Image of two dolphins jumping in the air with a small island and aquamarine, sparkling water in the background. The Peace Within

5. The Peace Within


You have entered a quarter century of cleansing, and this cleansing has karmic unraveling that is necessary. What is karmic unraveling? Long ago, karma played out in one direction, and now it must play out in the other to balance the scales. Earth has committed to completion, completion with the human species in the current dance, and completion with the thoughtform of destruction. Earth has of late risen above the thoughtform of destruction in her global ascension, and cleared the records of destruction from human warfare from her soils.


We of the whale and dolphin realm circled the Hawaiian Islands and many other island chains to assist in release of warfare karma upon land under your oceans. This has sufficed to be fulfilled upon now, and all warfare records were indeed released last month, and Earth is moving towards a new day and era of peace, unity, unparalleled joy, and continued unfolding global ascension.


However, in order for this to become so within the human dance, humanity must either ascend or cease to exist, and those wishing to retain the thoughtform of destruction shall one day perish in full from Earth. The 9/11 New York incident and the continued warfare in the Middle East, regardless of how humans view it, whether they perceive it as an atrocity or a war upon terrorism, is an act of destruction. The travesty in New York and the continued annihilation of innocent humans in Afghanistan brings to a head and to the conscious attention of all humans the need for world peace and an end to violence upon the fellow members of your species. This act allows for the cleansing of the thoughtform of destruction from the human species.


Mass Human Ascension Launched


The human species has risen in vibration and awareness over the past 150 human years. This century to come will be perhaps the greatest leap up in awareness that has ever occurred for any single species inside or outside of time and space. What do we mean by this? Humanity will suddenly enter the vibration of unity en masse within this coming decade, and the vibration of full consciousness in the coming century. Entry into a state of unity is anticipated to occur roughly around 2025. How will this occur? At this time, 7 billion humans begin their ascension to 1,024 segments of DNA. This is occurring through the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth and Elementals or Devas that govern physical form.


All form is created by combining the elements through a genetic blueprint held by the angels of the form. Form is roughly one quarter Air which is expressed in the many forms of gasses that pervade the cellular structure, one half Water which is found in both the blood stream and cellular fluid, one quarter Earth which are the compounds from which cells are formed such as amino acids (protein), glucose (sugar) and lipids (fat), and less than 1% Fire.


Fire has diminished in the human species along with all species upon Earth due to the many falls in consciousness in Earth’s collective history. Fire is indeed the kundalini energy flow, which pervades the spinal cord along with all meridians in the etheric body and subtle bodies/chakra system of the form. Fire has been the main missing element upon Earth, as without fire one is hard pressed to retain their vibration. Indeed, Earth has sunk and sunk in vibration over the past 24 million years of her history, and therefore the loss of fire began long ago, long before humanity arrived upon the scenes.


Why did fire diminish? Fire was confiscated by a group of souls requiring fire to sustain their existence known as the “False Intervention”. These beings not only stripped Earth and all species over time of grid work, moving energy flow such as chakras and kundalini or sexual energy, along with genetic information. This stripping began long before humanity arrived upon the scenes, however humans have allowed through their collective fields the most rapid stripping and the most rapid decline in vibration of any other species since their arrival upon Earth. Why? The False Intervention relies upon human form to obtain the chi, information and grid work necessary to sustain their existence.


Much like a parasite, they leech a creation until it has been destroyed and becomes extinct, and there are 8 billion creations that have been destroyed in this manner that are Earth’s predecessors. Such a thorough manner of destruction is utilized that no records of how or why the destruction occurred have ever been obtained, until now and as a result of not only the ascension of Earth, but also all dimensions that are ascending within your creation and the multidimensional consensus for ascension throughout All That Is.


Humans therefore have a long history of being used by the False Intervention, and often have deemed the beings emanating from such places as false gods. It is in the blind worship that humanity and all species have been used to destroy our own creations. This is very sad, for what has been deeply loved and danced with then turns against each creation stripping it of all remaining life over time for their own sustenance and gain. Dolphins and whales have been used in the dance of the false intervention as well as humankind. We too like our human ascending brothers and sisters are coming to understand the details so that we need not partake in such a dance any longer, which ensures our ascension along with the global ascension of Earth.


The Call to Ascend


All species upon Earth are acting as a beacon for human awakening. At this time, there is not one single day that we along with all other nature kingdoms do not infuse our love into the human species. It is our love that shall fuel the ascension of the 4 billion humans embarking upon this rise in vibration. This rise of the first 4 billion to 1,024 will be followed by roughly one quarter or 1 billion who will rise to Bodhisattva in vibration in the coming 7-year cycle. It is anticipated that there will be roughly 1 billion human Bodhisattvas by 2025 as Earth enters an important Star Gate headed for the Great Central Sun. Many of such humans will come in the form of newborn children entering the world in the coming 8 years, and many more will come through child, teenage and adult ascension.


