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9. Blessings Of Gratitude


From the Spruce Tree Kingdom


It is the Spruce Tree Kingdom that desire to communicate with you today. Many may be most familiar with our kingdom as we are often cut down and decorated in what is commonly known as the “Christmas Tree”. Through this annual ritual, the Spruce Kingdom has an opportunity to watch the human experience from the inside of your homes. What are our observations? Humans love to gather at seemingly special times of the year such as Christmas. Sometimes the gatherings are joyous and the hearts of those sitting around the Christmas Tree are filled with love. Interestingly enough, this generally occurs in more impoverished households in our experience and in present time.


Falling Consciousness Due to Electronic Gadgets and Media


Most of enough wealth are more interested in the new toys and gifts than connecting with one another sharing in the love of the time of gathering. The introduction of electronic gadgets has made Christmas or the Holiday season even worse; now children run off to play games with the smartphone, use the computer, or turn on the television. Many Christmas Breakfasts are served in front of the TV rather than in an environment where those celebrating can share from the heart what the holiday means to them, and perhaps thank one another for the gifts offered.


What is missing most from the human circumstance from Spruce’s point of view? Gratitude, gratitude for most anything. Where has the gratitude and love gone that was present 100 years ago around the Christmas Tree in our experience? Humans are falling again in consciousness due to the ongoing interaction with electronic media and the electricity that many are surrounded with in your cities and suburbs along with apartment buildings and condos.


The electrical tones of creation cause humans to shut their hearts. Humans are shutting their hearts to one another. Humans no longer sit around the Christmas tree talking to one another in celebration of the holidays as within the past few centuries in our observation. Families sit instead and watch television and fail to connect to one another and really share how they feel. Families are also more attuned to the media shows than how they really feel within as the media pulls human energy fields inside out.


What happens when chakras and fields turn inside out? They begin to descend in frequency for one. The heart when turned inside out ceases to love. This is what humanity is suffering from; 75 years of falling frequencies and inverting fields due to the introduction first of movies in your cinemas, and then of televisions, and later of computers, and now mobile phones. Each successive electrical based device has caused another turning inside out of the chakras surrounding the human energy field and heart. Each inside out movement causes a further fall in consciousness and a hardening of the hearts of the human species into a greater state of loveless-ness.


Why does electricity turn fields inside out? Electricity causes a reverse polarization of a human energy flow. Energy flows in a particular direction to sustain health and well-being even at 2 strands of DNA as well as in ascension beyond this. It has been each time that the human energy field inverted that a fall in consciousness was created within history. In the inversion, the structure of the field does not sustain itself by drawing enough chi to hold the frequency leading to a downward spiraling vibration. As the heart chakra turns inside out, love ceases; as the emotional body turns inside out, one begins to feel the emotions of others rather than the love within one’s own heart, or ceases to feel at all leading to depression. This has happened so slowly that it was unnoticeable except for the experience of increasing depression and violence surfacing in present time human behavior.


Techno-Era of Atlantis


Electronic gadgets have caused a downward spiral of the human species in one other time period known as Atlantis. In Atlantis, much as in present time, humans developed radioactive gadgetry which is really the result of a dream from another creation that is silica based. In the era of the Annanuki, the electronic gadgets were reserved for the Anu themselves and not the slave nations, except perhaps for few slaves serving them personally. The slaves were intrigued by the gadgetry and desired to have devices like them for their own personal pleasure. This intention on the part of the masses of slaves to have high tech devices only available to the “Gods” or Anu manifest in the next cycle known as Atlantis.


During Atlantis, the techno-era was not unlike what has developed today, except that it was radioactive rather than electrical and that there was less loss of consciousness on the part of the human species of the times. The consciousness retained in humanity, however much greater than today only lead to the greater capacity to destroy and mutilate other fields and forms.


Devices were constructed that were large laser like mechanisms run through gigantic human-made minerals that could dissipate a human molecular structure in a single blow; or disintegrate large objects such as mountainsides in seconds. Nuclear weaponry exceeded anything in the current human military stockpiles. In the end and in a war between the East and West, 1/3 of Earth was shattered and covered in a radioactive cloud. This occurred over what is now known as China in the etheric grid work of Earth. The nuclear annihilation of Atlantis caused humans once again to spiral downward in genetic material, consciousness and vibration.


