Light Wave 2: Poetic Prose


425 page eBook

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Prose is poetry that causes the dreams of self to transfigure into momentous occasions of beauty and synergy. Recitation of the prose is an incantation that alters the fabric of the dream in a synergistic moment in time.

The alteration of dreams through prose will work as long as the foray for the dream configures in an action divine. Divine action is the will of Spirit over matter to cause something synergistic to repose in the life.

The purpose of the prose in this book is spiritual and is designed to cause healing of the self of the self within. The self of the self within is an energetic formation of field that reposes the consciousness and awareness of the experience of life. It is the self of the self within that manages all life dreams.

Consciousness expands through self-realization. Humans upon the spiritual path realize self in many variations of experiences of life. The prose ignites the divine flame of synergy within the heart accolade of self to aid in the realization over particular realizations of self for the purposes of forgiveness of karmic debt and difficult or traumatic life happenstance.

Transfigurative action is a formation of dream weaving that is much like an artist with a paint brush. The prose causes the foundation and colors of the dream to alter into beautiful formations that attract delightful moments in time to be experienced and expressed.

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