Image of rainbow colors silhouettes of people holding hands surrounding the globe. Mastering Group Unity And The Collaborative Paradigm

10. Mastering Group Unity And The Collaborative Paradigm


Group Initiations were once a part of the ascension path in the era of the Mahavishnu. During the era of the Mahavishnu, which existed about 74,000 years ago, initiates gathered together to ascend together. Per the records recently reconstructed by the Order of Dari, on average approximately 5,000 initiates would gather in certain regions on Earth to ascend together.


Group Initiations in 3 Ascension Regions


There were three major regions where ascension was generated from during this time period, one of which remains above water and is in Egypt. The other two are currently beneath the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. All three ascension regions worked together to bring forth a group ascension of a certain number of initiates culminating every year. The number of initiates who ascended from each region generally numbered 333, allowing for a total of 1,000 ascensions from Earth every year. Such ascensions ensured that Earth continued to move up in vibration towards her goal of ascension in the future.


Initiates worked together in what are known as ‘Group Initiations’ or ‘Group Mastery’. Each ascension region and the related temples gathered approximately 5,000 initiates who agreed to move up together in a synchronistic fashion in vibration. Such initiates would work together for years before actually completing their biological ascension.


In group initiations, per the records recovered from the Order of Dari, the 5,000 initiates were stratified, with the newest group at the lowest vibration at the bottom of the range, and many groups of many vibrations in-between, and the upper end of the group at the highest vibrational range. In a sense, the group created an energetic pyramid in which the base had the largest number of initiates and the peak the smallest number who had attained the highest vibration within their biology and awareness. As the entire pyramid moved up in vibration, each initiate also completed a segment of initiations and moved up in vibration on an individual basis.


In group ascension, the entire group moves up in vibration together. As the group moves up, each initiate is also pulled through their initiations on a personal level. The level of mastery that can come forth in group unity is far greater than what can be accomplished alone. However, to the degree that such mastery can come forth, an equal level of destruction and difficulty within the group can also occur. 


Oftentimes, groups would go through some kind of group trauma within the group initiation process. Many are familiar with how difficult it is to create an organization that contains equality and unity within the paradigm of polarity. Perhaps some have experienced organizations that have had group trauma. This is the nature of groups in polarity.


As the group transcends polarity, a core of individuals would remain who are devoted to their personal ascension and have mastered inner harmony. This inner harmony allows for a great level of group harmony. Group harmony allows for the collaborative paradigm to begin to be re-anchored on Earth. Harmony is a necessity if a group is to retain unity in their energy flow and interactions as a whole.


The collaborative paradigm is not easily understood from within polarity. In polarity, there is always someone on top (the boss) and those who are underneath (the employees). Those who are underneath do not have an equal power or say as those who are on top. Within such a hierarchical structure, competition is the foundation. Competition does not allow for harmony but rather separatism, disunity and discord.


The group initiation process brings about the transcendence of competition in every member of the group. Without such transcendence, group harmony and unity cannot be sustained within the group. Those who cannot transcend competition, in all of the forms that it exists within the human genetics and field, would leave the group during the initiation process.


The collaborative paradigm is based on equality. Such equality creates an equal distribution of energy or chi amongst all participants in the group plus an equal level of power. However, such power is stratified and based on one’s initiatory level and vibration. Those with the highest vibration have the most authority, as they have attained the greatest level of self-mastery. In such a fashion, those leading a collaboration do so based on the principles of unconditional love that they themselves have embodied in their own mastery.


One might think, well, isn’t this a form of hierarchy? Not really, for every individual in the group is considered of equal importance. Each contribute their gifts and talents, energy and love to the greater good of the whole of the group. And as each moves into self-mastery to a greater and greater degree, they are given more power within the group because they have earned such power in their personal initiations.


It is our wish to share the group initiations as mastered by several ascending groups worldwide. There are many lessons shared in these group initiations that are of benefit to others who are ascending and who are not a part of a group at this time.


Group Initiation 1: Mastering Group Harmony


Mastering a certain level of harmony is a prerequisite to embodying any type of group energy flow. Group initiations are about united group energy that weaves a pattern conducive to the evolution of both the individual and the group at large. Such a pattern requires a certain level of harmony or the disharmony will actually prevent either the individuals or the group from ascending.