The second Atlantean civilization lasted roughly 32,000 human years from rise to fall. A repeat of this era has now culminated in the nuclear bombs dropped upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. Another attempt to create WWIII occurred in the experiences known as 9-11 and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars on the part of dark forces vying to throw Earth into an extinction cycle; this was offset by the conscious choice of all ascending humans and kingdoms to release any remaining warfare karma and in particular, return warfare karma from other creations deposited here that elicited the associated turn of world events.


Spiritual Lessons of Iraq War


What were the spiritual lessons of the Iraq invasion? Iraq was turning into a dance not unlike Vietnam that was polarizing many against the stance of those in power and choosing to continue to occupy this country. Much like Vietnam, humans all over the world took a stand. In the stand against the continued occupation, the dream was altered allowing for a conclusion of the circumstance and peace to be born ahead. In order to foster this outcome, the remaining warfare karma from the Atlantean era must be cleared by those who are ascending, and as this occurs, the current dynamics in the Middle East will find their way to peace in the coming cycle.


What was the war in Iraq a decade ago really and truly a reflection of? Humans are not rising into greater unity and understanding; they are rising into greater conflict and strife and misunderstanding. Why is this occurring? From the Spruce Tree Kingdom’s perspective, this is occurring primarily due to the increasing use of electronic gadgets and instruments. As humans fall in vibration due to the inversion of field from increasing exposure to electricity, agitation, arguments, violence and warfare are the result. This has been the same in every time period in which electricity or radiation became the dominant vibration in human civilization. This is due to the inverted field which does not create peace within the human emotional body; instead of peace, nervousness, insomnia, agitation, depression, and thoughts that are hosted upon electrical entities is the result.


The continued terrorism, kidnappings, bombings and strife in Iraq was an extreme example of yet another fall elicited through the use of radioactive armament. The Iraq people as well as the military that invaded was undergoing an even more rapid fall in consciousness due to the radiation from the radioactive armament. Rapid falls lead to insanity and insane behavior.


The terrorist behavior of those in Iraq as well as in the military personnel was the result of the extreme fall caused as radiation had increased 100-fold due to the nature of the armament. This was the world mirror of the circumstance in Iraq a decade ago, and it is a mirror for the fall underway in all humans due to the use of all electrical gadgets that are inherently radioactive, only in smaller amounts that it goes unnoticed except over time.


What is the thoughtform of radiation? Radiation or electricity is a low-grade form of rage that is constructed from anti-matter tones of creation. What is anti-matter? Anti-matter are tones that tear holes in matter, or in other terms, tears up the energy field and molecular structure. Anti-matter thoughtform is dogmatic, argumentative, judgmental, and founded upon greed and consumption. Humans en masse are consuming everything; more and more gadgets and “things” are currently being created and sold very inexpensively so that more and more can purchase more and more filling their homes with “stuff” that they do not really require. The electrical media lays in programming through the anti-matter frequencies to cause humans to believe that they need “this or that” to survive. Out of survival, humans then go on to purchase more and more objects that really have little to do with survival.


Love Sustains Life


What do humans really require to survive? Human survival requires love. Love is the vibration that sustains life. Humans are trying to fill themselves with more objects from being in a loveless condition. The loss of love is really the result of the inversion of the heart chakra which occurs due to the ongoing exposure to electricity. Choose to ascend, move out of electrical environments, and one can begin to open the heart again.


As the heart opens, there can be a reversal of this process and an end to a loveless state that breeds arrogance, violence, pain, disease and warfare. As one opens the heart, one will find one’s way to love again and this will support life rather than destroy life, and aging, disease and death can come to an end in one’s personal life experience of ascension.


As humans fracture in the inversion of field, they also continuously lose parts of self. The parts of self require someplace upon the physical plane to continue to reside. Such parts of self end up inside the objects and gadgets that each collects in the consumption of goods. One fills one’s home with “oneself” that has been lost due to the fracturing of field associated with this time of falling consciousness. This is what spurs the dance of consumption in present time. One cannot really gather oneself up from the outside in, and all the consumptive behavior does is lead to greater and greater sense of emptiness. Only ascension will allow for a feeling of wholeness to blossom again.


Homelessness and a Fractured State


As one falls, there is less and less congruence in the life experience and expression. Humans become increasingly limited by the very nature of fracturing that they are experiencing. Homelessness is the result of those who have become so fractured that they cease to be able to hold a dream for themselves; out of a lack of dream, there is no job and no home and nowhere to go or be; and living upon the streets becomes the norm. In some countries, there is greater assistance and only those who are drug addicts remain upon the streets. In the United States, homelessness has become an increasing problem as social services continue to be cut in lieu of military spending.


