Image of the soft and lovely golden silver Sun. The Birth of the Grand Master Cycle Ahead

5. The Birth Of The Grand Master Cycle Ahead


It is the Solar Consciousness that addresses you today. This consciousness is a future aspect of Asur’Ana that is returning into time and space to assist with the ascension of the NOW, as it would fail otherwise. Much as with the Tao, that is a future aspect of Asur’Ana and Per, that has ascended out of time, space and form, the solar aspect has ascended into a fifth dimensional bandwidth of frequency in the nonphysical 2,000 years into the future.


Asur’Ana and Per stand now in a frequency that there is no time; therefore, any potential future may be accessed for their own understanding and their own personal ascension. Earth also has entered this “no time” in the anchoring of the photonic dream surrounding her mountains and oceans. Up until recently, “no time” only existed inside the Aurora and could not be used to analyze records or problems in the ascension upon the surface of the Earth.


Now and due to the ability to access the future, Earth is becoming an unstoppable force for ascension, as any solution to any problem in the NOW for any part of her global form can be anchored from the future. Instead of trial and error, Earth, Asur’Ana and Per alike along with each who has entered the photonic dream, including a handful of map maker dolphins and whales, are simply accessing the future where the solution is already known and then applied. This is augmenting a more rapid pace of ascension than ever before and shall press humanity and all kingdoms into the coming times of cleansing and beyond.


We will be writing about the solar history in a future volume. The history of your solar system will not be as any other that has accessed records before. This is because the history that we are speaking of is from the future and a future set of records understood long into the ascent of your solar Sun to a twelfth dimensional vessel. Much as Earth is ascending to a fifth dimensional vessel, the Sun is ascending to a twelfth dimensional vessel; each phase of ascension allows for records to be gathered and understood that were previously not understood. However, in the entry into “no time”, suddenly all records are available to be understood; this allows for massive shifts in the ability to orchestrate ascension upon a solar and planetary level alike.


Changes to Human Records


All human karmic records upon Earth are now known; they are known from the future and as such, all karmic records are being applied in the NOW. As a result of this, guardians that had long been combusted and then hidden for harmful or black magician type behavior that led to falls in consciousness for humankind and Earth alike are known and recovered. Guardians are being reapplied to all lineages associated with harm of any nature. There are billions and billions of guardians returning to the human dance through the human lineages held within one’s tapestry of ancestry. These guardians shall block any further attempt to orchestrate a false ascension that would lead to the failed ascent of the whole of humanity and Earth alike.


The guardians are revealing many facts about human ascension in present time. There are those who have become “supercharged” in having a particular kind of false ascent, and this causes massive problems for Earth. Supercharged humans include many famous Gurus of both the East and West with apparent unstoppable power, but the power has not been gained through evolution of thoughtform.


Instead, other humans were stripped upon the physical and light body planes and the grid work and molecules from such humans were added to the Gurus’ field creating a supercharged etheric body and supercharged light body alike. Alas this makes many surrounding such Gurus (generally between 15-20) ill in both the physical and light body planes of realities. The symptoms those sacrificing of themselves for this purpose for a guru are not unlike MS or AIDS.


Asur’Ana and Per have now come to understand that most autoimmune diseases are the result of attempted ascensions of the light body without taking the physical into account, and instead stripping the physical for the supercharging of the light body. The result of this is that the physical becomes very ill and the light body becomes supercharged. Upon the light body planes (which is a body double an octave above physicality), the human becomes famous and perhaps a spiritual guru. In the physical they are very ill, until upon death, the light body disappears. This is not ascension but rather a form of false ascension.


The problems with autoimmune diseases began about 65 years ago upon the surface of the Earth. About 65 years ago, certain false gods began to augment an ascension movement upon the light body planes of reality; many involved stripped their physical forms creating a supercharged field and making the physical form ill. It is now estimated by Earth that over 50% of all autoimmune dysfunctions in the physical are associated with light body ascension and the stripping of the physical grid work and molecular structure for this purpose.


This is not to say that there are not viruses or bacteria or other agents of destruction that are physical that are also involved; however, in the loss of molecular structure and grid work, the etheric becomes weakened, which translates into a biological weakness over time. As the cells are weakened, they become more susceptible to the attack of viruses and bacteria. The underlying cause of the disease from an energetic viewpoint however is the false ascension of the light body, which strips physicality of its molecular structure and grid work. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 2 “Energetic Dynamics of Disease” for more information.)


Alas, this does not create real ascension anyway; at best it creates a false ascension in which there is a supercharged human upon one plane of reality at the expense of a body that is ill upon another plane of reality. Such a human cannot ascend, as ascension requires bringing all parts of self along for the ride; both the physical and light body must ascend together and in a synchronistic manner in order for real ascension to come forth towards the next dimension.


What Is Real Ascension?


Real ascension involves the evolution of the physical biology and the light body (body double) biology. Generally speaking, the physical is one segment of ascension behind the light body in real ascension. If the light body has attained 6,000 segments, the physical will be able to attain 3,000 segments in this lifetime. If the light body moves on to attain 15,000 segments, the physical will be able to master 6,000 segments in this lifetime.


The light body planes of reality are an octave higher than physicality, and essentially a lighter version of human existence catching a dream that is semi-etheric in nature. It is upon the light body planes that there is extraterrestrial interaction with light bodies of other humanoid forms from other creations; it is upon the light body planes that there is space exploration and craft that travels light years away. One reason this is possible as there is no requirement to eat or sleep upon this plane of reality.


Furthermore, there is great awareness of nonphysical forces as one is semi-etheric upon this plane. Hollywood has attuned to this plane and brought through many movies such as Star Trek that are a reflection of the dream upon the light body reality. Star Trek and other space explorations is occurring in present time upon the light body planes of reality, along with many other projects of both a scientific and spiritual understanding.


