Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart & Twin Relationship


415 page eBook

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Twin and counterpart theory of union is archetypal associated and only occurs amongst those born of parallel genetic fabric through time. Most humans are not derived of parallel fabric; and counterparts represent 10% of the associations of any given life; and twins only 1%.

Twin union is rare outside of destiny. Twins love one another deeply through time; and sometimes there is deep heartbreak at the loss of a twin association. Counterparts occur not out of destiny but out of choice. Counterpart union is a sacred act of harmonization of relationship.

Counterparts are a foray of dream that allow those of parallel archetypal nature to interact or grow to become beloveds. Counterparts can make delightful relationships of parallel mission and purpose in life. Some counterparts relay in beautiful sequences of dreams and others less so. Those that relay in beauty are the best suited to counterpart relationship lore. Counterparts are more compatible than divine twins. Divine twins often have such great attraction that it is difficult to function in the life when in partnership.

Twin flame lore is sacred action of self-unfolding between the two in the dreams of life. Sacred action is one of deep care of the heart that defies all obstacles through time. True twin flames often enter a union and never depart. Twin flames are one of the most difficult to most sublime of union experiences that can ever occur for two in the physical bonded together in twin action of fate.

Twins love each other very much. At an earlier time in the history of the Earth, the dance of the twins was a beautiful but small civilization of people with bigger heads, who lived in peace, unity and love guided by tantric wave movements. The dance of love between twins was magnificent, but then something happened that led to the dance of nemesis. The dance of nemesis is the cause underlying all destructive dances on Earth.

Divine twins, as well as their being together, create a very special dance of love and light wave synergy. This information now comes through the holographic archives of many dimensions to better assist Earth’s and humanity’s ascension. The realignment on the story of the divine counterpart is part of the reorientation of the Tao to heal the destructive karmic processes, which could lead to 1,000 years of peace.

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