Image of a keen looking orange fox. The Sly Fox

11. The Sly Fox


Blessings of Invisibility


The Fox Kingdom


The Fox Kingdom wishes to address you today. Fox has often been associated in Native American teachings with outsmarting or “out foxing” the forces of the dark. Indeed, we have been gifted at outwitting many groups of hounds out after us upon a foxhunt through carefully planned tactics of one sort or another to lead them in the wrong direction. In a great sense, one’s ability to ascend becomes far easier if one also makes the intent to outwit the dark, confusing them as to one’s whereabouts so that they cannot find one in time and space.


The Medicines Souls


Asur’Ana has used such principles from the inception of her ascension. She has held the gift of connecting with what she called “The Medicines”, which are souls remaining from failed human ascension that remembered the Sirian Seeding, and hid from the dark connected to the nature kingdoms. Such souls remembered the original purpose of the human species, which is to ascend, and when the time was ripe asserted themselves into the lives of prime ascending initiates global wide. Such souls are much like fox; clever, decisive, grand master chess players more or less who have sustained their existence for near 40,000 Earth years (160,000 human years) without the dark’s ability to capture their essence or remove the information and records that they carry.


Such souls were invited to blend with the nature kingdoms long ago. Nature saw that the possibility of a return out of the darkness and falls in consciousness would present itself in time in Earth’s future history. The human souls holding such information on ascension hid in our kingdoms for this time, assisting nature in better understanding the dynamics of ascension in preparation for the global ascent of Earth. They also freely observed the dark in the dance that the dark had created upon Earth. The observations were recorded and later administered to the first batch of ascending map makers who were to bring forth the first wave of ascension for humankind. This was to ensure the success of the map carvers, as the dark would surely outwit them otherwise.


Nature played a pivotal role in this movement of information from such souls into the first wave of ascending initiates as nature provided the “front” for the contact with humankind. Asur’Ana recalls all of the kingdoms coming to her directly, one at a time, seeking her out, counseling and coaching her through her early ascent, and administering this knowledge. The souls or “Medicines” remained behind such nature kingdoms and the dark in her field could not see their presence and therefore could not touch them. Later and as she understood that this is what was working through nature, such souls were invited to be recast and resume an evolutionary role for humankind and all of Earth. Such souls following their recasting are now overseeing human ascension in liaison with Solar and Universal counsels.


The Nature of Communications of the False Gods


What does Fox wish to say to ascending human initiates at this time? The forces of the dark are all-pervasive in the human dance. Humans have so much karma with the false gods and forces of the dark that one shall be working one’s way out of the dance for over the course of one’s entire ascent. Such forces will continue to attempt to trip one up, leading one down the path of non-ascension rather than ascension every chance that they get. Many human map makers have already failed due to such forces, for they could not discern the difference between the guidance of soul and the guidance of the forces of the dark. Read more