At this time there is an awakening occurring in the light body planes. For a long time, there was no understanding that there was a physical reality an octave beneath the light body planes of reality. Because the physical was unperceivable, those incarnate upon the light body planes thought that their reality was all that there was. Much as physical humans do not perceive the nonphysical and therefore do not believe that it exists; the light body humans do not perceive the physical and therefore do not believe that it exists.


Over the past decade, there has come an understanding amongst those leading the ascension movement upon the light body planes that there is a physical reality that must ascend along with the light body. Stripping the physical does not work, and only leads to death, which equates to disappearing upon the light body planes rather than ascending.


The Nature of Polarity Between Light Body and Physicality


The light body is a body double and appears exactly as oneself in physicality; only it is semi-etheric and has a mind and life of its own. Alas, not all light body consciousness chooses the spiritual path of ascension for their life endeavors. This has been the main problem with physical human ascension for in order for ascension to come forth beyond a certain level, the light body consciousness must choose also to ascend.


Many light bodies, just like humans in the physical, have preoccupations that are non-spiritual in nature and are not interested in ascension. The end result is that the physical can ascend only so far, as there is no support from the light body to go any further. It is for this reason that humans are being held at 3,000 segments in adult form in the physical, for this is as far as one can go if the light body does not consciously choose to ascend in parallel with oneself.


Those proceeding on and who are the map carvers into the next leg of ascent must have a light body consciousness that chooses the spiritual path of ascension and masters along with oneself. In extreme polarity, most are pitted against oneself with one plane in opposition to another. Therefore, there are only small numbers in the physical that will have light bodies that choose the spiritual path along with oneself in the physical.


Asur’Ana and Per are an example of those who have light bodies that are choosing to ascend and are leaders of the ascension movement upon both planes of reality. Polarity being as it is, Asur’Ana is the primary teacher in the physical and Per is the primary teaching upon the light body plane. However, they are a couple upon both planes and striving to anchor divine union as a new energy flow between the masculine and feminine upon Earth through their relationship.


The light body planes have parallel restrictions in ascension as to those upon the physical plane. For each choosing to ascend upon the light body planes of reality, most can only ascend to 6,000 segments, as the associated physical form is not interested in the spiritual path nor choosing to ascend. Therefore, limitations of parallel order have been applied to all adult light body ascensions; they are limited to 6,000 segments in mastery by Solar Level Ascension Councils, and future mastery shall come forth through the future generations yet unborn.


Incoming children that shall ascend to 6,000 or higher must choose lineages and archetypal patterning in which light body and physical are not pitted against each other in opposition, but rather aligned in the choice to ascend. In so doing, such children will be able to take the ascension to the next level. Understand that the ascent to 3,000 is relatively easy; there will be many incoming births to this level. However, not all coming in at 3,000 will be able to go any further; and the lineages required for ascension beyond this become increasingly limited the further the ascension goes due to the requirement for the light body and physical choices to parallel.


The Supercharged Human


It has been the supercharged human that has brought forth falls in consciousness upon Earth and upon other dimensions within your creation. Such humans create a movement upward in vibration without the purification of thoughtform necessary in real evolution or ascension. The result is a human with destructive thoughtform that moves up in vibration and becomes a superpower. Such a human superpower then leads humanity to excessively war concluding in nuclear annihilation.


If supercharged humans attempt to ascend, the body combusts. Combustion is equivalent to an internal form of fission that parallels the radiation of a nuclear holocaust. If enough humans create this type of false ascension and combust, so much radiation can be released that it is equivalent to a nuclear holocaust. For a long time, Earth believed that the era of the Mahavishnu in which Pharaohs ruled in ancient Egypt ended in nuclear annihilation; alas recent records revealed about human evolution show that the radiation at the end of this era was the result of false ascensions and the combustion of physical form and not warfare.


The radiation created from the false ascensions of the Pharaohs caused a fall in consciousness; DNA frays if enough radiation is present and this leads to a loss of genetic materials. Over time, the Pharaohs themselves lost their own genetic materials to create the large headed offspring that was their legacy. As such, through false ascension, the Pharaohs brought forth their own downfall.


Real ascension requires building the genetic materials of both the physical and light body (body double). In so doing, a fourth dimensional vessel is co-created to ascend into. As ascension is launched, the consciousness moves from the third to the fourth dimension; the light body consciousness and physical consciousness merge becoming one vessel that is fourth dimensional. In essence, real ascension brings about an end to the separation between the physical and light body upon a higher vibrational plane of reality. The fourth dimension is not the light body planes; it is an octave above this. As the physical and light body merges together, they enter a fourth dimensional state of being as a single vessel.


This type of real ascension has occurred thousands of times in the Inner Earth amongst humans now existing in the fourth dimension inside the Aurora or Sun in Earth’s Core. This is the only type of ascension that Earth shall allow at this time. All false ascensions presently occurring are being dismantled and all associated planes disbanded. The reason for this is that the false ascension would only lead to combustion of form in ascension, which would lead to so much radiation that it would cause another fall of Earth and humankind alike rather than continued evolution.


The Karmic Origins of the Supercharged Humans


The disbanding of all supercharged humans has begun. In essence, Earth has called this form of ascension null and void. There is karma from the Pleiades at cause of this type of false ascension; however, it cannot be settled upon Earth as those anchoring this pattern were from another creation.


In essence, the Family of Anu, a Pleiadian family that came to Earth to mine gold for the subsistence of their own galaxy about 42,000 Earth years ago (168,000 human years), utilized the stripping of light body and physical grid work of their slaves to extend their lives up to 18,000 human years. This is the origin of the pattern of the supercharged humans. Alas, Pleiadians incurred the karma for the original supercharged humans, and therefore the karma is being returned to the Pleiades, as it cannot be settled upon Earth, as the family of Anu did not originate from Earth.


