each fostered in its association. There is a sacred calling for you to participate. Be blessed in the association. Open your heart and receive the gifts of the Babaji, Yogananda, the Tao of Shaktar and each Dao and Tao fostering you and the group through time.


There is much healing to be offered to allow each who has been lost in their center point to recover. Larger than life dreams can accord to be actualized in the support and care of the Babaji. The Babaji wishes the dragon dreamers to foster big dreams this cycle to make up for many cycles of small but very beautiful dreams in times past. Those realizing often had very little due to demonic systems that forced the dreams elsewhere through time and in the lives of those attempting to actualize something. In this cycle, there is a need to allow the cause and effect of other cycles of minimal dreaming to self-correct. As this occurs, many big and beautiful dreams may unfold for each.


What Do You Wish to Dream?


Is there a larger than life dream that you envision for yourself? What do you wish to actualize out of a probable difficult cycle of realization within? What do you see for yourself ahead that would bring you joy? Is it a job or position with children or in other service systems that could foster you? Is it a beloved of the heart in a twin flame association? Is it the birth of a beautiful child of synergy of the three? Is it to be in a community of others in deep care of the heart for you and the whole? Is it to foster a new career of merit and skill that you desire to master? What is it that you would like to dream as the beloved of your Dao and Tao within? Out of the love of you, the dreams will blossom ahead. Others will attune to the love of you and accord to adjoin you in support of who you really are. You are the love of the planet made manifest in human form.


The love of humans is a vital need of the Dao and Tao of Earth and each region. The love of humans fosters the flowers of nature to remain succinct. The love of humans allows the gates and pathways of development to remain open. The love of humans fosters another dream other than nuclear attrition to be your future and the future of your offspring. The love of humans fosters another day and a new dream for the whole ahead as light motions of Earth take flight.


You are the love of the Tao and Dao represented in a human vessel. Be the love of you. Be in love with each. Be in love with the land. Be in love with your job. Be in love with each project you choose to foster. Be in love with each involved in your projects or life in its unfolding. Love each that crosses your path or has crossed your path and you will absolve the strife within. Love heals all wounds. It is only love that will restore your center point in the end if it has been lost. It is only love that shall carry you forward into a new dream as you re-bloom in the self of you. Be in love with you too and you will heal from any disastrous experience through time.


Centeredness of You


The centeredness of you

Is a system of Earth

To mature you into you

To foster a system of life

In which dreams can unfold

In the love of the planet

In a dream of your life form

In synergy with all of life

In the love of the planetary keepers

In the care of the whole of Earth


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