Group harmony is only sustained as each individual in the group chooses to remain in harmony within. Group harmony can only occur when each individual takes full responsibility for their own ascension along with their own state of being. It is human nature to point at something outside of themselves or someone outside of themselves and blame the other for their current state of affairs. The other is never at cause, and until this is realized, one is forever giving their power away to another. In such a manner, the other controls one’s level of joy and harmony.


Pointing fingers at another can lead to gossip within a group. Gossip is a form of group harmfulness. In gossip, one individual elicits agreement from other individuals that yet another individual is a problem. In the pointing of many fingers at one individual, the one individual receives blasts of hurtful energy from the group pointing the finger.


In a group, this sort of harmfulness can and will tear the group apart if it is left unattended. This is simply the result of the imbalance of energy related to group harmfulness which causes a group to wobble or move off balance in their group flow. If the imbalance is great enough, it will literally tear the group energetic weave in half, causing the group to fall apart.


As the individuals in the group transcend the need to blame another in any manner and stop gossiping, Initiation 1 can be mastered on a group level. As Initiation 1 is mastered, a group weave can be sustained 24 hours per day, which will have the effect of enhancing everyone’s overall vibration. In the enhancement of vibration, both the group and the individual can begin to move up in vibration with more ease, or in other terms, ascend together.


Harmony within can be maintained while ascending. This is not to say that every day will be perfect. But as one continues to intend harmony, one will return to harmony again and again. One of the biggest patterns that throws any form into disharmony is the desire to race ahead in one’s initiations and do more than the body can integrate in one day. This pattern will keep the initiate in almost constant disharmony, because they are moving at a pace the does not allow them to find their center. Moving through the initiations in grace simply requires that one intend to move forward at a pace that allows one to sustain harmony to the best of their ability on a daily basis.


Group Initiation 2: Transcending Group Competition


Competition pits one group against another. For a group to attain group power, it must transcend its need to compete with other groups on the Earth plane. For a group to transcend such competitive patterns, each individual in the group must also transcend their need to compete. Competition is a genetic pattern that causes one individual to think of themselves as either superior or inferior to another. On a group level, group competition causes one group to think it is either superior or inferior to another group. The group initiation process brings about the understanding of equality in which each group or individual has something of value to contribute to the greater good of the whole of humanity.


Within any group, this understanding allows each member of the group to be perceived of value and to be perceived for contributing something to the greater good of the group. Between groups, transcending group competition leads to a group honoring that all groups have something of value to contribute to the greater good of human evolution.


Group agreements are thoughtforms that hold a consensus reality together. Each ascending group is a consensus reality of its own that has agreed to ascend and to cast out, transcend and transmute anything that would prevent ascension on either an individual or group level. The agreements that the group is constructed from are carefully crafted to bring forth the desired result, which is individual and group ascension.


All members of any group must agree to all agreements or thoughtforms that hold the group together. Anyone who does not agree with any one of the agreements will naturally leave the group in due course. It is in the act of coming into alignment with all group agreements that harmony is maintained within a group.


You may liken all group initiations as a group agreement. In Group Initiation 1, the group agrees to come to harmony. Those who can comply with the agreement and transcend their own disharmonious internal patterns stay and those who cannot leave. In Group Initiation 2, the group agrees to transcend competition both individually and collectively. Again, those who can comply with the group agreement and master such transcendence on a personal level remain and those that cannot leave.


Competition within a group brings about an imbalance in the flow of group energy. For those who perceive themselves as ‘more than’ the others will take more of the group energy and hoard it. Likewise, those who perceive themselves as ‘less than’ will give more to the group energy than they take and thus will be unable to ascend for they will always be depleted of the chi necessary to move up in vibration.


The competition also leads to a wobble in the collaborative energy flow of an organization. For if one or more individuals hoard chi and others relinquish chi, the energy will stockpile with some and be depleted with others. This leads to an uneven distribution of group energy which will cause the group energy to wobble back and forth and lead to further imbalance of both an individual and group nature.


As each individual comes to balance with the giving and receiving of all energy and transcends their competitive patterns within, both the hoarding or relinquishing of chi on an individual basis comes to an end. As this occurs, the group not only has mastered group competition but also no longer wobbles energetically.


To the degree that a group wobbles, to such a degree they are also prevented from moving up in vibration. For inherent in the wobble is a loss of chi for the entire group. Much like an engine that needs a tune up and thus burns more fuel in transporting someone from one place to another, a group that wobbles will require more chi to sustain its weaving. Any lost chi also prevents the group from moving up in vibration or ascending to the degree that the chi is lost.