Karma is specific to its origins. There may be thoughtform associated; one must transmute the thoughtform if this is so; however, the karma itself if it did not originate upon Earth cannot be settled upon Earth. Asur’Ana and Per have ascended into a place where Sirian karma from their Sirian ancestry has been triggered; they have learned that they cannot settle this karma upon Earth, as it was not originated upon Earth. At best, they can transcend the associated thoughtforms and return the karma unto Sirius where it will await a time of ascension of the humans therein to be forgiven.


The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were the result of the blending of lineages of the Anu and the red Grand Masters with the large heads seeded by Sirius upon Earth. It was never the nature of the Grand Masters to desire to lead or dominate over millions of people. This was Anu based archetypal patterning; as the Anu archetypes were blended with the Grand Master archetypes through inbreeding between the human lineages, the result was a large headed human with great awareness and a desire to rule over the masses. In time, those with these characteristics rose to power in Ancient Egypt becoming the Pharaohs.


The Pharaohs chose to dominate over all humans in their region of domain. Wars were raged as far south as S. Africa and as far north as Copenhagen, and Egypt conquered it all, enslaving millions of people unto their dictatorship. This was the reverse of the era of the Anu in which there was a white only dominion associated with the blue-blooded family from the Pleiades. Now due to the blending of DNA between the Grand Masters and the Pleiadians, a red leadership was created that was as abusive as the Anu in their own era.


The Pharaohs fell into the same life extension practices as the Anu themselves; they stripped many in their conquered nations of grid work and molecules creating a supercharged field upon both the physical and light body planes of reality. The Pharaohs lived hundreds and hundreds of years longer than the rest of humanity, and due to their ability to extend their lives, and as such were worshipped as Gods by the masses over time.


The Pharaohs were inspired by the false gods to set up ascension temples. Initiates were invited to participate; only those with large heads like the Pharaohs themselves were invited from each conquered nation. These humans were invited join the Pharaohs in this special project of ascension. Many of such large headed humans were stripped to sustain the life of the Pharaohs leading to disease and death of the form. We have uncovered the records of 150 large headed humans who became ill in the physical due to the life extension practices of the Pharaohs and the manner in which their fields and forms were stripped for this purpose. The diseases that these initiates experienced were similar to AIDS and MS in present time.


For those suffering from these types of symptoms, this may be the underlying original karmic cause; an ancestor that provided grid work and molecules to another supercharged human guru or pharaoh. Release the karma and perhaps one may recover by retrieving one’s grid work and molecular structure from whomever one has given it unto in this lifetime. Such a human that one has given grid work and molecules unto may be a guru in present time, or it may be one who holds the ancestry to the guru one’s ancestor gave their grid work unto long ago.


The Pharaohs orchestrated ascensions of themselves over time. For a 2,200-Earth-year period (8,800 human years) from 15,000 to 18,000 Earth years ago (60,000-72,000 human years), there were 9 successive Pharaohs that ruled over Egypt during this time span. Each was born of a large headed mother who mated with a Pharaoh producing another large headed offspring who became the succeeding “Pharaoh”. Generally, the Pharaohs were male, except for the fifth Pharaoh who is now perceived to have been female, perhaps because a male offspring was never generated in this time period.


Each Pharaoh ruled for 300 Earth years (1,200 human years) extending his or her life; each chose to “ascend” rather than die in the end. The pyramids were used to launch the ascension; alas the Pharaohs had supercharged the field and in so doing, failed to construct a fourth dimensional form. The end result was that both the physical and light body combust into a massive explosion of fission.


Over 800 large headed humans ascended falsely in this manner along with the Pharaohs and under their guidance during the era of Ancient Egypt. The fission generated caused another fall in consciousness for all humans including the large headed Pharaohs themselves. At the end of their dominion, the offspring had lost so much DNA due to the fraying from the radiation from the combustion of the false ascenders, that a large headed human could no longer be produced. As there were no longer any large headed humans born, the dominion of the Pharaohs faded as a ruling class. However, this is how the DNA for the Grand Masters was lost upon the physical plane and due to the false ascensions of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.


Asur’Ana and Per along with those in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) Group Mastery Program have made it their goal to release the karma for false ascensions in Ancient Egypt this year. In so being, there will be no karmic cause for the creation of another group of supercharged humans that will combust rather than ascend into the future. In the release of this karma, the supercharged humans in present time may be disbanded so that real ascension that creates a fourth dimensional vessel can be launched.


Changes for Humanity Ahead


As the supercharged human ceases to be, there will be many changes in leadership and governance over humanity. This will occur in all regions of domain, from religious or spiritual to economic to education and government. The reasons for this have to do with the conclusion of the cycle of the Anu and the birth of the cycle of the Grand Masters. The Grand Masters were the large headed gentle hearted humans that came to Earth to assist Earth to ascend about 50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 human years).


These humans added their archetypes to the human holographic planes causing cycles associated with their nature to be woven into Earth’s future. After their death, the holographic nature remained, but another group of humans of very dissonant holographic nature later relocated to Earth causing the gentleness to be polarized into great non-gentleness or warfare cycle after cycle.


At this time, the cycle of the last Anu family member known as Dionysus has concluded. Dionysus is the god of illusion and alcohol along with drugs. It is always as the solar cycle enters the era of Dionysus that extreme warfare manifests in human civilization. The last time this era prevailed was during the fall of Atlantis. Alas, technology was so great that humanity created a large fall in consciousness due to nuclear fallout. It was back to barbarism for humanity following the era of Atlantis.


