Light Wave 6: Mother Sun Dream and Star Seeds


462 page eBook

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Light Wave 6 is a collection of articles from the Tao of Earth, the Self of the Planet, Tao of Ananda, Tao of Shaktar, Master Babaji, and the Seed Mother Dao (the Dao of the Seeds) to foster the self of you into realization of the Divine. The Golden Age or the Age of Enlightenment is about to be born.

The light waves of Earth are igniting a divine system of self to open the Mother Sun Gates. The Mother Sun is a phenomenon of an intergalactic interplay of self that fosters light notions through time. Light notions are interpreted through light wave sign languages. Light wave sign languages are to blossom in many regions global wide through the natural world ordering of the planetary Tao to foster light gates and Mother Sun Dream.

Light gates along with the emerging Mother Sun Dream are to open in succinct rhythms over the coming decade and in time span the globe. Most regions shall receive light gates wherever humans associated with ascension levels of mastery have been fostered to date. Light gates shall trigger the light wave synergy motions known as transfusion to begin.

Transfusion is a light syncopated rhythm that allows light to be infused into the biology to renew and de-age the form. Transfusion is a light syncopated rhythm in the subtle body of field that triggers consciousness to grow into the concept of the self of the self within. Self-realization begins as transfusion motions in your field.

The Mother Sun is summoning her flock, the Star Seeds, home:

The star seeds of the planet

Are born into a happenstance

Of non-fate of self

In which the planet construes a fate

That is not of your archetype

But is lived through time

Feeling often non-sublime

As the truth of you fails to unfold

In the lifeline of your Dao

Through time

Life upon Earth began the day you were born not for you. A hellion procured your egg from another galaxy and somehow transported it unto Earth and shot you in to be incarnate.

Those of you reading this material presented by the Seed Mother Dao know you choose a life that allowed for a conclusion in which you went home to your star seed egg. There was only one possibility for this and this was the lifeline you chose for as you entered the world.

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