You will receive many blessings from the Plant and Tree Kingdoms from reading this book. Some wonderful blessings include: Blessings for Entering the Void of Infinite Possibility, Blessings for Opening the Heart, Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past, Blessings for the Sweetness of Life, Blessings for a Restoration of Full Consciousness, and Blessings for Physical Regeneration and Ascension.

Blessings for Entering the Void of Infinite Possibility: The void is the space from which any dream is cast. Within the void is infinite possibility of all that ever was, and all that ever will be or can be. Within infinite possibility is always a future potential dream to be viewed and then chosen.

Blessings for Opening the Heart: There are many levels of heart opening in ascension. As the 1,000-petal lotus of the Bodhisattva develops, the human hologram can be restored into the heart cavity. It is through holographic communication that all kingdoms speak. As one restores their human hologram, one then opens to the possibility of holographic communication and can hear all kingdoms, along with one’s Soul and Mother Earth.

Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past: Earth’s sublime origins inside the Great Central Sun about 60 billion years ago as a 160th Dimensional semi-etheric vessel that was 1,000-fold larger than in present time. Earth’s surface was layered in the shape of a spiral that began in the Aurora or Core and extended out to the outer surface creating a multi-layered place for life of all kinds to flourish.

Blessings for the Sweetness of Life: Intend a sweet dream to dream weave and experience, beloved. Intend to spend time in the natural world dream and learn more about a state of inner peace and beauty, for this is something that the natural world can teach each ascending human. Intend to catch a sweeter life dream that is fulfilling and joyful to experience.

Blessings for a Restoration of Full Consciousness: It is as consciousness is restored that humans will strive to love one another again. Consciousness and love are really one and the same. Consciousness is also the magic that allows the dreams to occur in divine timing and unity.

Blessings for Physical Regeneration and Ascension: The movement of the love of Earth is necessary to the regeneration of the biology along with complete ascension into the crystalline structure. Therefore, please focus upon healing the ancient wounds between your ancestry and Terra (Earth). The rewards will be great as the heart heals and opens to experiencing love from within.

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