Image of a keen looking orange fox. The Sly Fox

11. The Sly Fox


Blessings of Invisibility


The Fox Kingdom


The Fox Kingdom wishes to address you today. Fox has often been associated in Native American teachings with outsmarting or “out foxing” the forces of the dark. Indeed, we have been gifted at outwitting many groups of hounds out after us upon a foxhunt through carefully planned tactics of one sort or another to lead them in the wrong direction. In a great sense, one’s ability to ascend becomes far easier if one also makes the intent to outwit the dark, confusing them as to one’s whereabouts so that they cannot find one in time and space.


The Medicines Souls


Asur’Ana has used such principles from the inception of her ascension. She has held the gift of connecting with what she called “The Medicines”, which are souls remaining from failed human ascension that remembered the Sirian Seeding, and hid from the dark connected to the nature kingdoms. Such souls remembered the original purpose of the human species, which is to ascend, and when the time was ripe asserted themselves into the lives of prime ascending initiates global wide. Such souls are much like fox; clever, decisive, grand master chess players more or less who have sustained their existence for near 40,000 Earth years (160,000 human years) without the dark’s ability to capture their essence or remove the information and records that they carry.


Such souls were invited to blend with the nature kingdoms long ago. Nature saw that the possibility of a return out of the darkness and falls in consciousness would present itself in time in Earth’s future history. The human souls holding such information on ascension hid in our kingdoms for this time, assisting nature in better understanding the dynamics of ascension in preparation for the global ascent of Earth. They also freely observed the dark in the dance that the dark had created upon Earth. The observations were recorded and later administered to the first batch of ascending map makers who were to bring forth the first wave of ascension for humankind. This was to ensure the success of the map carvers, as the dark would surely outwit them otherwise.


Nature played a pivotal role in this movement of information from such souls into the first wave of ascending initiates as nature provided the “front” for the contact with humankind. Asur’Ana recalls all of the kingdoms coming to her directly, one at a time, seeking her out, counseling and coaching her through her early ascent, and administering this knowledge. The souls or “Medicines” remained behind such nature kingdoms and the dark in her field could not see their presence and therefore could not touch them. Later and as she understood that this is what was working through nature, such souls were invited to be recast and resume an evolutionary role for humankind and all of Earth. Such souls following their recasting are now overseeing human ascension in liaison with Solar and Universal counsels.


The Nature of Communications of the False Gods


What does Fox wish to say to ascending human initiates at this time? The forces of the dark are all-pervasive in the human dance. Humans have so much karma with the false gods and forces of the dark that one shall be working one’s way out of the dance for over the course of one’s entire ascent. Such forces will continue to attempt to trip one up, leading one down the path of non-ascension rather than ascension every chance that they get. Many human map makers have already failed due to such forces, for they could not discern the difference between the guidance of soul and the guidance of the forces of the dark.


What is the difference between communications of soul and communications of the forces of the dark? They are distinct, and Fox would like ascending initiates to better understand. Communications of soul will direct one inward to perceive karma, patterns, thoughtform, ancestors, machinery, spells, curses and hexes that have caused a particular experience in one’s current life expression. Soul will show one how to transcend and transmute such patterning so that one may create another life experience into the future.


The dark upon the other hand will point fingers at others in blame; or point one outside of self to look at the ascent of another rather than inward towards one’s own truth. One cannot ascend another and one’s truth lies not outside of self. Furthermore, the ascent of another is not one’s own business. One’s own business is one’s own ascent. Sometimes a life dance or ascent of another can become a mirror that one may more clearly see one’s own issues that one requires transmutation of. However, ascension is still an internal business, and does not require looking outward at others other than looking at the mirror that they provide to one’s own internal state of being.


The Nature of Mirrors


What are mirrors? In human form, one is polarized. In polarity one holds one extreme in one’s own personal genetic material. The polarity will attract the opposite as it is expressed in another. Generally, the opposite patterning occurs in the unconscious and in the parallel life dance upon other planes of reality associated with the physical. All humans have parallel lives. Therefore, one is one way upon the physical, and all other ways upon the parallel planes in the nonphysical. Those attracted to one’s dance will mirror one’s own way of being upon a parallel and nonphysical plane. As one looks at the mirror, one will better understand one’s own unconscious nature, and then has an opportunity to dismantle such a nature through transcendence of thoughtform, patterning, and programming within.


