Volume 5 in the Ascension Insights series continues to provide readers with invaluable information to assist initiates on their ascension journey: Mastering the Pure Heart in Ascension, The Act of Blessing and Living a Blessed Life, Earth’s Perspective on the History of the Human Dream, Mastering the Living Dream, The Flame of Divine Union, and Abundance Blessings from the Tao.

Mastering the Pure Heart in Ascension: The heart broadcasts a minimum of two holographic communications day in and day out. These holographic communications often skew the life dream that any human manifests in a particular direction. One can through conscious intention modify these thoughts, and in so doing, alter the experience one creates for oneself in physicality that may be more loving and joyful.

The Act of Blessing and Living a Blessed Life: Blessing everything and everyone around oneself will lead to a blessed life of fulfillment and joy. Blessing is an act of love. As one ascends, the heart opens gradually and more fully with each phase of initiation mastered allowing one with greater and greater ability to love and to bless. As the heart opens, it allows for the love of soul and the love of nature and the Earth to pour into one’s field and through one’s field unto others.

Earth’s Perspective on the History of the Human Dream: The ancient human history has been a mystery not only to humanity at large, but also to Earth. For humanity has existed within a separate dream from Earth since the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. It was not until the human holographic planes were opened several years ago in Earth’s global ascension that the entire human history could be assessed.

Mastering the Living Dream: All life upon Earth is a living dream. Understanding the living dream equates to being a part of a greater script or play that one has a role within, and learning to manage it through conscious intention.

The Flame of Divine Union: The new flame of Divine Union creates a global kundalini energy flow that now exchanges energy with the Great Central Sun; as such there is an ongoing movement of photonic energy between Earth’s Aurora and Core and the Great Central Sun. We are returning unto the Great Central Sun, beloved. This shift is bringing about new Great Central Sun counsels anchored now within the Aurora of Earth to oversee the ascension of each sentient species.

Abundance Blessings from the Tao: Abundance translates into enough; enough chi to ascend, enough nutrients to support the biological changes, and enough to allow one to feel emotionally fulfilled from within. Abundance requires a connection to one’s soul; for it is one’s soul that fills the chakras and form with enough chi to move the energy flow and kundalini of an ascending field, which in turn creates a feeling of love and fulfillment. Enjoy the abundance blessings meditation from the Tao!

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