Self-realization is another level of ascension that is associated with the mastery of spirit over matter into the divine accolades of self. Self-theory is a level of consciousness that transfuses. Transfusion is a light force occurrence that synthesizes knowledge of physical realization unto the nonphysical for a continued existence post death.

Those who transfuse generally do not become ill and renew in each cycle of development as long as the diet supports the journey. Transfusion is a light synthesis motion that sustains the mindset. Mindset is an adroit equation of synapses that allow for realization of self. Mindset development is a pre-requisite unto realization of self.

Each human is born of a specific archetype with a specific life goal through time. Those realizing are of a particular bandwidth of archetype suited to the goal of actualization in each cycle. Many archetypes master ascension. Some can traverse no further as the mindset is incapable of developing within.

Mindset development requires the nervous system and brain along with cortex and spinal column and fluid to develop into another series of substances and synapse formation. Ascension is the development of the biology into health, renewal and sustenance through integration of new and larger segments/strands counts of DNA. The nervous system is not addressed in ascension. Ascension is a valid mastery level for most archetypes. Ascension prepares the body for the rigors of transfusion and light synthesis for those destined to mindset develop.

The “Flower Essences of Self” is a series of articles to explore the issues of self-realization. Self realization is an antidotal process of recognition of the divine attributes of self. Self is a foray of a field that flowers within itself as realization occurs. The flowers of self shall explore the variant attributes of the formations of flowering that occurs in mindset development of divine proportions of self. Divine proportions of self accolade synergy to the systems of the field into waves of light formations that transfuse.

Transfusion is a light synthesis phenomenon. Light synthesis occurs as light waves are embraced into the self of the self within. The self of the self within is a flower formation that begins with the chalice divine. The chalice divine oscillates a lotus pattern that allows forgiveness to take flight in the life. Forgiveness is the first formation that allows self to descend and striate into the field.

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