A fractured government ceases to look after its people. The United States is falling into such a fractured state of being that the government is failing to provide the necessary social services to assist those who are becoming too fractured themselves to function within civilization. This occurred also in the era of Atlantis. In Atlantis, huge “tent cities” developed housing more people than those continued to catch a dream and live in houses of the time. In time and as civilization breaks down, this may again come to be so in certain regions; or so the Spruce Trees perceive stepping down the dreamtime planes for the era of cleansing ahead.


Those living in tent cities were subject to diseases and lack of sanitation and incessant robberies, rapes and violence. Much like laboratory rats confined to a difficult circumstance in a highly dense living environment, where one rat turns upon the other, so this also occurred within the tent cities of Atlantis. The Spruce Kingdom reminds humans that you are conscious dream weavers and you can choose to alter this future dream we see stepping down in the intent to ascend.


In the intent to ascend, the continuous fracturing of field can begin to conclude and a movement towards a reunion and recasting of field can begin within the human species en masse.  As this occurs, instead of tent cities of the masses caught in homelessness due to fractured fields that cannot catch a dream, fields can begin to reunite through ascension leading to the birth of a new day. This is the hope and dream of Earth for humanity at this time.


For this to come to be so, more humans must choose to ascend to create the vibrations necessary to trigger the ascension of the masses. At this time, Earth is choosing to bring in over 2 million ascending children in the coming 24 months. These children shall enter the world somewhere between 1,024 to 3,000 segments of DNA and will create the necessary energy flow to weave a dream of mass ascension of the human species. As humans begin to ascend en masse, they will cease to fracture and in so doing, the current bent towards continued breakdown of your society and civilization can cease, and a new day be born instead ahead.


Relocate to the Countryside to Foster Ascension


Some humans in certain regions are already ascending as they live in places that the land is rapidly raising in vibration. This is so almost anywhere in the country and in particular under major chakra centers global wide. Those humans living in the cities are Earth’s major concern, and alas more humans live in the cities than in the country. Earth estimates that 70% of all humans incarnate upon the surface of the Earth live in cities and the suburbs nearby. The 30% that may be in a better circumstance to ascend due to living in the country cannot possibly hold the energy flow to launch the mass ascent amongst those in the cities, as there is not enough movement of energy to do so.


The energy in the cities is sticky and dense due to all the electricity. The problem with city life is that each high rise hosts electrical wires to conduct the energy to support the current appliances and gadgets that humans prefer along with the electronic media, computers and cell phones. The wires alone tend to cut up the energy flow of those living in the city into tiny boxes. As long as humans residing within the energetic boxes host fields that are not much larger than one’s dwelling or workplace, the city feels most comfortable. This is the case for those at 2 strands that hosts a field that does not reach much further than one’s home or apartment in size.


What happens however if the energy field begins to expand in ascension? Ascending fields at 3,000 segments will reach out for miles in circumference as the subtle bodies spin and kundalini moves. What then? The subtle bodies are chopped up into tiny boxes by the electricity and electrical wires of the city if this is one’s choice of living environment or workplace. It is actually impossible to ascend to 3,000 segments while living in the city as a result unless the region is under a major chakra center of Earth.


Asur’Ana has experimented in her travels with holding her frequency above the electricity of the cities and moving herself into a parallel reality that is not cut up in the box like electrical flow. This is one solution for those frequenting the city from time to time; to intend to put oneself in a separate and parallel dream to all the electricity and wires of the city, and then as one enters one will sit on top of the density much as a boat sits on top of the water, and one’s field will cease to be cut up. She discovered that she could sustain this for a few days only in transit from one country to another, but would not choose this as a daily experience. The Spruce Trees therefore recommends that those who are serious about ascending move out of the cities and to the suburbs or countryside if at all possible.


The suburbs will begin to rise in frequency in this year ahead in particular. Any place that hosts few high rises and enough open space will have a better opportunity to foster ascension upon the land and this will trigger the ascension of the humans that live there. Of the 70% who tend to work or live in the cities, Earth estimates that over half or 40% live far enough away and in the suburbs where ascension can be better fostered. It is in the suburbs that the ascending births are planned therefore to trigger greater momentum of human evolution in the cycle ahead.