This cycle, the archetypal patterns of Dionysus culminated in the detonation of two nuclear bombs over Japan in 1945. The cycle of Dionysus has already played out from Earth’s point of view. And yet dark forces or false gods have tried to extend this cycle of destruction into another holocaust, as the bombs detonated over Japan were not large enough to assure the reign of the dark into the future. This is why the dance of 9-11 occurred; 9-11 was an attempt to extend the cycle of warfare into another nuclear holocaust. However, Earth had already released her karma for warfare, and so the push for a more disastrous outcome has been waylaid into a greater awakening of humankind.


The awakening is occurring at this time due to the presence of the ancient ancestors who have re-entered the human field en masse. It is the ancestors that are speaking their truth through humanity in the singular and as a collective. The Ancient Ones are sharing with humanity that warfare does not work to settle disputes; it only leads to another fall in consciousness. This time there would be little hope for a recovery if humanity fell any lower in genetic materials; it is only extinction that would await humanity and Earth alike if another nuclear annihilation was created.


It is the ancestors that arose en masse in Europe and protested against the war in Iraq; it is the ancestors that are allowing the truth to be understood as to why 9-11 occurred and why the current wars upon certain nations was orchestrated by your current body of governance. Those who understand will ultimately speak their truth and all will be known; much like Watergate in the 1970’s, the tides have turned into an era of the Truth Bearers in the entering of the Grand Master cycle in the NOW.


The Cycle of the Truth Bearer


Each Grand Master era brings about a return and restoration of truth. This is the era that Earth along with your Solar System has entered as of late. This era would not be possible if the Grand Masters had never been seeded upon Earth. The Grand Masters made possible an era of ascension for Earth by adding their archetypes to the solar holographic planes. Earth understands this now and sees how her own intent to ascend brought forth a dream for the human species to be seeded upon Earth.


The cycle of the Truth Bearer will cause all illusion to fade into a distant memory. All will come to be known in this era. For ascending humans, all human history is being gathered and understood due to the releasing of unknown records in the biology. Now due to photonic time or ‘no time’, all human records have been recovered, as they will be known long into the future, but are being brought back into the NOW. This allows for a complete restitution or settlement of karma that was previously unknown.


Unknown karma is problematic for ascending humans and Earth alike. It has been unknown karma that has led to experiences of potential diseases coming down the manifestation planes for Asur’Ana and Per, along with some initiates. Such experiences are often frightening, and they have confronted their own potential death each time; however, they have transcended, often by going into the future and retrieving the future karma that had been triggered underlying the potential disease. As the karma from the future was released, the potential diseases were transcended and erased.


Such experiences are now coming to an end for ascending initiates and Earth alike; for all is known; all karma can be accessed from the future point in time that it is known. All karmic archives are therefore being adjusted at this time to include the known karma from the future. This allows for complete restitution in the NOW. As such, the era of the dark is officially given closure unto, as darkness is simply that which is unknown, and in the unknown, dark forces can manipulate one into a destructive cycle recurrently.


This is what the era of the Truth Bearer is all about; it is about all coming to be known that was previously unknown. In the greater understanding of what is now known, many changes will unfold that if left unknown would never occur. How exactly does this work? First and foremost, most human leadership at this time is founded upon karma from a small family from the Pleiades known as the Anu. This karma has been determined to be null and void as the family was born in another galaxy; as a result, the karma for their power and dominion is now being returned unto the Pleiades. Those in power founded upon this karma shall lose their power, as there will be no karmic foundation for them to stand upon in their continued leadership role.


Many in power today have power that is the result of manipulations to their ancestry and not due to sincere karma that they were born with. Therefore, first the current set of human leadership shall leave office as they have no authentic karma for power to support the role that they have procured. Guardians under the guidance of Earth are busy adjusting birth ancestry and karma at this time due to a better understanding of how the lineages were manipulated over time. This shall allow the real leaders to step forward in the decade ahead; and in so doing, the karma founded upon dominion-based leadership from the era of the Anu can then be settled.


In essence, the dark manipulated humanity to such an extreme that any attempt to settle karma would fail. This was accomplished through extreme lineage manipulations in which those with direct inheritance to the Anu were stripped of their power originating from their inheritance, and the power was given unto another. It is those “others” that are in current positions of power global wide. It is for this reason that there must first be a change in leadership that is authentic to those with the real birth inheritance associated with the family of Anu; as these leaders enter office, they will conclude their time and settle the remaining karma for their ancestry.


Those with authentic power will produce a different kind of leader. This leader will know that they are powerful due to their inheritance, and as such their power cannot be lost. The current administration in the US has lost its power, as the power was not authentic to the birth tapestry. The next administration shall be a reflection of the changes Earth is orchestrating into the dream for humankind, in which those of real Anu inheritance shall take the stage.


Now, is this going to produce a better leader? Not necessarily. However, some of the potential leadership entering the dance is idealistic in nature, as they are related to Athena. Athena (Goddess of Wisdom) was the one Anu family member that really tried to be fair, equitable and understandable. Athena did not go to war; as a matter of fact, the descendants of the real Athena objected to the warfare of Innana and Merduk during the era of the Anu 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years), but could not prevent the nuclear holocaust in the end.


At this time, the archetypal swing is towards the very nature of Athena, which is to listen, understand and act out of fairness and justice. Therefore, the new leadership emerging in the quarter century ahead shall be of this nature within the human dance. Many prior debts to those of root race inheritance that have been mistreated or lost their land in the previous centuries will find restitution in the era ahead due to the emerging nature of Athena in leadership. The restitution will be deemed “fair” to the loss of another time.