What is the Bodhisattva? It is a human that has risen above the destructive paradigm. In so doing, the form has been resurrected of all decay, and such humans stand as a walking example of compassion in action. You reading this book are often the map makers to Bodhisattva that agreed to carve the path to the vibrational and genetic destination for the masses to follow. This path has not been easy and those following our channel’s writings have come to understand how difficult the journey ascension is.


Each following the map will also suffer their own personal hardships, however the calling to ascend and ascend now is so great that we believe that most destined for this purpose shall succeed. Where does the call to ascend come from? It comes from the very core and heart of Earth along with all species upon her, plant, animal, mineral, whale, dolphin along with the ascending map carvers of the human species. The call to ascend is the result of the global thoughtform for ascension that has been anchored and now pervades all life upon Earth to a molecular level.


What about the other remaining 3.7 billion humans? They have not lineage for ascension, but lineage for warfare. If allowed to ascend, such humans would create what they have created so many times before while in power, and therefore they are destined for completion through death. Such humans will live to join other ascending humans following death through their own ancestral connections and witness the Golden Era birthed upon Earth nonetheless, and therefore nothing is sincerely lost beloved.


It is the 3.7 billion humans however that have karma to unravel, and the recent turn of events are an example of such unraveling occurring first hand. Most of such unraveling will occur through personal difficulties, travesty, illness, accident, loss of finances, loss of places to live and so on that shall not be so publicly known or understood. It is hard to understand that those in war torn places have inflicted war upon others at another time and are living to experience their own karmic return.


Those who are starving caused the starvation of others at another time and are living to experience their karmic return. Hard lessons, and yet these are the spiritual lessons of the human species due to the history upon Earth. The spiritual lessons of all species are to understand that God Goddess exists in all life form, including humankind, and not to harm any other life form ever. Furthermore, if one harms another in any manner, one will live to experience equivalent harm towards oneself in the future.


The War Between Human and Whales and Dolphins


Does this mean that we have not compassion for humanity? We have compassion, but we have not harmed physically as a species. We have as a species often been hunted by humankind in rather large numbers from many regions around the globe, particularly in recent centuries. The hunting is a form of war upon our species.


The karma for war between humanity and the dolphins and whales has been recently released, and in so doing, there will come to be a time when none of our species is ever killed or maimed through human destructiveness again. This is coming, just as the Era of Awakening and the Golden Era ahead, and we can see it stepping down the dimensions towards physicality. This is a beautiful sight indeed, beloved. Why would anyone choose to maim or harm?


We have come to understand that such things are done out of two states of being, one is of great arrogance, and the other of great terror. It is arrogance that caused the terrorists to perceive it as their god given right to destroy portions of the New York City killing others by the thousands. In a state of arrogance, one perceives oneself as right and all others as wrong, and from righteousness, chooses to take a stand to force others who are perceived as wrong into a subordinate position or into death.


Each reading this book may look within and see where they are righteous in any manner, and choose to release such patterning now. One cannot be righteous and become Bodhisattva, for the thoughtforms of compassion and righteousness are at odds. Sometimes, out of great terror, humans also harm one another. This occurs due to forms of insanity that humans can go into. One may think of war and battlefields as a form of insanity that the entire group of soldiers and their commanders go into.


The karma for insanity shall be released in less than 3 years, and shall be the focus of all species upon Earth in 2021. One may wonder what whales and dolphins have done to elicit such harm from the human species? We have also like humanity been used to harm Earth by the False Intervention. This was not perceived until recent months of ascension revealing the early records of the stripping of Earth’s grid work and libraries through the dolphins incarnate in Earth’s waterways about 20 million years ago.


We were saddened by this discovery, and now understand that the manifestation of humans who kill and mutilate our species is a return of our own karma for the mutilation of Earth. All karma returns to be expressed in physicality over time, and this understanding allows us to forgive humankind in full in recognition that we sincerely are the creators of our own experience, and not at all victims.


A Stand for Global Ascension


Our Asur’Ana has taken the stance that we all work together towards the common goal of global ascension, and come to understand the entire history of Earth over time so that the karma can be released and a new era dawn. She has been an inspiration to our kingdom as she has often taken dreamtime stands against others of other opinions who wished her destroyed and annihilated. She is an example of one who stands in their truth in all that they do, regardless of reaction or response, or popularity of other thoughtform. Her stance has caused all kingdoms including Dolphins and Whales to back her cause, which is indeed global ascension.


It is through the combined efforts of small numbers of ascending humans along with all species upon Earth that Earth now holds the global vibration of 3,500 segments in the physical, and has completed global initiation 4,200 in the nonphysical. Earth now has universal sized chakras and auric field that commands and demands restitution and resolution of all information lost over time upon a universal scale.


