Vegetarian Ascension Recipes


298 page eBook

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Asur’Ana has had an ongoing love of cooking that has been expressed throughout her life. At one time, she was a vegetarian caterer for casual and formal events. Over time, her joy of cooking began to include Mother Earth and the nature kingdoms who would send their blessings through the food to foster her healing and continued ascension.

More recently, the idea came to create a cookbook of vegetarian recipes in collaboration with Mother Earth that would have healing planes associated. The healing planes would allow those utilizing the recipes to ascend with the assistance of the kingdoms through the food prepared and eaten; and also, to release karma with nature so that nature could ascend. This is how this project began. We hope that each may feel the magic and love of Earth and the nature kingdoms as one prepares these recipes that have been lovingly compiled by Mother Earth and Asur’Ana.

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