Ascension requires the building of chi, and as the chi continues to build within the form or group, the form and group then move up in vibration. Each initiation of either an individual or group nature requires a building up of a certain amount of chi that enables the form or group then to burst through to the next higher vibration. To the degree that chi is lost either on an individual or group level to that same degree one becomes debilitated in moving up in vibration or ascending. The movement up in vibration requires the group to stay centered and in harmony. To the degree that a group can retain its state of centeredness to that degree they can also more rapidly move up in vibration together.


Those who master Group Initiation 2 bring giving and receiving to balance in their energetic flow. This also has the effect of balancing giving and receiving in their physical life experience. Many initiates on the spiritual path believe that they must be in poverty or financial distress in order to be spiritual. Such thoughtforms as hoarding and poverty must be transcended in mastering Group Initiation 2. When giving and receiving come to balance, one discovers that they have just enough to sustain themselves and fulfill their life purpose.


Group Initiation 3: Mastering Group Truth


In Group Initiation 3, initiates must learn to remain in their own truth along with resonating with the overall truth of the group at large. This requires each individual in the group to learn to stay sovereign in their own energy field.


There have been many lessons that ascending groups have explored that contribute to remaining sovereign in one’s own energy. The most important lesson involves the need for each member of the group to remain grounded at all times. If one ungrounds and spirit leaves the form, then they naturally become intertwined with the energy of others, which distorts one’s truth. Truth is a vibration that is true to one’s soul or essence. If one’s energy is mixed up with the vibration of others, then the vibration of one’s soul or essence becomes distorted, thus distorting one’s truth.


The ability to be grounded appears to be directly related to correct polarization. Polarization is the result of running the correct vibration for one’s gender, i.e., if you are male, to only run the masculine vibrations in one’s field, or if you are female, to only run feminine vibrations in one’s field. The act of running the appropriate vibration to one’s gender causes the energy to move down the auric field, grounding spirit into the form, which is proper polarization. Reverse polarization causes the opposite, as the energy moves up, causing the soul to become ungrounded from its form. Reverse polarization occurs when a man runs female vibration or a woman runs male vibrations.


In the West, in particular, women have learned to run male vibrations to have power on the physical plane. Such a reverse polarity in women causes the men to also reverse polarize into the female vibrations during interactions with women. All poles of a particular polarity must be expressed, and if one pole moves over in a certain direction, the opposite pole will occur to the same degree and manner in counterbalance. There is much of your current civilization that is a reflection of this reverse polarization. The current clothing styles marketed for the feminine form are extremely masculine in style. This is a reflection of this reverse polarization on a mass level in the West.


In the group initiation process, patterns that do not allow for individual harmony are allowed until they begin to affect the group at large to such an extent that it would prevent the group from continuing to move up in vibration. Then, at such a time, the individual who is unable to transcend the pattern in the allotted time is asked to leave.


Mastering Group Initiation 3 will have the effect of balancing the masculine and feminine within for the initiate’s life experience. It is the feminine side of oneself that envisions one’s manifestations and the masculine side of oneself that brings those visions into physicality. Both sides of oneself must be in working order to make manifest one’s purpose on the Earth plane.


In the feminine octave and masculine octave of vibrations, which are separate and distinct from one another, is a masculine and feminine set of vibrations. As an initiate can call upon all vibrations within the feminine or masculine octave, they have access to both the visionary and manifestation sides of themselves. So, Mastering Group Initiation 3 will also bring forth one’s ability to manifest one’s needs on the physical plane and ultimately to fulfill one’s soul’s purpose on Earth.


Group Initiation 4: Mastering Group Unity


Group Unity is a consciousness that places the greater good of the whole of the group ahead of one’s personal needs or desires. In the collaborative paradigm, the greater good of the whole always reigns above and beyond one’s personal needs. In the collaborative paradigm, ego is considered acting out of personal desires that do not support the group in some fashion.


In group unity, the harmony of the group is more important than one’s own personal preoccupation or battles per se. As each member of a group learns to place the group needs above their own personal needs (and this is accomplished by intending harmony at all times), this particular Initiation is mastered as a group. Additionally, one learns not to engage in certain activities if such activities have a negative effect on the group.


Each initiate will create his or her own tests in relation to the issue of group harmony. For each initiate on the ascension path, some family members will come along for the evolutionary ride and some will be in opposition. Those who are in opposition will need to either come into harmony with the initiate’s choice to ascend or be removed from one’s affiliations in due course if it affects either the initiate’s ascension or the group they are associated with at large.


