The workbook and worksheets compiled in these materials represent the knowledge and understanding gained for the past several years of group ascension associated with the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). Earth has always been involved in the ascent of Asur’Ana and Per along with those studying with them in dreamtime, as it is only as enough is understood about the ancient human history that all may ascend.

In this first workbook direct from the Consciousness of Earth, Mother Earth invites you to take the time and allow her to share a little about the dream for those studying these materials. This information is designed to restore harmony amongst humans. For a very long time (over 38,000 Earth years or 152,000 human years), humanity has existed in great disharmony and a split dream. There are Sirian dreams, Pleiadian dreams and Reptilian dreams anchored in the human species. These dreams are non-resonant with each other.

The vast discord in the human species is the result of non-resonant dreams. Those in the Reptilian dream approach life from one perspective. Those in a Pleiadian dream approach life from another perspective and those in a Sirian dream from yet another perspective. Those in variant dreams do not understand one another and from the misunderstanding inherent in the scripts in each dream, discord occurs and often to such a great degree that wars emerge amongst nations.

This workbook reveals very detailed information about the nature of the Anu as well as the ancient Red Seeded Race and Larger Headed Humans. This information is shared within these pages so that it may trigger one’s own personal karma. As karma is triggered, there is an opportunity to forgive. Through forgiveness, the suffering, pain, judgment and atrocities of the past can be wiped clean and clear so that there can be a new beginning and new era born for humankind.

This is the purpose of ascension; to acknowledge the dance of one’s ancestry and to forgive. As enough forgive, a new day will then be born. This requires more to focus inward upon the spiritual goals of transcendence and mastery. This is the purpose for which the materials in this workbook have come forth; to provide guidance for one’s own choice to master internal to self.

Now there are frequencies emanating from the Great Central Sun that allow for evolution to take hold. Now therefore is an opportunity to fulfill upon these important spiritual goals. For most reading these materials, it is one’s ancestors that press one forward, for it is only as one forgives that they too may forgive and release their karma associated with one’s tapestry of ancestry.

The sincere purpose of this workbook is to allow humans working with these materials to move towards greater unity within. As enough humans ascend into unity, the paradigm of unity will become global thoughtform. As unity becomes the prevailing dream, all other humans shall be pulled into a new dream that is unity based. As this occurs, many of the difficulties facing humanity in the times of cleansing ahead will simply evaporate into a new era of peace, joy and prosperity and enough for all. This is the hope and dream of Earth for the human species.

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