Calling All Light Bearers, Star Seeds and Angelic Humans!


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Due to requests for support during these accelerated times of Earth’s Ascension and Humanity Awakening, we are offering weekly support to our Inner Circle monthly subscribers.


Starting Saturday May 18, 2024!


There are many groups participating in this effort worldwide, each in their own way. It’s exciting to know that so many are being called to a higher level of understanding and activism, expanding our collective consciousness in balanced heart and mind action. Together we can change the narrative, take back our divine birthright and sovereignty; and acknowledge our power to co-create a new reality, banish the forces of darkness and control; and usher in a New Golden Age of Light or the Age of Enlightenment.


Monthly Subscription for Weekly On-line Webinars and PDF Downloads of Ascension and Enlightenment Related Topics: ​$20/Monthly


One Month Subscription of $20 for 4 or 5 On-line Webinars and PDF Downloads


Inner Circle Monthly Membership


The Inner Circle Monthly Membership provides you with one recorded webinar and PDF download each week that is private and will not be shared with the public. These transmissions contain deep immersion into the knowledge necessary for understanding ourselves, our human and stellar heritage, Terra, Gaia, our Galactic, Cosmic and Inner Earth history and connections. Current information is provided about the ascension timeline we are walking as a human collective. Advice is given as to how to comfortably integrate new energies and processes; and activations are offered to help you vibrate at increased levels of frequency that are timely and relevant to your soul’s evolutionary process.


Each week, you will receive new downloads through Asur’Ana and Per from the Dao and Tao of Earth, Star Beings, Inner Earth Beings, Anasonya (Inner Earth Mother), Ascended Masters, Angels, Intergalactic Beings and Cosmic Beings whose purpose is to uplift and support humanity during these challenging times during Earth’s transformation and transition into a Star; which shall be a gradual 1,000-year process. These transmissions contain guidance pertinent to both the human collective, as well as the individual soul journey. You will not only receive wisdom from the Guides, but also very potent light encoded frequencies and key codes to raise consciousness and lift your vibration.


Asur’Ana’s transmission contains a quantum vibration that rearranges itself to the receiver such that each individual takes away unique insights tailored perfectly to their life journey. Each time you revisit the material, you will integrate new meaning that matches your current vibration and circumstances. An intention is set each week to call forth the Guides and information best suited to support everyone in the program and beyond.


A Variety of Topics We Will Be Discussing


Live in Joy

Mind, Body, Spirit Detox

Commitment to and Honoring Yourself

Loving Yourself

Soul Retrievals

Astral/Soul/Spirit Missions

DNA Activations and Upgrades

Deep Cellular Healing

Manifesting Abundance and Wealth

Mysteries and Sacredness of the Divine Feminine

Mysteries and Sacredness of the Divine Masculine

Shifts in the Earth’s grids

Ascension Timeline Split

Solar and Plasmic Frequencies

Journeying to and Simultaneously Living in Inner Earth and Other Star Systems

Soulful Ceremonies

Quantum Healings

Light Language

Fluctuating Societal Structures

New Human Potentials

The Importance of a Daily Practice of Meditation

Self-awareness and Empowerment

Guided Healing Meditations

Awakening versus Ascension

Removing the Veils of Illusion

Transforming Scarcity and Lack Consciousness

Present Moment Awareness

Divine Protection

Differentiating between the Voice of the Ego and the Voice of the Soul

Healthy Eating and Exercise

Understand the Inner Child

Self-Awareness Tools in the Mind-Body Connection

Stepping Out of Victim Consciousness

Radical Forgiveness

Importance of Setting Boundaries

Shadow Integration

Psychic Training and Much More!


Inner Circle Group Shield


Each subscriber will be able to link energetically with each other in Dreamtime in the 4th Dimension by studying (watching and reading) these materials because each webinar and the people studying it create a shield. Our shield is a part of and is connected to Earth’s grid even though members may live in many different parts of the planet.


One of the things we’re moving toward in the work is learning how to link more consciously telepathically the entire group shield, where if it goes into any periods of distress on this planet, that people don’t feel isolated; and they know how to use their energy field to make a direct conscious link into the support system. Once you’ve learned that, you can move your consciousness in a strong way and learn to focus it like a laser beam in a different frequency band and actually meet other people there in the astral plane, and later as your consciousness evolves, into the soul plane of joy and bliss.


What You Can Expect


Each Saturday, Asur’Ana will send all subscribers an email with the private YouTube link of the webinar (about 30-45 minutes long) that was recorded the previous day, as well as the PDF download of the chosen topic or focus for the week.


Your attendance is not necessary. Everyone receives a link to a private recording of each class and a PDF download so you can watch it and read it in your own time, and as many times as you wish.


You may opt out of the membership at any time. There is no obligation to continue for any length of time. Registration starts May 10, 2024.


Please click here to subscribe to our Inner Circle Monthly Subscription of $20 per Month.


Aloha Nui Loa,

Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha