This book is directed at our ancestors in present time, which is you who is reading this information. Each reading these materials may find that one is related to ancient ancestry and unto us, and will resonate deeply with what we share. May we intend together to foster a new day of awakening and hope for the surface Earth human civilization. May humanity awaken and ascend into generational genealogical changes that foster a fully conscious state of being founded upon unity, equality and honor. May each in present time fulfill upon their role and purpose to foster this goal. As this comes to be so, the entire purpose for why we, the Ancient Grand Master Ancestors came to Earth will be fulfilled upon.

The Ancient Grand Masters were seeded upon Earth by the Sirian human race for the purposes of perpetuating human life upon Earth and ascending the human species. These ancient ancestors had large heads three times the size of the largest human cranium in present time. Such brain capacity allowed the Grand Masters more awareness than the greatest scientists of our time. However, their focus and purpose at the time incarnate was to maintain peace and ascend their forms, clearing a pathway into the fourth dimension for Humanity and Planet Earth alike.
Some intriguing information include: Transcending Physical Law, Ancestor Buddha’s Life and Ascension, Ancestor Quan Yin’s Life and Ascension, and The Ascensions of the Seven Buddhas.

Transcending Physical Law: What does mastery of physical law mean? In human history upon Sirius, mastery of spiritual law equated to no longer being subject to the law of gravity, form, or physical limitation. This leads to the mastery of levitation (the capability to float or fly), teleportation (the ability to move from one place to another with a thought), transfiguration (the ability to alter the molecular and cellular structure into another form such as an animal and then back into our human form again), and instant manifestation (the ability to think of a physical object and then manifest such an object instantly).

Ancestor Buddha’s Life and Ascension: Ancestor Buddha explained about his “incomplete ascension” about 24,000 Earth years ago (96,000 human years) because the hologram upon the surface of the Earth for his inheritance had been divided, with 65% of the information moving to the Inner Earth holographic planes. Holographic knowledge is a wheel of information from which one derives their photonic genetics from; and so, the information Buddha used to ascend to the fourth dimension was 35% incomplete. The path of “real ascension” is about reclaiming all that has shattered off or broken off in one’s holographic wheel of knowledge.

Ancestor Quan Yin’s Life and Ascension: Ancestor Quan Yin ascended to the fourth dimension from Inner Earth about 28,000 Earth years ago (112,000 human years). She recounted of her childhood growing up in a beautiful valley of the Inner Earth (“Shangri-La”), with lush green mountains and waterfalls, streams and rivers, and stalactite mineral ceilings high above that shimmer rainbows of color due to the play of light from the Aurora. Quan Yin shared about the many Bodhisattva level births planned upon the surface of the Earth in both the East and the West at this time. Eastern ascension is different from ascension in the west primarily due to how heavily families are tied together. In the West, humans can ascend separate from family. In the East, the entire family must be ascended along with the one mastering who may be guiding the group.

The Ascensions of the Seven Buddhas: The collective consciousness of the seven Buddhas shared of their individual ascensions which occurred over a 15,000-Earth year period (60,000 human years) from 22,000 Earth years (88,000 human years) ago when the last Buddha ascended up through 37,000 Earth years ago (148,000 human years) and just following the collapse of the ice shields forming the oceans on Earth. The seven Buddhas were: Rasti Shivi, Ramada’da Bartha, Shakta’ali Umanta, Bentonam Midanan “Alalamanan”, Kassanantha’ama, Bartidarma, and Buddha or Budai.

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