As one masters Group Initiation 4, one acts in total harmony with all others in the group and chooses only to partake in those activities that support one’s ascension and the group ascension at large. Unity consciousness and collaboration are based on such principles, and so we consider mastery of Group Initiation 4 to be the first step an initiate takes to embody the principles of collaboration in physicality.


As an initiate sheds the need to associate with others who unconsciously sabotage their personal ascension, then their personal ascension can move forth at a much more rapid pace. This leads to greater freedom and the fulfillment of one’s visions on the Earth plane. So mastering Group Initiation 4 pulls an initiate into more alignment with their personal path of ascension.


Group Initiation 5: Mastering Group Process


Groups have certain patterns that are internal to the group, which brings forth a certain type of processing of the patterns to be transcended in ascension. Within any group on Earth, all polarities will be reflected in all individual members.


Much like one’s own personal ascension in which there are patterns in one’s field that one is continuously in observation of and continually transcending, within a group, each affiliate will embody a different pattern that is related to the whole. In a deep sense, the drama and trauma inherent in any group interaction is a reflection of the play of light and dark that is reflected amongst the affiliates.


As one allows oneself to be in observation of the drama, one can also see a part of oneself reflected back in any occurrence in the group. To the degree that each member of the group utilizes the group to mirror their dark side back to them and intends to transcend the reflected pattern, to the same degree each affiliate will ascend most rapidly. As each affiliate ascends most rapidly, so does the entire group rise in vibration.


Within the group drama, there is no right and wrong, only members who have come together to explore ascension. As the patterns show up in the form of difficulties in interactions with other members of the group, one is always at choice to either look in the mirror and transcend their own darkness or blame others and thereby cease to evolve.


If one is unable to transcend their own pattern and chooses to blame others instead, one will be unable to ascend. If one member of an ascending organization is unable to ascend, the entire group is impaired. It is for this reason that so often individuals who are unable to transcend their own patterns have been asked to leave, for it affects the entire organization from attaining its goal of ascension.


As one masters Group Initiation 5, one ceases to judge the goings on within the collaboration and then utilizes all interactions or occurrences as an opportunity to look within. One also utilizes all mirrors as an opportunity to grow and cease to blame others for one’s current state of affairs. In so doing, one takes full responsibility for one’s own state of being which allows one to stand in their power and truth.


This is not to say that each day of those who master such an initiation is perfect, for one who has chosen to ascend is continuously evolving. Some days provide obstacles necessary for one’s growth and are not pleasant. However, as one learns to intend to transcend whatever obstacles are placed in one’s path, one returns to a state of peace and centeredness again and again.


Group Initiation 6: Transcending Group Codependence


Group codependence is related to the need to either carry others who appear to be too weak to carry themselves or to place others upon a pedestal and worship them as God/Goddess. In the old paradigm of the guru, the guru is worshipped as God/Goddess. In exchange, it is expected that the guru will carry each of his/her disciples to enlightenment, because they are too weak to gain mastery of their own accord.


In ascension, no one can ascend another. Each human must take full responsibility for transcending their own patterns and releasing their own karma. If a human being does not release their own karma, they miss the very lessons surrounding compassion and unconditional love that are required to sustain a state of harmlessness. It is for this reason that it is useless to assist another in ascending by burning off their karma for them. For if they attain the vibration of the Bodhisattva but then engage in a harmful act, they will simply be rolled back in initiation and have to pass their tests yet again. If all of the karma has been removed by another who has processed it for them, the very keys to maintaining a state of harmlessness may now be missing, and thus this individual may never embody harmlessness of their own accord.


Burning karma for another is often done in the early initiations between initiates and those whom they are close to (spouse, child, or friend). At some juncture, the continued burning of the karma of another will impede one’s ability to move forth in one’s own ascension, and such patterns are released a little at a time.


In group ascension, it is natural in the beginning to collect others who expect to be carried rather than ascend themselves. Such individuals will leave the organization as the group chooses not to burn karma for another, thus requiring every individual to take full responsibility for their own process.


As an initiate masters Group Initiation 6, they take full responsibility for their own ascension and processing any and all karma necessary to understand the lessons inherent in ascension. Additionally, they allow all others to take full responsibility for their own ascension as well. In so doing, codependence is transcended in the group at large as well as on an individual basis. What this means on an individual level is that those who have mastered Group Initiation 6 will also cease to care take others whom they associate with in a codependent manner.


We would also like to point out that many initiates in ascending groups had agreements to process the karma of Mother Earth. In a small number of cases, the karmic load was overloading the form to such a degree that the form was decaying faster than it could ascend. Such agreements in ascending groups now also extend to Mother Earth. It is not the responsibility of an ascending group or any member to process Mother Earth’s karma. She, too, like any other initiate, must do this for herself and learn all of the lessons inherent in the global ascension process.


Group Initiation 7: Mastering Group Power


Within the old paradigm of the guru, the guru held all of the power. Much like a hierarchy, those closest to the guru hold the next level of power and so on down to the bottom of those who are the devotees who hold no power within the organization at all. In a similar fashion, we see that in the beginning of most ascending groups, the leaders or directors held the majority of the power. As Group Initiation 7 was transcended, the power became evenly distributed amongst all members who have attained a certain level of initiation in the group (Bodhisattva).


This redistribution of power also forces each individual to take equal responsibility in the maintenance of the collaboration. As others attain Bodhisattva within ascending groups, it is expected that they would contribute equally to the directors to the overall maintenance of the group on all planes of reality. Prior to mastering Group Initiation 7, most of the responsibility for maintenance usually fall on the shoulders of the directors. As an example, in one particular ascending group, the directors had the most responsibility for teaching and writing of any other in the group. Along with the physical plane responsibility, they also held most of the responsibility for the non-physical work of bringing the group through the group initiations.


You can see here how power and responsibility are directly related in any organization. As each member contributes an equal amount of energy or service to the organization, then equality in power is also sustained. It is for this reason that those attaining Bodhisattva and choosing to continue to affiliate with any ascending group must contribute equally to the directors on all planes of reality.


In order to embody power and equality, all internal patterns and thoughtforms of competition which lead to the ‘better than’ or ‘less than’ paradigm must also be transcended to a greater degree than Group Initiation 2. Mastering Group Initiation 7 brings forth a transcendence of all patterns of competition in the personal ascension of an initiate. In mastering one’s equality, one is most equipped to step forth into the public domain in a leadership role that is based on unconditional love.


In mastering competition, an initiate having transcended Group Initiation 7 will no longer compete with the world at large. This will bring forth a different type of interaction in all relationships, regardless of their nature. In a deep sense, relinquishing all competition leads to the experience of both being honored for what one contributes and honoring all others for what they likewise contribute. It is honor that is the foundation of the collaborative paradigm and leadership based on unconditional love.


About the Next Segment of Initiations


These next segments of group initiations are related to those who are to evolve beyond Bodhisattva into the next phase of ascension leading to the state of the Mahavishnu. They are related to the role of leading others through their own initiations in ascension and gathering others who wish to create a collaboration that ascends together.


Those who push forth into the next segment of group mastery do so in relation to leadership on all planes of reality. Such initiates will not only provide a certain level of leadership on the physical plane but will hold positions of power and authority within Shamballa as such initiations are mastered.


Group Initiation 8: Mastering Group Discernment


Discernment in all communications is required to lead others through the process of ascension. Such discernment understands that one only speaks to another what the other’s soul wishes to bring to consciousness to the embodiment at a given time. The soul of another knows how much the consciousness of the form can and cannot handle and guides the communication accordingly.


One example of this type of discernment can be seen in the giving of ascension readings. The one giving a reading surrender totally to the wishes of the other soul and only communicate what the soul wishes to bring to consciousness to its own form. Such a manner of working with another is an excellent manner in which to avoid saying more than the initiate receiving a reading is ready to hear or handle. Additionally, this allows the soul to guide its own body through its own initiations in the sequence and manner that it wishes, to produce the lessons necessary for the growth and development of the consciousness in its spiritual evolution. Surrendering in such a manner surrounding all communications generated to others will also allow those communications to be in a similar alignment to the evolution of all souls and bodies receiving these communications.


We will give an example of this to further explain. Each soul has designed a specific set of experiences that will teach the consciousness of the form about harmfulness and harmlessness. Some of these experiences need to be created in the physical reality of an initiate for the initiate to best understand the lesson at hand. If one who is administering a reading chooses to heal the karma that would create a specific experience necessary for the embodiment to better understand harmlessness, they would then interfere with the lessons designed by the soul for the embodiment.