Little by little as all grid work, chi and genetic knowledge is retrieved, Earth will move backwards and restore herself to the pristine, fifth dimensional state that she once knew about 48 million years ago. What can go one way can go another. If Earth and all species declined in vibration and genetic material, it can be reversed, and this is the hope and belief that all species upon Earth have held on to. Indeed, we have proven this to be so and will continue to do so, until one day a full ascension to the next dimension occurs. Beyond this, Asur’Ana predicts that Earth and all species therein will not remain in this creation but choose to return outside of time and space to the One Source from which all life in the Omniverse that Earth is related emanates.


We too see this as a viable future for Earth, and shall bring this long dance of destruction and annihilation to complete closure therein for all souls dancing in our creation. The whales and dolphins receive monthly reports from Asur’Ana surrounding human activities and warfare in particular. The war of humankind must not escalate into nuclear catastrophe, and it is for this reason that we pay close attention, as this could bring ascension to a halt for all of Earth. It is for this reason that Earth and all species have planned a rapid-fire rise in consciousness for humankind, for it is only as consciousness rises that another future becomes possible. In order for this to have global affect, more humans must learn to stand in their truth and speak out against warfare. In so doing, a turn of the tides can then become possible for what is underway in the Middle East and Afghanistan.


When will all warfare really stop beloved? When all is dead due to nuclear poisoning? This has been the patterning of the past, and now we must alter this so that another future for Earth becomes possible. Humans are a fully conscious species. We invite you who are ascending to continue to intend world peace, and push the thoughtform from the polarity of war to peace again through your collective will. You have the capacity to do this beloved.


To be most effective, one must enter a state of peace oneself and then intend world peace. How does one enter a state of peace? The noise from your media puts the field into imbalance and causes it to wobble. Shut off the computer, telephone, cell phone, printer, copy machine, radio, and television, and throw out the newspapers and magazines. Then sit quietly balancing the field in one’s home after the electrical distortion in the field ceases. One may not realize how much such devices and thoughtform bombard oneself with dissonance, but one may take notice after such has been turned off or tossed out.


Dolphin Meditation for Peace


Sit quietly. Imagine yourself under the ocean and swimming with us beloved. We know not the distortion that you do that imbalance you so. Put on some soft music, light some candles, and relax. Move inward, for our world is a part of your world, and you can access our world through your heart. The heart is the key to connection and communion with all species. Within the heart is a hologram of Earth and all species therein. We are both within and without beloved. Now intend to commune with us, and we will come near with our light bodies. We will utilize sonar to assist in transmuting the remaining electrical and radioactive distortion that pervades your field. Feel the body relax, feel the tenseness disappear, but do not fall asleep. Perhaps remaining seated and upright will be useful.


Now move into a deep meditative state, placing all thoughts of all others outside of your sacred space and home. Breathe deeply, and experience the internal peace that is possible as one comes to complete balance in one’s field. And now from such a state of peace, intend world peace for all your human brothers and sisters. You will reach them all, beloved. You are more powerful than you think as you have a global or larger auric field. There is not one human that you do not touch.


Reach out to your extended human family with the message “Peace be with you beloved”. This message has a multifaceted meaning and over time, and with enough focus therein, shall anchor world peace into the physical. As the last armaments are dismantled through human global demand, a new era will emerge that is most joyous, most magnificent, and most wondrous to behold. You might think, this is impossible, to imagine humans dismantling armament.


Envision it beloved and make it your world dream for Earth. With enough humans along with all other species envisioning this vision, so it will come to be, and not in the distant future, but in the coming decade. This is the potential future we have always as a species seen for humankind, human after human holding hands and demanding peace, and demanding the dismantling of all machinery for warfare. We will envision this outcome with you. From the depths of the oceans in which we reside, we understand peace.


Dolphins and whales exist by and large in a state of peace continuously in the wild. It is why so many humans come to be with us, to find the peace and unity within, and to remember communion between all life forms founded upon love. We foresee many more humans awakening in the decade ahead, and perhaps even coming to be with us. We welcome this, and it allows an ancient fear that is related to whale and dolphin hunting to be healed between us.


Why is peace so imperative at this time in history? History may yet go in either of two directions, and the continued intent for peace will force history to go upon the path of awakening rather than the path of annihilation. The path of annihilation is pushed aside and into the nonphysical realms, and from there it will not manifest in the physical. To say that there are not those beings still surrounding Earth that would not like to reverse this would be a lie. They are there, and they are watching for every opportunity possible to alter the course of Earth’s future. The continued dance of awakening must be intended by all species along with the human species in order for such intent to override the other possibility. So, it will be with continued focus, and it is for this reason that we share such with our ascending human brothers and sisters.