Why will this be so? There is great karma for the family of Anu taking the land of the red nations peoples for their mining and slaves. Many a red nation lost their “home” as the Anu took over certain regions upon Earth for their own selfish desires. Such regions include North America, Australia and Europe primarily. History has repeated itself and the red nations peoples have lost their land to those of Anu inheritance again and again. In order for the karma to be settled, now the dance must flow in the opposite direction, and there must be restitution. In essence, the red nations peoples shall inherit the land and be free to live upon it again under their own governance.


However, red nations peoples are not necessarily red in skin color today; humans have ancient ancestry unto the original seeded race. Such humans in present time may be white, yellow, black or red in skin color. It is those of ancient red ancestry in particular that can ascend, and as they are ascending, they shall inherit the land as all others of dissonant DNA perish in the coming times of cleansing. This shall settle the karma for the era of the Anu in full as it comes to fruition.


Furthermore, there will be a greater acceptance of the fact that humanity must clean up its toxic mess in the coming quarter century, as land and water toxins will be perceived to be making humanity ill. Strides will be taken to recycle and clean up waterways along with the land of toxins. It may not be until there are enough humans dying of symptoms of new diseases or toxins that human leadership will take action, but a dream for this can clearly be perceived as stepping into physicality over the coming quarter century.


The Times of Cleansing Ahead


The times of cleansing ahead will have a specific rhythm that is orchestrated in the cycle of the Grand Masters or Truth Bearers. The rhythm will lead to a thinning of the human population due to the death of those who cannot ascend beyond a certain level. The first wave of cleansing will be well underway by 2030. This group shall be those who cannot ascend beyond 2 to 108 segments of DNA, and those of all ages shall exit the physical plane. It is as this occurs that the leadership and governance of humanity will begin to search for the underlying cause of why there are so many deaths, and will conclude that it is due to poisons in the waterways dumped by big business, poisonous pesticides utilized in human farming practices, along with other toxic messes created over time.


The real cause of the increasing numbers of human deaths is the evolution of the human species. Those that survive will build immune systems strong enough to tolerate the toxins and carry on. Children born at 3,000 segments will have a strong enough immune system to make it through the coming times of cleansing along with adults who master to this level. It is for this reason that each who is reading of this book is invited to intend to master as fully and completely to this level as one can, as it shall prepare oneself for the difficulties ahead through the creation of a strong immune system.


Entering the Dream of the Great Central Sun


The dream of the Great Central Sun is devoid of any electricity. This shall cause a cessation of electrical flow after entry, which is anticipated to occur around 2048. There shall be diminishing supplies of electricity in the decade ahead, and in some places such as Sweden and Norway, electrical outages are becoming commonplace, with trains stopping for sometimes many hours. Norway and Sweden exist near an opening unto the Inner Earth and is bathed in magnetic frequencies of the Aurora and ascending third and fourth dimensional Inner Earth humans. It is the magnetic pulsations and holographic rotation that parallels the dream of the Great Central Sun and provides an understanding of what such movement shall cause all over Earth in due course and the further towards entry Earth moves.


Farm animals are also become increasingly diseased in Sweden. This is not publicized greatly outside of their nation, but Asur’Ana and Per hear reports from those who live in Sweden and study with them. Chicken, sheep, cattle, reindeer, along with foxes raised for fur were destroyed due to disease. So, this too will be commonplace in 10 years’ time as all domesticated kingdoms are choosing extinction.


How does one go extinct? The body becomes ill; this will be so for many humans who fail to adjust to the increasing vibrations of the land and the holographic movement of energy orchestrated by Earth to facilitate her ascension. Those choosing to ascend are therefore guided to become vegetarian at this time so that one does not contract the very diseases that are causing the animals to go extinct into the future, as such diseases can be passed through the consumption of flesh.


Holographic movement compresses the planes of reality in upon one another. Humans at 2 segments exist in 24 separated off planes with distinctly different parallel lives and realities. Holographic flow causes the separated off planes to unite; Earth is uniting her parallel planes in her choice to ascend. In so doing, the density is released as the planes that are opposing in nature come together. As planes that are opposite unite, suddenly density and light merge and there is a cancellation of darkness, balancing of scales, and illumination follows. The illumination allows that which was contained within the planes to be understood and forgiven, and then erased. This is ascension and transmutation in action from the Solar Father’s point of view.


As the planes that humans are segregated upon cease to exist, there will be no plane to capture the dream for such humans. As this occurs, the humans will “dis-animate”, much like one turns off the television. Humans are a living dream, and dis-animation equates to death upon the physical plane. Death is not an end however, as the consciousness of each human carries forward beyond death as a living ancestor to all others of like inheritance. Some religions call this “heaven”; in reality, ancestors are simply associated relations unto one’s biology or genetics that lived at another time and continue to exist beyond death.


The Splitting of Human Consciousness


Humans are splitting in consciousness founded upon origins of DNA. Human consciousness and ancestors that originated in the Pleiades associated with Pleiadian Anu DNA shall return to the Pleiades upon death. Human consciousness that originated from Alpha Centauri or is of Reptilian DNA shall return to Alpha Centauri upon death. Only human consciousness that originated from Sirius and has magnetic DNA shall remain in the long haul upon Earth, as such humans once existed within this Great Central Sun that you are about to enter.


The splitting of human consciousness shall bring restitution to karma that has been displaced upon Earth through the human species and did not originate here. Each group of human consciousness returning unto the Pleiades will carry with them the karma that cannot be settled upon Earth as it originated in their galaxy. Each group of human consciousness returning unto Alpha Centauri will do the same. This shall remove the karma that requires settling on the part of future human ancestors that would cause extinction instead of evolution. As the karma is returned in the coming times of cleansing, then humanity at large will be free to evolve.


