Light Wave 4: Divine Partnership


623 page eBook

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Divine partnership has been caused in many time periods of realization of self. The chapters in Light Wave 4 explore the nature of creation of a union divine within and in partnership through addressing the difficult fables or lore humanity currently dreams. Each dream of union is a fable that can be forgiven and replaced with lore that causes divinity within to be experienced and expressed in partnership through self-realization.

Sweet dreams carry a melody and repose of the sacredness of self. A union divine is a sacred song between the Dao and Tao within. The Dao is the feminine attribute of self and the Tao the masculine. Tao understands the spiritual lessons and Dao realizes through application of the emotions associated with love and compassion. As Dao and Tao ignite in a flame of the divine, the melody reposes causing the life dreams to rearrange into beautiful forays reflecting the divinity of self of the self within.

There are many unconscious patterns that affect unions between partners in relationship. Union is a sought-after goal by many who are realizing self. Partnership aids in the opening of the heart and the understanding of the accolades of forgiveness and compassion of self-realization. Those in difficult unions struggle but open to the deeper possibility of a profound love within as the divine challis in the heart opens. Love is a union within that blossoms into a lotus through spiritual focus upon the divine.

Divine partnership is an aspiration of care of the heart. The heart of humanity has become ridged and unloving in itself. The journey of partnership is internal as well as external. Through the journey of partnership, the heart may heal and flourish again into the capacity to care. Care is an oscillation of the divine in the heart accolade of self. The heart blossoms in a life of spiritual mastery to fulfill upon the love of the love within.

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