Some fascinating topics of Volume 4 in the Ascension Insights series include: The Return of the Gold and Silver Planes to Earth, Anchoring a Regenerative Biology, New Global Dreamtime Launched, Earth Transits Zero Point, and The First Turning of Creation.

Return of the Gold and Silver Planes: The gold and silver mirror planes have been re-anchored upon Earth. Long ago, gold and silver held the elements of air, water, fire and earth in a cohesive manner founded upon non-conditional love for the purposes of creating form in the third dimension and upon Earth. Over time, the gold and silver planes were removed leaving only shadow planes in exchange. The return of gold and silver to Earth is equivalent to the return of the love of the Tao or the Source to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Anchoring a Regenerative Biology: This section is devoted to the exploration into the karma and patterning that underlies disease, deformity, aging, illness and death. As initiates transcend such patterning, a biology that is regenerative, knows not aging or disease and can ascend with Earth to the next dimension comes forth.  One may also ascend out of any disease.

Earth Transits Zero Point: Earth has transited Zero Point along with entered the third major Star Gate towards the Great Central Sun. Zero point is a realignment of time to synchronize with solar, universal, cosmic, and creational time. Zero point also realigns time to synchronize with the Source of One and the Tao that holds all creations inside and outside of time and space along with the mirror.

The First Turning of Creation: The turning of creation has to do with souls that can ascend, and souls that cannot, and the sorting through of the two with that which cannot ascend being pulled from Earth.

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