This book offers a series of letters from the Ancient Native American Ancestors who have much to share about the holographic knowledge that they were aware of at the time that they were alive. It is the hope of the ancestors to trigger a greater awakening and remembrance of holographic truth through the sharing in these letters.

Long ago and as Asur’Ana’s ascension began in Fremont California, she found herself surrounded by Native American ancestors. The communications with the ancestors prevailed on and off throughout the day and during her meditation time for many years. The ancestors offered up advice, guidance in her personal struggle to master the inner world and transcend her own fearful thoughtform, and assisted her in learning her early spiritual lessons upon the path of ascension. The ancestors taught Asur’Ana to honor the earth, and honor each kingdom, and honor Mother Earth. The ancestors also taught her beautiful rituals to aid her in her times of struggle and to anchor sacred space.

Over time Asur’Ana also came into contact with Polynesian ancestors who were a part of her more ancient tapestry of ancestry and held more information for her continued journey Home. The Polynesian ancestors invited Asur’Ana to move to Hawaii, and at the time she was not sure how this would ever come to be. She told the Hawaiian ancestors that if they could find a way to move her to the islands, she would. It took only 15 months, and the opportunity arose to relocate unto Hawaii.

Hawaii held keys to Asur’Ana’s continued ascent and therefore it was a necessary step to relocate unto the islands for her continued evolutionary journey. However, the Native American ancestors did not understand this and felt betrayed at her departure. Over time Asur’Ana continued to return to the mainland US several times per year and anchor the healing and patterns that would continue to foster human evolution along with ascension of the land. The Native American ancestors finally forgave her and began to understand the larger picture of what she was trying to accomplish in spending time in both Hawaii and upon the mainland each year.

Over time Asur’Ana and her beloved twin partner and husband from Norway, Per, learned to unite the ancestors related to their tapestries and request that they begin to work together and in harmony and honor with one another to foster not only Asur’Ana and Per’s evolution, but the evolution of each that is related unto them. Over time this led to new agreements amongst all ancestors of all nations to unite for the common purpose of fostering a time of human awakening ahead, and launching an era of ascension and evolution “home” with Mother Earth to a new state of being with love as the foundation of existence.

Recently, the Native American Ancestors approached Asur’Ana about creating a series of letters that they would write that were geared to those who would resonate, and perhaps had not studied the more in-depth materials about ascension upon Asur’Ana and Per’s website. This information therefore is geared for a more general audience, but will provide interesting new information and insights even for those who have taken the time to read the majority of our materials.

We thank the Native American Ancestors for supporting us in our goal of ascension and launching human ascension in collaboration with Mother Earth and Nature Kingdoms. It is Nature that rules the karmic boards associated with human evolution. It is also Nature that oversees the personal ascensions of each. The ancestors have a unique role of also working with each who chooses to ascend and in collaboration with Nature and Mother Earth.

The ancestors recall a time of great connection unto Earth and Nature, and so this is a natural relationship for them to work within. It is our hope that these materials will also foster relationships between you and your personal ancestors along with Nature and Earth to guide you “home” to a new state of unity, joy, peace and love within.


The Native American Ancestors

Ayóó Anííníshní,

Asur’Ana and Per

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