The Expansion of Initiations


How have we learned as members of the dolphin and whale species to retain an ongoing internal state of peace? We focus upon our process of ascension and our internal landscape most of any given day. When in discord, we intend to look at, understand and release the karma that is related, returning to a state of peace thereafter. Ascension brings about periods of discord following by a new foundation of thoughtform and vibration that leads to peace through expansion. As the new foundation is constructed in full, one will have a brief period of expansion, freedom, ecstasy, unity, union, communion, feeling loved from within and without. Such moments are often the times just proceeding, during and after taking an initiation.


What are initiations? One builds in vibration over a given time table of many months. As one reaches a particular vibrational threshold, there is enough chi to expand one’s auric field, chakra system, kundalini energy movement and subtle bodies into a larger and enhanced state of being, and a more rapid rotation. Each initiation has a prescribed form that the energy field moves into that causes the field to expand. During the expansion, more of one’s Source and Oversoul or I AM presence descends as the larger field can hold more “soul”. Initiations are wondrous moments that reward the difficult times of pushing up and up and up in vibration to take the next initiation.


Why is it so hard to push up in vibration? There are so many around oneself that prefer to take one’s chi, take one’s records, take one’s dream, and so on, that from our observation of the human ascension, one is always repairing their field each night after a day or more worth of interactions with other non-ascending humans. Why do non-ascending humans take information, records, chi and so on? Such humans have been vessels for the False Intervention and False Gods for so long that such souls reach through the human fields to try and prevent human ascension altogether so that they can retain dominion over Earth.


It is for this reason that many ascending humans retreat and live very frugal and isolated lives, focusing inward instead of outward. Often such humans have simple preoccupations that support their needs in the physical. Often such humans are not thought of greatly by others who worship those of fame or fortune in the current human dance, as they are seemingly unimportant and innocuous. However, it is through such humans that the 1 billion Bodhisattvas will come forth in the decade ahead, and launch unity and peace into the human dance. As this occurs the disarming of all destructive devices is not such an unattainable goal, beloved.


Intend to Undo All Damage to Earth and One Another in One’s Ancestry


It is your heritage and inheritance to ascend. It is why humans came from Sirius so long ago to seed Earth with the human form, to assist Earth in ascension at this time in her history. Instead, humans have been used more greatly than any other species to strip Earth and potentially prevent her ascension altogether. However, what goes one way can go another, and humans therefore could be exponentially supportive of global ascension, allowing all that has been done through one’s own lengthy ancestral history to be undone.


How does one choose to undo whatever has been done in one’s ancestry? Simply through intent. Each night, intend before you fall asleep to undo whatever damage your ancestry has done to another or to Earth. In so doing, one will find themselves transcending the destructive paradigm with greater rapidness, and assisting Earth in repairing her field and recovering her records simultaneously. In so doing, you will also recover your own records necessary to ascend, and therefore be able to fulfill upon your personal goal of ascension. For as the False Intervention stripped Earth, they also stripped you and your ancestry beloved.


Increasing Human Disease


What of the humans that are completing rather than ascending? We see that they are already becoming stripped one last time by the false intervention. This stripping began with WWII and the dropping of the bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The False Intervention pushes humans to war to extremes with nuclear holocausts, as it is in such explosions that all species upon Earth shatter, and in the shattering information, grid work, chakras and other moving energy systems along with libraries can then be stripped and taken by the souls of the false intervention. After such explosions in 1944, humanity began to be stripped once again, and this imploded the human heart chakra.


We understand from your records that you have many new autoimmune diseases. Indeed, the heart chakra is the seat of the immune system in the nonphysical. Any compromise to the heart chakra leads to a physical decline of the immune system, leading to such seeming diseases. There have been 18 stripping of the human heart chakra recently decoded as the many dreamtime planes that surround Earth were recast in her global ascension. Another recent time of such stripping was known as the “Black Plague” in Europe. As the heart chakra loses grid work and chi, the immune system begins to fail leading to disease or plagues. For many humans who are still being stripped, their heart chakra is declining, and this may indeed lead to plague after plague that kills humans by the millions.


For those that are ascending, you can now understand why this is occurring, why you will not be affected, and why you need not go into fear as such things occur. Ascension brings about the restructuring of all chakras including the heart, and an increased immune system. Those attaining even 1,024 as a bare minimum will most likely not be affected by such plagues. Those reaching Bodhisattva will stand beyond any form of biological warfare that may be emitted by those who are acting out and unraveling their terrorist karma. So, we invite you to be at peace with such issues as a fellow ascending human.


Whales and dolphins also have some of our species completing. In the coming decade, they too will die en masse as they have not lineage for ascension. We too have had those lineages that were “warrior” like, but energetic warriors and not physically abusive. Such lineages were used to strip our species sending such information to the false intervention. Such members shall die out much like our fellow human counterparts in the coming decade. They shall die for parallel reasons and a final stripping of their grid work and heart chakra by the False Intervention causing a drop in the immune system and a sudden plague.