If 60% of the human population ascends out of dogmatic thoughtform, there is an opportunity to alter the future human dream in a way that is less traumatic and more graceful to experience in the coming times of cleansing ahead. The time of cleansing ahead does not need to be overly torturous; the dream for the future can be modified through those who are willing to ascend into a more peaceful time in which humans simply awaken into another way of being that is more unity-based. From a state of unity, there can be greater understanding and communication, allowing disputes to be settled through negotiation instead of war and violence, and out of this a greater possibility of creating world peace.


Supporting Ascending Children


The ascending children will require being fostered and supported in the cycle ahead. If too many ascending children spend too much time in front of the computer, mobile phone or television, they may fall again in consciousness and cease to provide the support of the dream for human evolution that they could. Educating parents about the requirement to limit the television, smartphone, and computer and find other forms of entertainment that is more constructive of ascension may be imperative to the success of creating a better future human dream.


Many parents today use the TV as a babysitting device. Parents do not pay attention to what their children have to say or share, or even acknowledge their budding awareness in Spruce Tree’s observations. This creates an unhappy child that then shuts down the heart as it is too painful to not be heard and not be acknowledged as a conscious budding human being.


For those reading this book who are parents, Spruce Tree invites you to give the television away and put the computer games away. We also invite you to really take the time to talk to and connect with your children, looking them in the eye. There is a soul inside those little bodies; if soul is not acknowledged for long enough it recesses into the background and ceases to be present to assist in the ascension of the form. Soul too has become lost within human bodies; as soul is acknowledged again, then it can begin to do its job of directing human evolution.


Where does soul hide? Often soul hides in a tiny cavity behind in the chest that opens the further that one dissolves the armoring around the heart in ascension. As one opens the soul cavity, one may have the first experience of a legitimate connection to one’s I AM presence since one was a young child and sealed the soul cavity out of fear. Mostly, soul withdraws and sits outside or above the form and watches rather than participates in the life dance, as humans have paid no attention unto soul for so long that soul has begun to believe that it has no real place within the human expression. A sad state of affairs, but one that can be corrected through ascension and through opening to the inner world where one can begin to hear soul and the nonphysical again.


One can also learn to be grateful to be alive and capable of feeling. In order to recover a state of gratitude, one must open to one’s emotions. Many have numbed the field so extensively through the use of addictive substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs or the use of television and computers that there is little capability of the emotional body to spin in order to allow for the experience of feeling.


Excessive use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and television, mobile phone or computer causes the emotional body to stagnate; when an emotional body does not spin, it leads to agitation and abusiveness in some and boredom and depression in others. Release the addictions and allow the subtle bodies to spin again and the heart to open, and one will begin to feel. In the feeling, now one can process the darker emotions of rage or depression and rise into another frequency founded upon gratitude, love and joy.




Gratitude expresses itself as thanks; thanks unto nature for supporting one’s choice to ascend; thanks unto one’s soul for moving one’s energy field and supporting one’s evolution; thanks unto Earth for providing a place for one to live one’s life and participate in a consensus reality; thanks unto those that one knows and loves and shares one’s life with. Children express gratitude very easily if they have not already shut their hearts and separated from their emotional bodies. As one spends time with children that remember how to love, one will learn to more freely move one’s field, open the heart and express however one feels in the moment, including gratitude, joy, humor, playfulness, enthusiasm and freedom.


Humans have by and large lost their capacity to play, laugh and find enthusiasm about their preoccupations in the life dance in the observation of the Spruce Kingdom. This was less so 100 years ago and speaks to the fall in consciousness that has occurred in this techno-era. When one has lost an ability to play or laugh or feel enthusiastic, it is a sign of a damaged and/or missing inner child. As one recovers and heals the playful inner child, expressions of joy will become commonplace in one’s life experience again.


Spruce invites each reading these materials to begin to heal and retrieve one’s inner child and rediscover the ability to play, love and be grateful. Gratitude is the foundation of blessing. If one cannot feel grateful to be alive or grateful to Earth and nature for providing one a home, one cannot give or receive blessings either. Gratitude is therefore also the foundation of love, for blessings are an act of love. It is love that is required to sustain life. It is also love that allows for the possibility of ascension home into the Great Central Sun.


Spruce also invites those reading this book to take inventory. What do you have in your current life experience to be grateful for? Make a list. What would you like to change that causes you difficulty or turmoil? Make a list. Now intend; intend the completion of the old dream that is causing you stress and difficulty and the birth of a new dream that will bring greater joy. Intend to release all karma associated. Then be grateful for what you do have now that brings you joy. The gratitude you feel will send messages to the universe to bring you more life experiences that lead to greater experiences of gratitude and joy.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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