In this book, the Mineral Kingdoms will show you how to build a synthesis altar and offer some healing techniques to support Ascension. You will also receive many blessings from the Mineral Kingdoms from reading this book. Some amazing blessings include: Blessings for Entering the Dream of the Great Central Sun, Blessings for Absolute Divine Union between Body, Soul and Earth, Blessings for Absolute Honor and the Silver Ray of Dream Weaving, Blessings for Absolute Inner Beauty and Rainbow Spectrum Sound.

Building A Synthesis Altar: As an ascending being, one can bring minerals into one’s presence, and augment one’s ascent. This is done by creating a synthesis altar. A synthesis altar anchors a rainbow of tones generated by the mineral kingdoms to support the anchoring of space necessary for healing and karmic release. This is done as a conscious agreement between the mineral kingdoms and one’s own soul, oversoul and source. As the agreements occur, most minerals will parallel one’s own level of evolution.

Healing Techniques to Support Ascension: Those that have already created a synthesis altar can also take the work with the mineral kingdoms to a new level. You can lay the stones upon your body or upon the body of a massage client (if you are a healing practitioner) and allow the synthesis to be pressed through the meridians of the field. In so doing, the mineral kingdoms will assist in supporting the continued ascension of humans working with them for this purpose.

Blessings for Entering the Dream of the Great Central Sun: Entering the Great Central Sun Dream is a beautiful experience, as Asur’Ana and Per have come to understand along with those in their ascension dreamtime program. It is not difficult to enter this dream; one must balance light and dark by uniting the two sides of the polarities.

Blessings for Absolute Divine Union Between Body, Soul and Earth: Absolute Divine Union allows for the communion between body, soul and Earth. The new blueprint for ascending humans does not only involve soul but also Earth, nature and ancestral consciousness that help to co-direct the script in any given dance of life.

Blessings for Absolute Honor and the Silver Ray of Dream Weaving: The silver ray aids in synching and recasting dreams. Dreams pour down from the first manifestation plane and catch upon one’s field. The silver ray will synch the dream with one’s field so that the dance of life has greater harmony and synchronicity.

Blessings for Absolute Inner Beauty and Rainbow Spectrum Sound: The gift of embracing rainbow full spectrum sound is that one has the capacity to create a new form of wholeness within. We call this inner state of being Absolute Inner Beauty. As the wholeness is sustained within, then ohana music can begin to resound within the field. As the music resounds, the love re-circulates within any field and ceases to dissipate as greatly.

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