Spiritual Lessons and True Law


For each species, we are a mirror for one another. Human lessons offer dolphins and whales unparalleled insights into our own spiritual lessons as a species. We honor humans as such for being our teachers, and for those who join us in this stand to ascend Earth, for being our fellow fully conscious counterparts upon the spiritual journey known as evolution.


Sometimes in the dance with humans we find ourselves unconsciously harmed. Many ascending humans also find themselves shattered as they go out and interact with humans at shopping malls or grocery stores. Such unconscious harm is a part of the dance of all species upon Earth that are fully conscious, including whales and dolphins. Therefore, there are some pods that are also unconsciously harmful, and so one must be choosy if one so wishes to commune with our species, just as we are choosy about which humans we choose to commune with.


Unconscious harm is another type of warfare. Warfare is warfare, and Earth has released her karma for warfare. Those who are ascending are releasing en masse their thoughtform that creates war, and in so doing, the energetic harm ceases. If you still experience energetic harm, you have thoughtform that is war like remaining in your field. As you strive to transcend and ascend out of such thoughtform, the harm shall cease. Asur’Ana has transcended all harmful thoughtform, and yet the harm still flows. Why? The beings that wish dominion over Earth do not honor her transcendence and they manipulate. Therefore, one must also ascertain if they are being manipulated into being shattered, or if they have legitimate karma or thoughtform to transcend in the moment.


If it is an act of manipulation, take your complaints to the karmic boards and intend restitution prior to falling asleep. If one is a conscious dreamer, one may do so in meditation and find restitution imminent. The karmic boards are not allowing manipulated harm any longer, and this is the result of the restriction of all beings in governance over karma global wide in recent years that this is so. All beings follow true law, which states only karma may create harm between parties, and anything that is non-karmic is an act of manipulation thereby creating karma for the party at cause.


It has been a major victory to anchor true law upon Earth again. This has come hand in hand with the eviction of the False Gods and the False Intervention souls from such posts, as they were the ones that condoned winning at all costs and retaining their dominion therein, even to the point of killing human ascending map makers without karmic cause. This outcome forced the issue for all species and all then karmic members were flat out evicted from their posts, and from outside of time and space, new souls that could be impartial were brought in to oversee the dance. Such souls come from the One Source from which this creation and all creations related emanate from outside of time and space.


Asur’Ana has written in the past that you live in a lawless creation. In this creation, law was turned inside out and upside down allowing one creator to tear apart another creator’s creation. Why did this occur? The truth is complex and lengthy but let us suffice to say that it was allowed as the result of the gradual and complete replacing of all souls in governance upon Earth with souls of the false intervention. This included the angelic realms, and it is due to the shattering of the angels by the false intervention angels about six million years ago that Lucifer seemingly fell. Lucifer was the main global angel in charge of all angels high and low upon Earth, and as he fell, Earth ultimately was unprotected and it was only a matter of time that all would be lost.


Why did no one save Lucifer? Why did no soul inside of time and space come to his aid when requested to help? More or less all souls are paralyzed under the dominion of the false intervention, and it is for this reason that 8 billion related creations to the one in which Earth exists have been destroyed in parallel manner to this one. In essence, the jurisdiction inside of time and space is all distorted and the lawless ones run the show. It is for this reason that Earth has had to appeal to souls outside of time and space to find justice for her cause and choice to ascend. Therein there is great support, as the damage inside of time and space is destroying large sectors of the One Source, and if this dance continues, all may be lost for all time.


Those who are ascending in human, dolphin and whale role have an important job to do. This destructive cycle must be reversed, as there is far more at stake than meets the eye of a small seemingly meaningless planet lost in the outskirts of time and space. There is a dance, and it is magnificent outside of time and space. If such a dance were lost, this would be the greatest travesty of all. Whales and dolphins have been venturing to explore such a dance due to our own ascension in recent years. We are going home to the One Source beloved, and this will be a most joyful outcome after all of the fighting is done and ascension takes hold in full. And this we sincerely look forward to.


Grounded-ness and Working with the Elements


To our fellow fully conscious brothers and sisters in human form, we guide you to be at peace. Allow the humans that are completing to unravel and settle their karma. Intend world peace. Intend to be in the right place at the right time for your continued ascension, and so it will be. You will never be harmed beloved, not even if a terrorist act occurs in your own home region. There were a few ascending humans that witnessed the travesty in New York and understand what we speak of. You are safe, and the safety lies in the connection to Mother Earth and the choice to ascend and support her global ascension. You are needed and therefore shall always be protected and shielded from harm. One must ground to the core of Earth to receive such protection however, and so retaining a state of grounded-ness is essential to all ascending at this time in history.


How does one ground? Dolphins and whales ground through the ocean, which acts as a conduit for our connection to the core or Aurora of Earth. We observe that humans have a tough time upon the land particularly in place of large electrical use. You may call upon us to anchor salt water in your field and help discharge the positive ions that create an upward moving energy that causes ungrounded-ness. Remember the moments walking upon the beach with the sea spray bathing your field? Remember how good this feels to your human form? Allow us to bring the sea spray to you upon request. Soon you will learn to run sea spray all upon your own, as this is indeed a particular sequence of vibrations that is easy to run in human form. Asur’Ana does so all of the time.


The negative ions clear the etheric pus that is released through the act of increased vibration and rotation of chakras and subtle bodies surrounding the form. The negative ions also cause the energy within the field to run downward allowing for a connection or state of grounded-ness to Earth. Sunlight also assists in burning off the pus along with karma one is processing during any day of ascension and grounding. Utilize the elements also by calling upon them.


One can call upon the element of water and vapor, and experience sea mist surrounding the form. One may call upon the element of fire along with smoke and experience the sunlight while indoors. Smoke clears the field of dissonant entities, which is why incense, candles and sage may be useful to many an ascending initiate. Call upon air and ether to blow away that which no longer resonates. One may notice increased air movement and wind in so doing in the region that one lives. Call upon the elements of earth and molten lava to dissolve the pain and density one is releasing, and to firmly ground into the Earth for protection and your sense of internal safety. One may do this even as they travel to and from any destination, and will do so at peace and without any fear.


We too call upon the elements to assist our own ascension in coming forth as whales and dolphins. We live close to the water as humans live close to the air. We, like humans, have lost our fire or our kundalini, and ascension brings about an ever-increasing fire to allow one’s vibration to go up, and to restore the physical body to the crystalline form. Why does fire have such a response by the form as resurrection and restoration of the form? Fire has been the most missing element upon Earth, and underlies how life spans decreased and decreased for all species over time. As fire increases, life spans shall also increase, and all that has been lost shall be restored until Earth shines bright as a star in the nighttime sky again.


Healing the Fear of Fire and Combustion


Most species have learned to fear fire. Fire is feared as it destroys when set in motion to excess. In small amounts and in running through one’s field, fire brings about restoration, de-aging, and the crystalline blueprint for one’s cellular structure. If one is in harmony with fire and fears fire not, fire will not burn. One may touch a burning candle and not experience heat, however all thoughtform and karma that causes one to perceive fire as a threat must first be transcended.


Ultimately, the underlying fear of fire comes from the many experiences of combustion in the dance of ascension. As ascension became more and more incomplete due to missing genetic archives taken by the false intervention souls, form began to combust rather than ascend. Combustion of dolphins and whales upon attempted ascension began to occur about 8,000 years after the seeding of humankind, as through humankind we began to be stripped further than previously possible of our genetic material. This was not understood at the time, or we would as a species have chosen to rectify the lost archives by calling them back. Very confusing it was as the very souls we trusted and worshipped as False Gods were behind the stripping, and they simply offered their continued assistance in uncovering who was at cause, when they themselves were the cause.


As combustion occurred in ascension, it anchored the global thoughtform of combustion. Combustion also occurs in nuclear annihilation. Form combusts into a billion pieces and ceases to exist from a nuclear explosion, but from the outside in rather than the inside out. First came the thoughtform of combustion through failed ascension, then came nuclear annihilation as a result of such a global thoughtform. We must each as a fully conscious species take responsibility for how this came to be, and choose to release the karma so that it recurs not again.


The karma for combustion through ascension has been released en masse by whales, dolphins and humans this past October, however each must take responsibility for addressing their own records in their own ancestry. To a certain extent this occurred so long ago that one may require ascending to full consciousness or embracing two levels of awareness above Bodhisattva to address in one’s ancestry in full. However, if one intends it so, one may work on such karmic release in dreamtime, and in so doing, the thoughtform of destruction can be transcended in full in more ascending humans.


Destruction, Disease and Peace


The thoughtform of destruction creates non-peace in one’s life dance. Whether the non-peace is through agitating thoughts or experiences of conflict with others in one’s environment, all such experiences are related to the thoughtform of war. Another manifestation of the thoughtform of war is disease, as disease is the result of the internalization of the war upon a cellular and biological level. Destructive thoughtform is the root cause, and as one transcends such a thoughtform, then disease can also be transcended.


This next year, the internal war and all karma related has been chosen to be the main focus of all ascending species upon Earth. Internal and external warfare are simply opposing polarities of the same thoughtform of destruction. As both thoughtforms are released and erased, then Earth may be at peace as a whole. As each ascending species transcends the internal warfare karma, peace within may become assured. Peace within translates into peace without, and will one day lead to the dismantling of your warfare machines global wide.