In a deep sense, discernment is a reflection of a deep state of honor in which the Mahavishnu honors the path and evolution of another soul and form. The Mahavishnu would never choose to deliberately alter the path designed by a soul for a particular embodiment’s evolution. If, as a Mahavishnu, one manipulates another and alters the lessons that a soul is designing for its embodiment, this would be deemed a form of harmfulness in leadership.


As one learns to communicate in alignment with the souls of all others, one’s life flows in absolute alignment with one’s oversoul and source, along with all other oversouls and sources, and the divine plane of God Goddess/All That is. In a deep sense, transcending Group Initiation 8 brings forth absolute alignment with the divine plan in relation to one’s service work on the Earth plane.


Group Initiation 9: Mastering Group Alignment


Group alignment has to do with holding the space for a group to come together with a common purpose and goal. In a deep sense, mastering Group Initiation 9 has to do with the manifestation of and editing of group agreements. Group agreements are what a consensus reality is created from. When one gathers a group, one creates a consensus reality for the group. This consensus reality will draw others who resonate with the truth that the leader or director holds within their essence.


In the pattern of the guru, the guru himself/herself forms the consensus reality that draws together his/her following. These agreements rarely allow for evolution of either the guru or the following. The guru or dictator holds all of the power and generally holds all of the wealth. Additionally, the followers subordinate themselves to the truth of the guru.


The guru or dictator programs his/her following to be in alignment with his/her truth. When one programs another, one utilizes the vibrations of pain to lock in particular polarities into their field and life experience. Programming is considered an act of harmfulness by the Order of Dari. All patterns that involve either programming another, or receiving programming from another, must be relinquished in order to attain the state of the Mahavishnu and master harmlessness in leadership.


Most programming is laid in through the utilization of electrical frequencies, which cause pain, shame and contraction of the field of another. It is for this reason that the blueprint for attaining Bodhisattva and Mahavishnu requires the releasing of all electrical devices from one’s subtle bodies. As this is accomplished, one’s need to program another or to be programmed is simultaneously relinquished. A leader who no longer programs another with their truth allows for multiple truths to be expressed within a collaboration.


In order for a collaboration to ascend, all truths must be expressed in all who affiliate with the collaboration. In order for a group to ascend, the potential for growth and change must be a part of the group agreement. Such a group agreement must also contain boundaries. The boundaries are the do’s and don’ts inherent in the group agreement.


Mastering group agreements is what is required for an initiate to embody Group Initiation 9. As they accomplish such a goal, they will be ready to gather others and create a collaboration of their own if they so wish. But we would also like to state that there will be many types of Mahavishnu coming forth. Some will gather others to ascend via the ascension movement. Others will gather a group for a very different purpose. One such purpose will be to create a community along with a new form of governance based on collaboration and unconditional love. Another would be to assist in changing the consensus reality of humankind surrounding the plant, animal or mineral kingdoms. In essence, there are many purposes, and each purpose is of equal importance in bringing forth the mass awakening of humanity.


The further one ascends, the more that is expected of his or her lifetime. The amount expected is in relation to the amount received. Those embodying Mahavishnu receive eight times the healing work on their form and field than others. This is necessary to map make this particular segment of initiations at this time. With such a large investment, an equal return is to be reflected upon the physical plane in work undertaken and accomplished. It is why those attaining the state of the Mahavishnu are asked to do so much in relation to communicating the messages to humanity from God Goddess/All That Is.


Group Initiation 10: Mastering Group Purpose


Mastering Group Purpose has to do with bringing a group into alignment with a segment of truth. Any truth can be seen as a sequence of vibrations. All those who resonate with the vibrations one holds as one’s truth are attracted to participate with in the dance of life.


In the old paradigm of the guru, the guru dictates what truth is, and all his/her following subordinate themselves to the guru’s truth. In Group Initiation 10, an initiate learns to master leadership through non-subordination. In non-subordinate leadership, all truths are valid and accepted within the collaboration governed by such a leader. However, if any truths do not allow for ascension when the overall purpose of the collaboration is ascension, those individuals embodying such truths must leave, or the entire purpose for the collaboration will be sabotaged.


Ascension requires each initiate to find his or her own truth within. Any form of subordinating to another’s truth would prevent an initiate from ascending. In Group Initiation 10, the leader masters allowing all others their own unique truth and therefore their ability to ascend within the group. Also, the leader masters casting out those who do not allow for the overall purpose for what the group has collaborated to accomplish.