In the dismantling of an unconscious pattern, the machinery that holds a particular polarity in stagnation is released, and one can integrate the opposing forces within coming to the middle path. This is what the mirror is for, perceiving one’s own unconscious state of being and parallel life dance. The mirror is not to go into judgment saying that this person is wrong for behaving this way or that; or having this pattern or that. The mirror presents itself for the purposes of ascension.


Ascension requires transcending judgment. Judgment is better understood when one recognizes that the very trait that one judges in others one exhibits oneself in parallel realities. If one is in judgment of others who are gay or have other sexual preferences, one is gay oneself or has other sexual preferences upon another plane of reality. If one is in judgment about the illness of another, one has the same disease oneself upon a parallel plane of reality oneself. If one is in judgment about others who are “born again Christians”, one is a born again Christian upon a parallel plane of reality. All judgment is really and truly self-judgment when one looks at the larger picture, for one is also like all humans one attracts into their life dance upon a parallel plane. Judge another and one judges oneself upon another plane of reality.


As one ascends, parallel lives upon parallel planes are integrated. In so doing, one’s gifts and talents can be brought to the physical from such parallel lives. Many an initiate of ascension complains of difficulties with manifestation. All initiates will have many parallel planes in which one manifests one’s needs in ease or is wealthy. As such parallel lives are integrated through ascension, the information upon manifestation transfers from the parallel plane and into the physical making manifestation easier thereafter.


At this time, the planes surrounding Earth that parallel lives are related to are being altered. There were once 36 planes and 36 parallel lives for each human surrounding Earth. Now and due to the recasting and opening of a new global dreamtime there are only 24 planes. The 24 planes assure that polarity is minimized and compartmentalized so that the karma requiring transcending in ascension or through completion in death is tallied and cleared in the coming decade of cleansing.


Entering the Dance of the Middle Path


In ascension, parallel lives upon planes 1-8 are integrated in the ascent to 1,800 segments of DNA. Parallel lives upon planes 9-14 are integrated in the ascent to 3,000 segments of DNA. Parallel lives upon planes 15-18 are integrated in the ascent to 6,000. The more parallel lives that are integrated, the more information one has available in the physical to live and express within and the less polarized one becomes. This is how one exits extreme polarity and enters the dance of the “middle path or road” within in attaining the state of the Bodhisattva or 6,000 segments of DNA integrated into the biology. This is also how one becomes a walking example of compassion in action, which is the result of embodying the middle road of unity.


One may discover capabilities, gifts and talents one didn’t know that they possessed as one’s parallel lives are integrated. Asur’Ana discovered the ability to write, teach, lecture and conduct workshops as three parallel lives in which she was a spiritual teacher were integrated early in her ascent. Furthermore, other gifts and talents such as an ability to sing and create artwork along with floral arrangements and crafts also came forth as lives in which she was involved with such endeavors in the nonphysical integrated into the physical. One may find a whole new manner of expression through ascension as a result.


The Dance of Fulfillment


Ascension is about movement into freedom and joy again, and out of boredom and confinement. Often in human form freedom and joy is experienced in expressing one’s gifts and talents. Therefore, Fox asks each reading this book to go within and look. What gifts and talents are in need of expressing to bring forth a sense of fulfillment in one’s life dance now? What requires shifting in the life in order to allow expression of such gifts and talents? What changes are necessary to birth the joy and freedom? Go within and assess, and then make the commitment to the change, and Earth will align her dream with oneself as an ascending being for such a choice.


Ascension is a process that allows for a return to wholeness. Wholeness allows one to be complete and capable of doing and being whatever is required to sustain one’s physical life existence. Much of the homelessness and poverty prevalent in the human dance is the result of such extreme fracturing of polarity that some are left with an inability to function in the physical. Such humans function fine in parallel lives in the nonphysical however. As such homeless humans ascend, they will find their way out of poverty, as the information necessary to function and take care of self blends with the physical in the integration of the parallel lives.


Understand that those who are homeless are a mirror for one’s own lives of homelessness and poverty. For each human has one or more parallel lives in great poverty and need. As these too are integrated, one will find their way to the middle ground of abundance. Abundance is a state in which all that is required in the moment manifests, as it is needed. Nothing is saved as all that is required shows up only as it is required.