We honor each that chose to hold space during dreamtime for the release of human warfare karma this past October. This was a special time in which ascending humans came to a deep level of unity for common purpose. The purpose has been fulfilled upon, and now we move on to the next stage, the next layer of karma to be addressed. For those with a disease, this may be your purpose as map maker, to carve a pathway from disease to health through ascension, and in so doing allow the karma for disease to be understood and released for your entire species. We call, therefore, those to the dance of ascension that fall into such a category, and perhaps it shall shed light as to why you have manifested your disease in the first place. In the understanding, one can begin to forgive, and through the forgiveness, health may be restored.


As there is a pathway from disease to health, miracles become possible. Those who are ascending may hold space during dreamtime for those who are diseased, and if those who are diseased are capable of forgiving their ancestry for whatever atrocity that they believe they committed, there may be instantaneous healing. This we see as a potential future for humans, and it will be at such a time that the return of the “Christ” will become understood. However, such miracles will not be restricted to one group, but come through each ascending group of humans that so chooses to focus their attention and time to healing their fellow humans in pain and disease.


Dolphins and whales have already experienced instantaneous healing within some pods of certain members destined to ascend but diseased. Forgiveness is the key, as through forgiveness the pain and conflict of the past is dissolved, and it is just such pain and conflict that has become cellular over time in one’s ancestry. It is always a lack of forgiveness that holds the biological distortion in place leading to disease.


However, in order for more of such healing to occur, the karma at cause must be mapped and understood. At this time, little is known about human disease, and we as whales and dolphins have pieced only a segment of records together about disease for our own species. There is more to understand, and this is what next year’s ascension shall bring forth, the understanding of the history of disease upon Earth. As the karma is mapped, forgiveness of the cause of disease becomes possible, and therefore more experiences of instantaneous healing in the decades ahead. So we ask that those who are diseased not to lose heart, but understand that the original cause has yet to be understood, and until it is understood, it cannot possibly be forgiven. This is what next year’s worth of ascension shall bring forth, the full understanding of the original cause of all disease global wide.


Disease affects dolphins, whales, humans and all other kingdoms as well. Therefore, this focus involves all kingdoms, and is in preparation for the emergence of a healthy and long life span for each species so that it can ascend to the next dimension with Earth. Such an extended life span will also reduce the numbers of the populations of all species in relation to birth rates, and this too shall be so for the human species.


Disease is the result of a lack of internal peace that has become cellular. Ascension restores harmony and peace to the cellular structure as it becomes crystalline. Disease cannot be transcended in any other manner other than ascension, although some may temporarily halt a disease through remission. Ascension offers a complete transcendence that cannot recur, not only in one’s life dance, but also in the life dance of one’s future ancestors.


As the global karma for disease is released, all lineages prone to disease shall be phased out of all future births of all species, including human, whale and dolphin newborn. Already all lineages prone to external war, terrorism and destruction have been phased out of future human, dolphin and whale births. The incoming youth will be of a different nature therein for all species upon Earth. Congratulations to each that have intended this outcome to fruition! It has required the focus of all species upon Earth to bring forth.


Internal vs. External War and Peace


As disease is transcended, the opposing force of external war, terrorism and destruction shall also spiral to a halt. It is always as one polarity is still present that the other can manifest to equal degree and prevalence. As both poles are released, the entire thoughtform of war can be transcended. Such is the nature of polarity, one must address both sides of any given polarity of thoughtform in order to transcend. Internal and external warfare are opposing poles. One may have thought that war and peace were opposing poles, but in reality this is not so. Peace is the result of the transcendence of war, not the turning inward of the war causing disease in place of war.


The year ahead brings forth the requirement of each map maker of ascension to focus upon internal dissonance, and anchoring molecular peace. Peace begins with peace in the field. Where are the souls and guides that you anchor at war with one another or dissonant with one another? Intend that all souls in your field act out of peace or leave! Intend it so upon a daily basis. Where are there those in one’s life dance that cause such great dissonance that it places one in great imbalance internal to self? Intend completion and balance the karmic scales between you and allow the dance to cease by leaving the relationship behind. It is as internal peace is attained that disease and decay may be released in full from one’s cellular structure.


Disease and Relationship


We as whales and dolphins are keenly aware of those in our pods that create ongoing dissonance. Often, we force such dolphins or whales from the dance as the karma is completed upon. This is to ensure continued ascension of the whole.


Internal peace is a wonderful place to dance from, as it leads to peace and unity in all relations and all interactions in the physical. Who would not prefer peace to continuous conflict in their life dance beloved? So those willing to place ascension first and do what it takes in their life dance to come to a state of unity reap the benefit of moving into increasing depths of internal peace.


