Volume 7 in the Ascension Insights series continues to provide ascending humans with compelling information to assist them on their ascension path: Opening to the Infinite Love of the Heart of the Tao, The Language of ONE #33-65, Restoring the State of a Creator unto Human Form, The Oneness Paradigm of Self Sustainability, New Music for Ascending Humans, and Letters from Ancestor Faith.

Opening to the Infinite Love of the Heart of the Tao: The ascension of Terra “home” to the Tao may take upwards of 10,000 years to accomplish and shall involve the merger of the physical with the nonphysical. Terra’s collective consciousness will then go on to serve in another mission of aiding yet other creations in returning Home to the Tao that have fallen as greatly as herself. The Heart of the Tao mends all wounds and points out the karma or patterns at hand requiring transcendence in order to move forward in the choice to go Home. For many, attuning to the Heart of the Tao is like a mini-homecoming all of its own; for here is where your ancient ancestors inside the Great Central Sun originated; and here you will go “home” unto, beloved. Meditation to assist each wishing to attune to the Heart of the Tao.

The Language of ONE #33-65: The Language of ONE is a holographic language that is emerging upon Earth in her continued ascension. The Language of ONE defines oneness concepts. Oneness is a state of self sustenance in which all is provided from within. Crop circles are static pictures of key codes and fire letters emanating through photonic sources. Some crop circles are electrical or radioactive, and these will have straight lines or edges or angles unto them. Such crop circles are from other Great Central Suns and are their languages.

Restoring the State of a Creator unto Human Form: The human form was devised by the Tao long ago as a physical representation of the “creator”. All creations in the Tao are structured from sound, movement, tone and color. All creations have a shape that is caused as the energy associated moves; it also has a sound that is like a symphony of sweet music. Creators choose the blueprint for any creation by drawing upon variant possibilities within the template created by the Tao each expansion cycle and cause their creations.

The Oneness Paradigm of Self Sustainability: As more and more humans ascend into recycling thoughtform, then the era of great extremes of poverty and greed shall fade; and a new era of greater sharing and caring shall emerge. As this occurs, resources shall cease to be harvested so greatly of the Earth, and she shall regenerate enough to carry on in her ascension; and that humans will learn to experience abundance or a state of just enough to subsist and enjoy the dance of life.

New Music for Ascending Humans: The Tao is helping to orchestrate the new music of Ohana at this time to press the human dream towards love. The new songs allow each ascending human to learn to empower themselves. Empowering oneself is the first step towards become the creator within. Most of the problems ascending humans have experienced are the result of not recalling that you are the creator, and as such you can choose the dreams that you live in each experience with another or a group of others. It is the music that calls any dream into the dance of life. As the music is edited, then the dreams alter accordingly.

Letters from Ancestor Faith: The following communications and sharing are from an affiliate of our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) that passed the physical plane this spring in the first conscious death orchestrated upon the surface of the Earth since ancient times. Faith forgave big as she crossed and allowed a large level of karma to be released that has altered the human dream forever more. It is our hope that more shall consciously pass in the times ahead and also forgive big allowing for beautiful shifts to come in death.

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