Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine


389 page eBook

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Light Wave 5 is a collection of self-realization and mastery stories and fables from Master Ananda, Master Yogananda, and Master Babaji. Those who realize the Self are to postulate a healing of the planet to avoid a nuclear travesty of humankind. Humans that master foster a global level of hypothesis that redirects the human dream into peace, fortitude, renewal, care of the heart and community endeavors in which each is supported through time along with the whole.

Master Ananda shares from his heart transcendental stories of Yogis of the feminine, masculine and sometimes both through time. Each story aligns a blessing from the divine grace of the spirits that love humanity when a Yogi is present in your midst. The love of the two and the care of the ashram prevails in a divine sequencing of dream that only a master of truth can foster for others through time. May each story warm your heart and allow you to dream in Yogi parables of a fate divine ahead.

Yogananda Tales of the Heart focus upon the lore fables of the major arcana of the Tarot. The major arcana of the Tarot are an influence of self-realization. Each arcana reflects a lore of self to be lived amongst those mastering the spiritual pursuits of life. Each fable is offered for introspection over the lore of the realization of yourself. Most mastering today foster one to two major arcana lore as the theme for mastery of self.

Baba fables are mastery tales associated with eastern tradition of self realizing itself through time. Baba is a force of transfiguration and transfusion of light synthesis motion of eastern stature of self. Many in the west foster eastern stature of self in a context of spiritual mastery in the life. Eastern lore depicts the magic of the journey of the two, three or many through time. Eastern lore is superlative in the quality of light motions synthesized through time. Superlative light motions trigger beautiful dreams to be fostered in life and with others.

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