Some who are homeless are so fractured that one would consider them schizophrenic or insane. Indeed, one also has parallel lives that experience insanity and schizophrenia, and again such humans are mirrors of one’s own state of being held in the nonphysical. As one integrates that which is seemingly insane, one will pave the way to a new understanding of insanity for all of humankind. For those who are insane see into the parallel dreamtime realities and think they are physical. The psychiatrists do not see such parallel realities and assume the individuals are insane. In reality, the individual is simply a gifted parallel life dreamer, perceiving what really and sincerely does exist in dimensions just above and beyond the physical but most of humanity fails to see.


It is for this reason that the medicine men and women of many indigenous tribes are often insane or schizophrenic by modern day terms. Such “insane” humans see into the parallel lives of those in the tribe, and can assist in clearing trauma or karma that leads to disease or emotional instability in the physical. Therefore, such humans are often considered a “doctor” or gifted at “doctoring others” rather than insane by the tribe, and can readily access the parallel lives of those who were ill to assist in their recovery through communication with the unconscious realms.


As one integrates the parts of self that are “insane” upon a parallel plane, one will also more readily open unto dreamtime and one’s own unconscious. This many an ascending initiate is doing at this time, and sometimes opening the unconscious can be scary or frightening as there are indeed many monsters and goblins therein. The monsters and goblins are only present due to the Annanuki programming and desire to prevent their slave race from awakening and ascending. Anger will generally cause such monsters and goblins to leave in a great hurry, as they are in as much fear as oneself.


Navigating the Unconscious


Navigating the unconscious is a difficult thing at first. The further that one ascends, the easier it becomes. We of the nature kingdoms will assist as a guide for those who are willing to embark upon this return journey to full consciousness in human form and open unto the unconscious. Call upon us as such and we will lead the way and lift the veils that the forces of the dark run so that one may see more clearly down to the truth of one’s own internal process. We will act as a guide through what may appear as a group of goblins or monsters, so that one will learn not to fear such internal manifestations but rather integrate them or conquer them as needed in the act of transcendence.


Fox will also assist one in learning to outwit the dark. The dark are lost, and not so clever really, and can never be as clever as Nature, Earth, one’s Soul or the Tao given their lack of information. Any soul that has fractured into such small pieces that it chooses to control, dominate and prevent ascension of another is in great lack of information and extremely lost. Such lost souls puff themselves up into grand monsters. Take a pin out and pop the balloon and see what size they really are. They are not so grand really, nor so knowledgeable; although they certainly wish to appear so to continue to dance with ascending initiates, leading one down the faulty path of non-ascension.


The Dark and Incomplete Ascension


Why do the forces of the dark cling to ascending humans so? Long ago, ascension was a means that the forces of the dark extradited themselves from the lower dimensions back to the upper dimensions where like forces of parallel darkness exist. As the real ascent of Earth comes forth, such forces are blocked from moving up the dimensions and reuniting with their larger forces and instead shall be expelled out the Star Gate and sent on for recasting, as Earth is complete with the karma. Much of such completion will not occur until all non-ascending humans are cleansed from the earth plane as such forces are embedded into the genetic structure of humankind.


Furthermore, the very forces that the dark wish to reunite with upon upper dimensions are being cleansed due to an intervention of the Tao, or the Source from which all creations emanate from inside and outside of time and space. Such upper dimensional dark forces are being pulled for recasting so that they too can remember the greater part of who and what they were before they fractured. There is nothing to go to even if such dark forces could ascend up and off of Earth. In their lack of cooperation and understanding and fear of the light, they cling to ascending initiates in the new consensus and try to do what succeeded long ago in human ascension.


Long ago in human ascension, the dark piggybacked upon the souls ascending to the next dimension to create communication pathways with larger forces of great darkness upon the upper dimensions of your creation. Such piggybacking also caused incomplete ascension as a part of the ascending soul also fractured in the experience and was left behind. Such left behind souls became known in human form as “false gods” and “ascended masters”. The original soul did ascend; alas that which was left behind failed to ascend and therefore is not really an ascended master at all.


Such fractured bits of souls left behind in incomplete ascension and as a result of their lostness sought nonphysical fame and dominion over the human species through the creation of hierarchical structures supposedly in governance over humanity. Such governance never involved the other species upon Earth. This is how the “spiritual hierarchy” came to be and was structured out of incomplete ascension of certain souls plus the forces of the dark vying for dominion over Earth.