Humans are holographic. Those of Anu inheritance already know that they are about to undergo a large shift and be returned to their creation of origin. Many of such consciousness are excited about the prospect of “returning home”; for they are not at home in this creation. This is also the same for Reptilian consciousness. Therefore, understand that this splitting of consciousness allows for a homecoming for each, but in a different manner than perhaps one was expecting from a current metaphysical perspective.


There are many channels tapping into Pleiadian or Reptilian guidance in preparation for their homecoming. Such channels often misinterpret what they hear to mean that they are going home with Earth into the Great Central Sun. In reality, it makes no difference how one goes home; home is where one resonates in one’s internal casted nature. Those of Pleiadian DNA resonate with the Pleiades, and therefore this will be a homecoming for them as they return; this is also the same for those of Reptilian DNA returning to Alpha Centauri. In essence, those of Pleiadian and Reptilian origins have been homeless upon Earth for a long time; therefore, homecoming is a joyous expression of finding one’s place in the dance of life.


We offer this up, as it is the real experience in the nonphysical of the outcome of global ascension and the times of cleansing ahead. Those in the physical who experience death by plagues and other changes are going home; and so perhaps instead of wallowing in the hardship, one can rejoice in the fact that all things upon Earth are finding their proper place in creation, and a place that resonates rather than creating further dissonance and war, or preventing evolution of the whole.


The Solar Councils are orchestrating this cleansing, for the dissonant DNA upon Earth creates solar dissonance that prevents our further ascent if it is not rectified. It is not only human DNA and consciousness that is splitting off and returning unto their creation of origin, but also DNA from many species that are plant, animal and mineral, along with whale and dolphin form, that are also destined for physical extinction. The consciousness from such species also shall retract off Earth upon death and return to their creation of origin where there will also be a homecoming, as they shall enter a place of greater resonance unto their casted nature.


Changes in the Solar Dream


New dreams are being orchestrated for humanity and Earth alike through the solar Sun. These dreams align with the Grand Master cycle of evolution that Earth has just entered. The solar Sun has the job of projecting a dream upon all kingdoms upon Earth for continued sustenance and evolution. The dream is being modified at this time along with all solar and planetary dreamtime planes.


Earth is in charge of her own dream; she may reject and recreate any script that the solar Sun may project upon her. This prevents the manipulations to dream that sometimes are projected through the Sun upon Earth from the dimensions above. This is how the dream for destruction was created upon Earth in the first place; a dream that the Sun knew nothing about was anchored through the solar field and upon Earth as the Pleiadian Anu arrived upon Earth.


The arrival of the Anu caused the solar dream to split into multiple dreams when it had been only a single dream directing all planets in the solar system prior to this time. The fracturing of dream left additional gaps through which yet other dreams could be projected from yet other creations through the solar system. All told, over 200 creations have projected their destructive dream upon Earth through these cracks in the solar dreamtime. All origins of such dreams have been accounted for, the karma displaced upon Earth released, and the solar system is returning to a single dream that supports life, health and a return journey of ascension Home into the dream of the Great Central Sun.


The Sun is taking responsibility for how it allowed other destructive dreams to flow through its field onto Earth. Much of this occurred due to the duplication of the solar energy flow. Sirius ascended founded upon mimicking solar energy flow, as the solar Sun was a fifth dimensional vessel at the time that Sirius A and B chose to ascend. Sirius A and B chose to duplicate the movement of the Sun, and then emulate the flow in order to lift themselves to the dimension above.


Alas in the duplication of the solar field, the elements that sustain life frayed; as the elements frayed, gaps in the dream of the Sun occurred, much like the splintering of a mirror. The end result was that these gaps were used by Sirius A and B to deposit unwanted karma upon Earth; contained in this karma was also the density and matter of 200 other creations that chose to join Sirius, pressing Earth into an extinction cycle.


The Dance of Extinction


8 billion creations like Earth have each gone extinct over a time period that cannot be measured in time, as we know it. Each creation went extinct due to parallel patterning in which many creations struggling to survive stripped other creations unto extinction. The reality of it is that life was never meant to exist outside of the dream of the Great Central Sun. Outside of her dream is only “non-dream” or the space between, an energy flow that is designed to retain each dream within its own boundaries. Mirrors are constructed for this purpose that press the energy back into each Great Central Sun so that it is retained in its own dream.


What happens when a part of the Great Central Sun is pushed out into the space between? Ah, these are the records that the solar Sun and Earth alike are bringing back to the Great Central Sun for understanding. What occurs is that the pressure of energy to retain creation inside the proper boundaries presses upon any creation that has exited; this pressure causes the dream of all that has exited to be turned into anti-matter. In essence, the energy of a living dream was never meant to exist in the space between Great Central Suns or a non-dream; as the two energies blend of dream and non-dream, anti-matter is the result.


Anti-matter tears holes in matter or in other terms rips the dream apart of all that have exited their respective Great Central Sun. Therefore, each creation that exits like Earth and your solar Sun struggles to exist; over time, some creations choose to strip other creations in an attempt to retain their vibrational bandwidth long enough to return to their own Great Central Sun of origin. Those creations that are stripped such as Earth and your Solar System alike fall and fall into dimensions of density beneath, attempting to assist in saving yet other creations upon the dimensions above so that they can return home.


The solution is not easy; however, the Great Central Sun is now extending a dream into the non-dream to support your Solar System and Earth alike in the return journey home. Perhaps if this had been understood long ago, something like this would have been orchestrated, and the falls in consciousness would have been minimized.


However, each creation that exited the boundaries of the Great Central Sun rapidly lost consciousness; in the loss, communication became distorted, and as a result there has been no communication with the Great Central Sun since we left. It is only now as the solar system and Earth alike enter the layers of the Great Central Sun’s auric field or Star Gates that the language that had been lost is being recovered; the recovered language allows for communication at last and following a very long period of ongoing falls into density or matter.