Mastering Group Initiation 10 requires the leader to flow with the change of the group. As the director changes, the group will also have to change accordingly. A director must be willing to flow with the changes so that the group can come to deeper states of harmony. It is often human nature to wish to hang on to friends or affiliates out of codependent love patterns. If a director holds on, the group will be unable to evolve or ascend. In a deep sense, mastering Group Initiation 10 requires absolute fluidity, in which the director moves with spirit as spirit deems that they must move to mold the group towards a higher vibration and the next level of group mastery in ascension.


As Group Initiation 10 is embodied, one ceases to have attachment of any kind to any other, soul or human alike. One learns to allow all others the dance of creation they choose and only allows those in their presence or affiliation who resonate with the truth that one holds. In such a manner, one leads based entirely upon the guidance of God Goddess/All That Is through one’s vessel and the principles of non-attachment.


Group Initiation 11: Mastering Group Weaving


Group weaving has to do with creating an energetic dance between others in a group. Such an energetic dance is also known as spell casting or dream weaving. So, we can say that mastering Group Initiation 11 is also about mastering dream weaving in relation to a group.


It is through the art of dream weaving and spell casting that a consensus reality or group agreement connects all who choose to participate within a particular consensus reality together. Such dream weaving creates energetic ties that unite any group. The energetic ties must be in the form of a moving energy system. Without movement, ties only create attachment. Attachment not only drains the energy or chi between parties that are attached to one another but also prevents one from evolving or ascending. The moving energy system creates group unity, while allowing the unique path and truth of each affiliate to remain pure and beyond manipulation.


To master Group Initiation 11, one must be willing to release all karma surrounding the illicit use of dream weaving and magic. One will also discover that many others have unconsciously cast dark spells against oneself or one’s group or that one has been involved in such activities without one’s knowledge. As all use of magic is brought into alignment with one’s oversoul and source and one has released all karma surrounding the use of black magic, one has mastered Group Initiation 11.


Group Initiation 12: Mastering Group Ascension


Group Initiation 12 has to do with setting in motion a group Light Body within a collaboration that has agreed to ascend together. In order for a group Light Body to be set in motion, all affiliates participating in the group Light Body must resonate within a certain range of truth. Each truth can be likened to a certain octave of vibration. As an example, let’s say that there are fifteen octaves that make up the truth of a particular ascending group. Each octave is related to the ten octaves of love plus five others that are in relation to non-conditional governance. Each affiliate who has attained Bodhisattva supports one or more of the fifteen octaves in their own field. When all affiliates are united, all fifteen octaves are represented. As this is so, now it is possible to set in motion a group Light Body.


Each individual in the collaboration contributes their energy to the group Light Body. In return, they will receive double the energy. The return in energy can then be utilized to fuel their vision into manifestation on the physical plane along with their personal ascension. The group Light Body also sets in motion a global and solar presence for the group.


The group Light Body is a sign that the group is moving into global level impact as a collaboration. Such global impact will only flow in absolute alignment with the Divine Plan of God Goddess/All That Is. Any initiate embodying Group Initiation 12 must surrender on a global level to the Divine Plan and God Goddess/All That Is.


We have written much about compassion and allowance and of how the intervention will not ascend Earth for Earth, nor will the intervention ascend humankind for humankind. The intervention will provide a pathway for ascension. Then Earth and humankind must choose to ascend.




The group initiations bring forth the collaborative paradigm in human relations. This paradigm brings forth unity consciousness and unconditional love in relation to how members of such a group relate to one another. The level of personal transformation necessary to bring forth unity consciousness is not to be underestimated. Those who have remained affiliated with any ascending groups have been willing to ‘look under every stone’ in their own consciousness and way of being and address any pattern of internal disharmony. As these disharmonious internal patterns have been addressed, a new way of relating to all others emerges. This state allows for harmony and unity consciousness to emerge within a group.


As one embraces harmony within, harmony is experienced outside of oneself in all interactions. An initiate can then become a walking example of God Goddess in form on the Earth plane. The level of joy that exists in the life experience of those who are willing to walk this path is also not to be underestimated. These individuals are moving forth to fulfill the many dreams they have held for a lifetime and to fulfill their purpose on the Earth plane. This fulfillment brings a level of contentment and joy to one’s life experience that is most wondrous!


Group Initiations in PDF


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Language of Light




This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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