Image shows planet Earth during the Ascension Cycle

The Ascension Process


The Ascension Cycle


Ascension to the higher dimensions is happening on this planet. Many are experiencing it whether or not we’re aware of it. Let us review the meaning of Ascension and why we, as humans, will experience physical, emotional and mental symptoms and changes.


The Ascension process is about moving the consciousness from one reality to another and the awareness of possible multiple realities existing simultaneously. Since a reality is a dimension, what we are undertaking is a dimensional shift.


Ascension is about the bringing of layers of light of our spiritual bodies into matter and anchoring them into the physical plane of reality. Simultaneously, Ascension is also a shift in energetic frequency patterns held in a dimensional space which, when absorbed and activated into the layers of the planetary and human bio-energetic field, activates its DNA template instruction set.


This catalyzes a chain of events that creates a complete transformation and transmutation of various patterns and programs held in the energetic templates of the Human Soul’s journey within a cycle of evolutionary time. When activated, these patterns begin to shift, re-emerge and clear from the layers of experiences coded into every cell and memory pattern held as an energetic vibration within the bodies.


Presently, we are in a phase transition of expansion into the realms of experiencing higher consciousness as “multidimensional” human beings living on this planet. During this phase of the Ascension cycle, we as human beings will experience various physical symptoms as we shift our cells into higher frequency patterns.


Profound Restructurization Process


Ascension is a profound transformational process. We are leaving behind a way of life we have been living for thousands of years. We’re being called to let go of an entire set of beliefs about who we are, what life is, and what reality is.


Thus begins the profound process of restructurization. This means that we are facilitating and achieving a massive inner transformation right down to the basic core levels of our DNA codings. We need to recalibrate our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to be able to receive the accelerated frequencies now streaming into the planet. We are activating (consciously or automatically on an unconscious level) our radiant light bodies for the sacred merging of Spirit into matter.


We are being called to serve as Pillars of Light and Anchors of Oneness.


Each of us contains within ourselves pre-encoded triggers designed to activate when our conscious awareness reaches certain levels of awakening. These triggers were encoded within us before our first earthly incarnation, designed to activate both knowledge and memories under a time release mechanism. This is happening right now.


Letting Go of Old Energies


The waves of higher frequency Light now flooding the planet are beginning to wash away all memories, thoughts, emotions and beliefs that aren’t aligned with the new fifth-dimensional consciousness of the New Earth. This process can bring about intense and unsettling experiences. A sense of disorientation can occur along with the recalling of old, heavy emotions and memories we’ve thought we left far behind.


Unresolved conflicts from the past may also surface, demanding attention to be released and healed. Certain beliefs we’ve had since our first earthly incarnation no longer make sense. Assumptions we’ve had about ourselves, life and reality are proving to be false. Interests and passions we’ve held for a long time are beginning to fade.


We can also experience at times a lot of pain and confusion, as old, dense energies and dysfunctional patterns arise to be cleared. In the process, we may experience emotions we haven’t felt for a long time, such as fear, anxiety and despair.


It’s fascinating to observe how both the joyful, uplifting experiences and the challenging, unhappy ones can arise and fade very quickly and follow one upon the other. Even the most emotionally-steady among us may swing from a mood of cheerful optimism, to an experience of intense pain and confusion, to a feeling of exhilarating joy, all in one day.


At times, we may wonder who we actually are, because we are becoming unfamiliar even to ourselves.


We may feel we’re on a roller coaster that both reminisces our past and brings us into unchartered territory without reference points. It feels foreign and unsettling. Everything feels like it’s shifting. We are rapidly moving into a dimension in which reality is very different from what we’ve been used to in the Third and Fourth Dimensions.


Spiritual Awakening and Deepening


Moments of spiritual awakening may be happening more frequently, bringing a sense of deepening into a more profound aspect of our being. We might feel a greater sense of expansive joy in our everyday life. We realize that our trust in the divine plan of our life gives us an ability to simply trust and go with the flow more often.


At times, we find that we have greater inner strength than we could ever imagine, as well as an unlimited capacity to forgive. We experience enormous ongoing gratitude, even for the smallest things. We find that beauty, which seems to be showing up everywhere, touches us profoundly.


We might also sometimes become more aware of the presence of Angels, Masters, guides and other beings around us, giving us support as well as a deeper connection with our own divinity. We are also discovering a greater ability within us to create magic and synchronicity in our lives.


The higher fourth and fifth dimensional energies of love, joy, peace, abundance, ease and freedom are readily available within us. We can simply focus on them, and they begin to flow through our entire being.




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