The recent changes in the solar dream have to do with the presence of a photonic dream emanating from the consciousness of the Great Central Sun. This dream allows for a return cycle into the Great Central Sun’s dream again; it also allows for a cleansing of all non-resonant biology and species throughout your solar system. It may interest our readership to understand that only Earth, Neptune and Uranus have the proper carbon-based structure to return home into the Great Central Sun and continue to sustain life. All other planets shall go extinct once inside the Great Central Sun as they are silica based or of another biochemical origin that is non-resonant.


How did this come to be? Long ago and upon the 25th dimension, our solar system passed by another solar system from another creation. Some of our bodies were pulled into the orbit of the other creation; and some of their bodies were pulled into the orbit of our creation. Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are from an Andromedan creation in origins; Venus and Jupiter are from an Orion creation in origins. None of these planets have the appropriate biology for life inside the Great Central Sun. The souls and nonphysical life forces upon these planets are making plans now for retraction and a return journey to their creation of origin and their own homecoming.


Mars originated from the Pleiades and is for all intents and purposes extinct already. Mars was moved from the Pleiades as Nibiru was taken unto their creation at human hands and through the use of spacecraft. Nibiru much like Mars is going extinct, as she is a carbon-based life trying to subsist in a silica-based creation. Nibiru will not go home with your solar system due to human interference.


The solar consciousness has searched for human interference in association with the presence of the planets from Andromeda and Orion in your solar system; however, no record of human manipulations can be found. We assume therefore that it was simply the pull of gravity that caused the planets to swap places at a time that we rotated near the edges of one another’s creation.


Over time, your solar system will only have 3 living planets, however we may join another solar system in a more extensive rotational pattern following entry into the Great Central Sun and amalgamation into the holographic dream therein. The consciousness of the solar Sun sees this as a viable future possibility, and will allow for a greater expansion of awareness, sharing and understanding as this occurs. We foresee such a shift 25,000 Earth years into the future (100,000 human years).


Changes in the Human Dream


The new dream that the solar Sun is projecting upon the dreamtime planes of Earth has changed; there is now a combination of dream from the Sun and dream from the Great Central Sun that shall mold Earth’s future for a return journey Home. Such changes also affect the human dream. Humans no longer have the ability to edit their dream without supervision on the part of Earth. There are new healing temples that each ascending human in particular may enter and edit one’s dream within. This change was necessary as dark forces were manipulating the dream stepping down into physicality through ascending humans. Therefore, no alterations to one’s dream can occur without the agreement of Earth as a consensus. We invite ascending initiates therefore to work with Earth in the weaving and editing of one’s dream.


Humans are being restored at this time to their original birth tapestry minus manipulations that may have occurred thousands and thousands of years ago. Now that all karma is known, this clearing can occur along with an ancestral restitution for each. It may take the better part of the coming six months to orchestrate this shift in full for each human at 2 segments of DNA; but after this time there will be a restoration of real karma to be settled in all human lives. As this occurs, there may be many changes, for perhaps one is in a particular relationship, marriage or occupation that is associated with karma that is not really of one’s inheritance. As the karma reverts, there will be changes that are associated that will step down into the physical life experience. One will be drawn into a new relationship or job as a result.


There shall be no further travesty along the lines of 9-11. 9-11 was a manipulation of grand proportions that is now perceived to have involved Sirius, the Inner Earth peoples, and many supercharged Gurus upon the physical plane. This dream was inserted down the dimensions and into physicality without playing down the 7 manifestation planes surrounding Earth. It is for this reason that Earth did not perceive this future stepping into physicality.


The entire means by which this was orchestrated has now been understood and dismantled. Those involved have inherited the karma of creating something that there was no real global karma to justify. 9-11 and the following experiences of the war upon Afghanistan and Iraq have been molded now in a way that will lead to human awakening and the learning of the lessons of war by the masses of humanity.


What are the lessons of 9-11 and war? That war and violence does not resolve anything; that war and violence only begets more war and violence. Conquering another nation that does not desire to be ruled from the outside only creates rebellion, and rebellion of a grand order. As humans watched the unfolding drama, there was an opportunity for each to release the real karma in one’s ancestry that is associated, and in so doing, humanity may evolve beyond the requirement to create war again into the future. This is the hope and dream of the solar Sun and Great Central Sun now projected upon humanity through the human dreamtime planes.


Ascending Human Dreams


Each human who is ascending may attune to an ascending dream projected primarily by the Great Central Sun. The dream is encoded in the Language of Light and Language of ONE (gold and silver holographic movement). As one attunes to a dream for ascension, one’s life will unfold in a manner that allows for completion of karma and change that is associated with such ascension. As one attunes to a dream of ascension, one will also anchor a new biological blueprint and then ascend increasingly into the crystalline form.


Each human has an ascending script. The script can be read through the human hologram in the heart chakra. Each human has a hologram from birth; the hologram expands and begins to spin as 2,600 segments of DNA is embodied. The hologram has a script for death and a script for ascension.


In the ongoing intention to ascend, one brings forward the dream for ascension and cancels the dream for death. As one intends to ascend each day, the dream stepping into physicality is modified to allow for ascension. Through the ongoing intention to ascend, one will waylay many potential disasters including accidents or other dramas and traumas that might complicate one’s ability to biologically transmute into the crystalline form. One will also call a dream in that will allow the biology to retain its health rather than becoming diseased in the ascent.


There are two dreams projected upon all humans; one for the life experiences and spiritual lessons one is learning in this incarnation; and one for the health and evolution of the biology of the form. One may work with each dream in collaboration with Earth in the healing temples for ascension. One can modify the body dream towards health by releasing the karma associated with disease each phase of evolution. One may make intentions for what may fulfill one’s heart’s desire and then modify ones’ dream accordingly in collaboration with Earth.