The spiritual hierarchy has such little knowledge that they know not how to ascend humankind; nor do they think that the ascension of Earth is possible. They have guided many who will follow and listen in present time into believing that biological ascension is not possible. This indeed is a grand lie as all of Earth is ascending in the physical at this time and embodying a new genetic structure that will lead to resurrection, reconstitution and movement to the next dimension and beyond.


Why do these beings or ascended masters and false gods not see the truth if Earth is indeed ascending? They are so locked in their own limitation that they can only perceive what they know. This is not unlike humans at 2 segments of DNA that likewise do not perceive the change in Earth all around them. Such humans carry on as if nothing has changed, when everything is changing and the times of great shifts in awareness and awakening are imminently ahead.


Such false gods and ascended masters who never ascended shall be cleansed from Earth along with those who never awaken in human form from their slumber. For those at 2 segments who hold heritage to the slave race that the Annanuki bred in a laboratory have no capacity to transcend thoughtform and therefore are incapable of ascension. Therefore, they shall never awaken. Such false gods and ascended masters mimic the limitations of the humans related to the Annanuki slaves, and therefore are as limited, from Fox’s point of view. Such limited souls are allowed only to incarnate into non-ascending forms that shall never push beyond 2 segments of DNA by Earth at this time. Due to such boundaries, such forces try again and again to con ascending initiates into allowing them to piggyback and move off of Earth through one’s ascent.


Where will such limited souls go as they are removed from Earth? Earth is sending them for recasting to wherever their source and soul originated from. This will prevent such souls from repeating their manipulations elsewhere in creation and causing yet another place in time and space to fall in consciousness like Earth. Therefore, Earth’s ascension shall bring an end to the manipulations and falls in consciousness caused by such limited souls and forces of the dark into the future.


Lifting the Veils on the Dark


Fox guides each initiate to lift the veils surrounding those beings that come into one’s presence during meditation for the purposes of guidance. Are such beings of soul? Are they of nature? Are they of Mother Earth? Or are they of the dark? At this time, communication is becoming holographic. As one attunes to the heart chakra where the hologram is stored, one can spin the hologram at a certain speed to communicate with one’s own soul, the nature kingdoms or Mother Earth at large. Such communication will come from within and not surround oneself from the outside of the field and form.


Anything that surrounds oneself upon the outside may or may not be of one’s soul and therefore may be a force of the dark. One can command all such forces to one’s source for recasting during which that which is not sincerely of one’s own can be removed. Generally, if the forces of the dark surround oneself and try to guide one in one’s own life preoccupations and ascension, one also has karma with such beings. Such beings misguided one’s ancestry again and again, and often into situations that only lead to another fall in consciousness in one’s lineage or death. If one continues to listen to such beings, one will again be led towards a path of death instead of a journey of ascension. One can therefore choose to release their karma and complete with such beings so that they may be prevented from communicating with oneself again into the future.


Asur’Ana over time became quite angry at such forces that would push themselves upon her and into her field offering her ongoing and faulty guidance. She would often push them aside returning them to her source where they would be cleansed from Earth if their karma was complete. Anger is an excellent tool to push out that which is non-resonant from one’s field. Most forces of the dark are terrified of anger; furthermore, soul and nature have no fear of anger and will not leave as it is expressed. Therefore, getting angry at such forces that wish to repeatedly interfere is useful and Fox recommends that initiates draw upon such as needed to clear their field, and then hear one’s own Soul, Nature and Earth more clearly.


Another means of pushing such forces from one’s presence is to synthesize the field into a rainbow of tones from primary in color to the pastels of the Language of Light. One can synthesize each chakra, subtle body, light body and greater auric field. In so doing, that which is from the outside in origin is pushed from the field and prevented from interference as one has created a whole and complete circuit of energy flow. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 11 “The Nature of Synthesis” for the Synthesis Meditation.)


As one synthesizes, one can also intend to “disappear in time and space”. Call upon Fox for this gift. As one disappears, one is no longer noticeable to the forces of the dark that wishes to manipulate oneself, and one is then free to go about their day in ease. This is the gift of fox: outwitting the dark and learning to discern between guidance from Earth, Nature and one’s Source and the forces of the dark. It is only as one learns to listen and channel solely soul, nature and Earth that one masters Bodhisattva level of evolution. Fox is here and at the service of all dedicated to this goal in this lifetime.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


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Language of Light



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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