Ascension Insights, Volume 3


512 page eBook

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Among many interesting topics, Volume 3 in the Ascension Insights series documents the patterns of attachment that must be released in order to attain a state of Non-Attachment and Non-Conditional Love through ascension.

The book also focuses upon the emerging unity paradigm. Unity is a state of being where the greater good of the whole reigns over the individual preferences of any given member of the group.  The return to unity creates group relations in which all are supported and each contributes to the greater good of the whole.  Furthermore, unity relations is founded upon equality amongst all members.

Ascension brings forth a new paradigm for human civilization and relations, one that is based on unity.

In unity consciousness, no one is ever sacrificed to succeed at a goal. Rather, all individuals work in unison and in varying capacities to accomplish the goal at hand, each reaping a reward equal to the energy expended in any given project. This is what unity consciousness is in action: energy in equals energy out, or, in other terms, an equal reward for effort expended.

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