You will receive many blessings from the Animal Kingdoms from reading this book. Some awesome blessings include: Blessings of Multidimensional Awareness, Blessings for Joy and Humor, Blessings for Gentleness, Blessings of Holographic Knowledge and Inner Knowing, Blessings for Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream, and Blessings for Entering Tao Based Time and Cycles.

Blessings for Multidimensional Awareness: Eagle holds links to one’s multidimensional awareness. For Earth, we provide the necessary keys for Earth to link up and clear karma that is related to other dimensions of experience. Humans also have a multidimensional relationship to other humans in your creation. You are not the only group of humans therein, but are one of 500 human civilizations that reside upon Dimension 3 through 144 that is governed by the creation that you reside.

Blessings for Joy and Humor: Retaining a playful nature is helpful in ascension. The doom and gloom of working through patterns associated with pain, suffering, fear and death are rapidly risen above as one chooses to sit in joy, humor and laughter instead. For humans, humor and laughter are sometimes easier vibrations to access than joy at first, and are precursors to moving into greater joy in the moment.

Blessings for Gentleness: Giraffe and Deer hold the vibrations of gentleness upon Earth. Be gentle with yourself. Give unto yourself those things that make the body happy. The body is your temple; it is the home of your God Goddess within. Allow the body to receive what it requires in order to ascend; whether it is food, nurturing, or time alone to meditate, or time in the country or by the sea.

Blessings of Holographic Knowledge and Inner Knowing: In the genetics of all species is all knowledge; this is because genetics are holographic that this is so. Holographic knowledge is infinite and interconnected with the Tao from which all consciousness extends from and goes Home to when the creational dance is complete.

Blessings for Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream: One is the dreamer and the dream. One dreams one’s own life and then lives it. It is the ancestors from one’s own tapestry and history that will teach one how to dream weave and assist in the weaving of one’s dreams. However, one must intend one’s dreams, or one will simply receive whatever the genetics and unconscious is calling into the life expression.

Blessings for Entering Tao Based Time and Cycles: Everything is cyclic within the Tao and therefore there are no beginnings or endings as there is only ongoing out-breath cycles followed by in-breath cycles that are endless in nature. So, beginnings and endings are not associated with the Tao cycles as the cycles are ever moving, ever growing, ever expanding in understanding and in love.

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