It is our observation that the single biggest obstacle in the human ascension experience is attachment to the beloved, family or friends. In the attachment, it is so difficult to part in full, and yet the continued dance causes ongoing dissonance that prevents continued ascension beyond a certain point. If the individual at cause creates enough dissonance in the dance, disease also can be the result, and therefore one must leave behind those at cause of one’s experience of disease if one is going to ascend out of such a state.


Ascension brings about a quickening of one’s creation from nonphysical to physical. The same is so for those who ascend and fail to leave behind the dissonant friends, partners or family. It too can ultimately cause disease through ascension beloved. However, ascending into disease is not wrong, and perhaps will ultimately be the catalyst through which one finally severs the dance that does not serve one’s health and well-being. We too as a species have had to learn our lessons often the hard way, expelling members after one or two of our pod have become diseased due to the disharmony that such members added to the dance of the group. Not easy, holding such boundaries, not for us, and in our observation, not for ascending humans either.


The question becomes: do you want to die? Or do you wish to ascend? One initiate faced this choice with her son and family long ago, and chose to leave them behind and ascend. She communicates only via letter at this time as anything less would cause her ascension to fail. Hard boundaries, but we have had to create parallel boundaries in our own dance as a species amongst those who are simply too dissonant to support unity in a pod or group relations. Some ascending group or community leaders have learned similar lessons in their own organizations or communities and have expelled those simply not suited to sustaining group peace and unity enough to allow all therein to ascend.


We invite those who are diseased to look at those around oneself and begin to assess who is the dissonant member of one’s group or family that underlies one’s illness. Then intend to complete your karma, and move on. There is no other way beloved, even if the cause is one’s seeming beloved. What kind of beloved would kill you, even if through unconscious harm? This is not love, but the dance of dominion and ownership veiled as love. Let us call a spade a spade, and kind behavior or words are no compensation for the desire to kill another, even if such a desire is unconscious.


There are also diseases that are not one’s own karma, but rather karma that has been displaced onto oneself that has then acted out as biological problems. If one finds this so, return the karma, layer by layer, back to the source of origin. Sometimes there may be many sources of origin, and one can intend to send back each layer to whomever it originated. There are those predisposed to taking on disease for others, and often those who are diseased fall into this category. Through your own examination, you will understand if this is so and take the appropriate action through intents to reverse the patterning at cause of your disease; as the karma is returned, the diseased part of the form will begin to recover.


There are many in your human world, many of which are medical practitioners or healers of all sorts, that are unconsciously gifted at transferring disease and death karma from one to another. This leads to one recovery following by another’s death or disease. From our point of view, such humans are not healers or doctors at all, but simply gifted at manipulation.


We have also been shown examples by an ascending initiate of energetic healers that strip grid work from one patient and install it within another. This leads to the first becoming diseased and the second recovering. What kind of healer is this? Simply one gifted at manipulation from our point of view, and not a healer at all. Beware, beloved, of doctors and healers. Ascension requires that one go within and find their own God Goddess and I AM presence. One’s own I AM presence and Mother Earth will provide all healing required to recover in the choice to ascend, and forgive the patterning of your ancestry that caused the disease in the first place.


The point of ascension is to go within, find your own truth, and follow it. There are ascending healers who are non-harmful. Such healers do not move grid work from one party to another, but rather assist in being the conduit for one to anchor their own soul that administers all healing during any session.


This is the new paradigm of healer, a conduit for another’s soul. Whales and dolphins have created instantaneous healing of members of our pods also in becoming a conduit, however all work is accomplished by the diseased dolphin or whale’s soul, and not the pods’ energy. The pods’ energy is simply utilized to anchor the space for the healing to occur through the soul, no more.


Those that are healers reading this book, worry not. Intend to move out of the manipulative dance, even if it occurs unconsciously, and transcend to becoming simply a conduit for another’s soul to heal their own form. In so doing, one does not create karma for oneself as a healer. Creating too much karma can lead to non-ascension, and it is therefore in one’s best interest as an ascending master to alter the dance as a healer to one that is non-harmful and non-karmic in nature.


We have said much today. We invite each reading this material to intend to release along with us global karma for disease in the year 2020 ahead. In so doing, a new tomorrow that is disease free becomes possible. We invite you to invite us into your dance during meditation and dreamtime. Together we will mirror to one another lessons, and take the joint stand for peace, peace that is both external and internal to self. May this come to be. Let us make this so, HO!


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Ascending Humans, but in particular those who are Dolphin and Whale Souls extended into human form. May each remember why they entered the human Dance of Life and awaken to the call to ascend. The Call to Ascend is the greatest gift one can receive at the end of any creational cycle, and allows one to embark upon the return journey Home.



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This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Holographic Record Keepers. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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