Volume 6 in the Ascension Insights series continues to provide ascending humans with priceless information to assist them on their ascension path: Transcending the False Gods, The Language of ONE #1-32, The Birth of the Grand Master Cycle Ahead, Transcending the Need for A Savior, The Nature of Light and Dark Earth Dreams, and Summer Solstice Blessings from Earth and the Tao.

Transcending the False Gods: Earth has held records of the origins of the false gods that come from the time that Earth resided within the Great Central Sun. Therefore, the false gods were a problem that existed long before Earth left the boundaries of the Sun. It is due to the guidance of the false gods that the very circumstance was created that caused the downfall of the Great Central Sun; which in turn pushed Earth and her solar system outside of her dream.

The Language of ONE #1-32: The Language of ONE is a holographic language that is emerging upon Earth in her continued ascension. The Language of ONE defines oneness concepts. Oneness is a state of self sustenance in which all is provided from within. Crop circles are static pictures of key codes and fire letters emanating through photonic sources. Some crop circles are electrical or radioactive, and these will have straight lines or edges or angles unto them. Such crop circles are from other Great Central Suns and are their languages.

The Birth of the Grand Master Cycle Ahead: Each Grand Master era brings about a return and restoration of truth. This is the era that Earth along with your Solar System has entered as of late. This era would not be possible if the Grand Masters had never been seeded upon Earth. The Grand Masters made possible an era of ascension for Earth by adding their archetypes to the solar holographic planes. Earth understands this now and sees how her own intent to ascend brought forth a dream for the human species to be seeded upon Earth.

Transcending the Need for A Savior: Most humans have fallen into the belief in the savior. The savior or being a savior or searching for one to save oneself is in opposition to the path of ascension. Ascension requires turning inward to discover one’s own God Goddess within. In so doing, one becomes one’s own savior and one’s own champion to continue to transcend in the journey of ascension.

The Nature of Light and Dark Earth Dreams: Light dreams are supportive of those who ascend including the land and animals that live within them; there are souls, angels and false gods of the light in such dreams that strive to piece everything together again. Forces in the light Earth dream also support the health and well-being of all within the dream regardless of kingdom. Dark Earth dreams on the other hand are filled not with souls but false gods of the dark that desire to strip and prevent evolution, not only of humans that reside in such dreams but also nature.

Summer Solstice Blessings from Earth and the Tao: We close with special blessings unto each who chooses this path of ascension in this lifetime. It is not large numbers of humans that are required to ascend to alter the fabric of the collective human dream; only enough of those who are willing to walk this path that shall be diligent and thorough in their focus of karmic release and transmutation. As enough are thorough in the ascent to 3000, the world shall change before your eyes. And so, you are needed in this role, beloved. Happy Summer Solstice!

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