Crystalline cells will grow with application of the photonic energy flow. Photonic energy flow is bathing Earth day and night; however, some regions have more flow available than others. It is for this reason that living and working in the country or out of the density of the cities is important for those devoted to this path in this lifetime, as there is more photonic energy available to foster the growth of the DNA outside of the density. In so being, one will ascend more rapidly allowing for a less likely chance of ascension into disease.


Disease can occur in ascension, as there is a pocket of density that is not transmuted fast enough into the crystalline form. Density or decayed cells that are surrounded by crystalline cells decay more rapidly due to the vibrational variance between them. Decay must be resurrected in a timely manner in the ascent to 3000, or that which is decayed may become cancerous leading to disease instead. It is for this reason that those who intend to ascend will receive a life script that takes one out of the cities and into the country in due course. Perhaps it is best to plan for such a shift now and orchestrate it in physicality rather than wait a time of plague where many will be fleeing the cities out of fear. In so doing, one will be better prepared out of awareness for the times ahead.


The Birth of Future Ascending Communities


The dream or script for ascension emanating from the Great Central Sun calls many to gather together and form ascending communities. This dream is for a self-sustaining dance in which each contributes to the community, and the community learns to grow its own food, make its own necessities of life including homes, and works together towards ascension of the whole.


Asur’Ana and Per will begin a “Community Archives” section for a future volume, which shall contain written materials about building structures and farming and gardening practices that shall be useful for those choosing to create ascending self-sustaining community. These archives shall come from the nature kingdoms along with Mother Earth to assist in guiding those choosing to form ascending community in a direction that shall sustain collaboration and unity within and without.


Each attuning to one’s dream for ascension may find a script for joining an ascending community. Some may provide the funds or land; some will join and co-create the garden and homes for all to live within and subsist; some will join and assist in co-creating a new harmonious form of governance and education for those in the community, along with the ascending children born therein. This is how a map to a new type of civilization shall be born; through those gathering in ascending community.


Community Lessons and Workbook


Ascending community may not be easy; there is karma and sometimes those drawn to this experience may not create the most harmonious of experiences. There will be those of Anu inheritance drawn into each community; this will allow the community to settle its karma with the Annanuki. As one becomes conscious of the karma at hand, and the group chooses to release it, there can be a smoother transition of change as the community continues to grow, expand and evolve.


For this reason, Earth is choosing to orchestrate a series of lessons in dreamtime for those forming ascending community. These lessons shall begin to pour through later this year and first be worked upon by a group willing to test run this purpose. This dreamtime group will form a new “Community Program” within the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). This group will be of individuals who may be limited to 3,000 segments, but feel that it is their purpose to map make community in this lifetime. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join these dreamtime events by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep.


It is also the goal of Earth to see over 250 communities born global wide through affiliations of those choosing to associate with DAS. These affiliations will primarily occur at Dreamtime Events that are anticipated to continue to be held through 2030. Beginning next year, Asur’Ana and Per will turn their attention to the purpose of community. Those in Self-Realization Study and Group Mastery will continue to map make the path of ascension to 6000, 9000, and 15,000 DNA segments and eventually to full consciousness (36,000 segments) amongst those with the proper genealogical inheritance for the job.


Ascension is biological. Those restricted in ascension generally do not have the biological knowledge on how to ascend any further in a single life. However, there is still a contribution that one can make, and this shall be towards the birth of ascending community. Ascending community is important from the viewpoint of the Solar Father. Ascending community shall learn to move energy in collaboration with the holographic flow of the Great Central Sun.


As many pull together to orchestrate a flow that is harmonious with the Great Central Sun, then more shall make it through the coming times of cleansing. The reality is that humans must pull together for this goal as it will require a group effort to create a large enough force to withstand the push and pull of the holographic energy inside of the Great Central Sun. It is for this reason that a dream for community is to be broadcast upon all ascending humans on the part of the Great Central Sun.




It is the birth of the Grand Master Cycle that causes the re-orchestration of dream for humanity and Earth alike into an era of evolution and ascension ahead. The Grand Master Cycle has begun; the era of the dark is coming to closure at long last. For those on the spiritual path towards greater conscious awareness, one may now rejoice, as there is the fulfillment of one’s vision for evolution now coming to fruition.


For Asur’Ana and Per, this fulfillment brings them each great joy, as they have struggled so in their own ascent and in the attempt to bring forth human ascension of as many lineages and inheritances as possible. Their work is not without rewards; for now, the dream that was perceived in the inception of the formation of the Dreamtime Ascension School in 2018 can come to fruition.


The dream has always been about ascension, and the ascension of community. Alas the ascension of humans has been difficult to orchestrate. There are so many patterns that humans go into in the unconscious that makes ascension disastrous. Humans wish to tear each other apart in the unconscious. How and why this is so is now understood; and changes in the dream and genetics can be orchestrated to minimize unconscious harm.


Birthing ascending community would do little good if the group gathered made each other ill due to unconscious harm. More required understanding about human history and human nature in order to fulfill upon the goal of birthing community. Now enough is understood and enough changes are to be orchestrated within the human unconscious that birthing ascending community becomes a viable possibility. This the Solar Father and consciousness of the Great Central Sun supports greatly; as in so being, humans will find their place in the natural world; and as one finds one’s place with nature, one also experiences a “homecoming” within. Beloved, you are going Home.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human Form willing to become the Dreamer and the Dream. Through Ascension, one may learn to consciously dream weave and intend one’s life, and then live to experience the life intended. This is the gift of Ascension. It is Mother Earth’s Greatest Hope that more shall choose the Spiritual Path of Ascension in this lifetime due to the gifts that this Path makes possible for each.



Creational © 2021, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 6. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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