Image of a round full moon among orange peach clouds. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #8

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #8


The Fable of the Chariot


The Force of the Dreamer of Life


The Dreamer


The Chariot

The dreamer is the one

Who is the force of the chariot

That drives the emergence of the clan

Into a motion of truth

Of the beloveds

Who foster the region in purity of self

As a force of mellifluousness

In a sonnet of the divine

In which each harmonizes

Through time

And throughout the land


The Parable of the Tarot


The chariot is a design of fate to lead a group, clan, region or nation in the truth of the divine. The truth of the divine is an accolade of self that fosters itself and the self of each in the group or region. Each tarot dream augments an insurgence of lore of truth sincere unto the fable to be lived by all in the arcana lore of fate.


The lore of the chariot is a design of self that fosters dreams of many. Leaders of spiritual pursuits of small, medium or large groups often foster the tale of the chariot for a time or an entire lifetime. At this time there are roughly one thousand living the fable of the chariot incarnate in age ranges from seventeen to thirty-eight. Most mastery fables catch upon one thousand at a time in this era. Some mastery fables are designed for a more exclusive system of dreaming. The last two fables of the arcana of Justice and Temperance are retained for another level of mastery.


The arcana of the chariot is a mid-range fable. Each fable grows in stature of affluence of influence over other initiates. The lore of the chariot is a fable for leadership. Only those who become leadership in a spiritual class of affluence of self-realizing itself through group development foster the fable of the chariot in any era of light synthesis motions of self. The fable of the chariot is a difficult dream in this era. The conclusion of the fable requires a twin partner to foster an ignition of love of the land and of the people of the planet. In this era, false twin reposes diminish the possibility of the fulfillment of the dream of the chariot into the highest possible vision for the care of the planet.


Mastery Lore


Major arcana lore cycles change every eight years of continued mastery to foster other levels of development and realization within. In this era, sometimes one mastery fable reigns over the entire life unless a complete reversal of fate is fostered. If one fails the tests of a particular mastery fable, the realization in life ceases. Failure can be equated to death prior to forgiveness in some cases. In other cases, failure to forgive in life triggers a cease mastery arcana dream motion. Non-forgiveness is a choice always. The intent to forgive is generally enough to allow the arcana fable to carry on in the dreams of life until complete at the conclusion of the eight-year lore cycle or in the end of the life.


The fable of the chariot is an adroit equation of truth fostered in the group accolade of self. Each group, clan or nation fosters a self or consciousness that striates in and between the fields of all humans associated. Collective consciousness is an energetic formation few understand. Collective consciousness is fostered to become either filled with strife or peaceful in orientation depending upon the lore of each clan, region or nation. The lore of the clan is polarity formations of self. Some peoples receive very dark tribal, regional or national lore. Other peoples or regions receive medium oriented lore of self through time. Yet other peoples or regions foster very light or masterful lore of fate.


In this era, mastery lore is playing out in the western US and Canada, Hawaii, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Australia, Greenland and Austria or Switzerland in the west. In the east, mastery lore fables occur in Tibet, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, parts of China, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam. Spiritual leadership appears primarily from the above regions as mastery fate keys were only relayed into births of key ancestries in this cycle. Some regions such as Africa are too demonic in stature to foster realization of self in this era. All lore is fate oriented in each group of peoples and habituated depending upon region of orientation through time. Group fate is very complex to understand and fosters all experiences upon Earth.


Lore is case specific to the inheritance and the goal of the life in fate keys fostered through time. Each fate key administers another hypothesis for existence that is prose incantation based. Each incantation transfigures the dream to foster the spiritual goals in the life dream. Most incantations directing life dreams that are non-spiritual in equations of the non-sublime systems of existence of greed based in orientation of self. Greed based self is demon oriented as spirit. Demons are spiritual forces directing non-spiritual pursuits in life. Some life goals are partially spiritual to arise above the greed of the greed of self into ascension mastery in life. Partial spiritual goals are also demon oriented in a habitat of forgiveness.


Some lives in key regions upon Earth foster spiritual goals that are to arise into superlative thoughts that generate an arcana fable of the divine. The lives of those fostering major arcana are dragon in spirit. Those arising into superlative thoughts are the only humans destined to catch a major arcana dream in this era. Dragons also inspire some partially spiritual aspirations in association with leaders in major arcana fables. Dragon based regions also attract dragon spirits to most incarnate. Only selected towns in any region of development foster dragon dreaming for the whole. (Please see ”Dragon Dreaming Archives”  of “Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship”  for more information on demon-dragon interludes of self.)


Major Arcana Dreams


One out of thirty six thousand generates a major arcana dream in this era. The non-sublime dreams of greed are the hypothesis of the generations of humans in this time period. The dreams of greed have been the fate of humanity for the past one hundred years. Dreams are to segue into superlative oscillations of self-realizing itself in the era to follow. Self realizing itself shall rise into the superior threshold of existence fostering superlative dreams of the clan or nation or whole planet.


The world will rise above its inferiority complex of so many fostering so little into a new era of equality between all peoples and all nations upon Earth as more major arcana dreams take flight. The fostering of the shift in fables is an astrological forecast of self. The forecast of the future is a rising into an age of enlightenment in the unfolding cascades of arcana dreaming through time.


Time is an adroit equation that fosters eras in sequences of dreams of fables of the non-divine to the divine. Non-divine eras arise into divine eras in syncopated rhythms that are fostered through the push and pull of magnetism fostered in the solar system and between the stars. The last divine era concluded four thousand years ago giving rise to an era of the non-divine. There have been many developments crucified in the era of non-enlightenment thresholds of self fostered in the recent history of humankind. The era ahead will pose the opposite consortium of fate leading to those who realize self and foster the chariot of dreaming for the planet. The chariot arcana can develop in a major world character fostering the divine understanding of self in global leadership position of self.


Self-Realization and Renewal of the Planet


The current era or arcana lore is an era of extremes. Those fostering legitimate realization barely have enough assets to allow the time to witness themselves within to unfold due to the hypothesis of extreme greed unfolding in the collective human dream. The incapacitated realization motion plagues all humans worldwide. The lack of time to foster self is a legitimate cause for an extinction cycle ahead. Realization of self is the driving force for fostering life and renewal of the planet and all peoples. When realization ceases, the planet dries up in its light motion and sinks into further density of self that is incapable of understanding much. Dreams fade into mechanical behavior that fosters little else other than repeat motions of life that cannot foster spiritual understanding or forgiveness through time.


The planet is dying in this era due to lack of realization of self for the past four thousand years. Realization of self befell a sad state of detriment over time. The current era will attempt to drive the poles into a reversal of self-realizing itself in greater motions if possible. Those attempting realization of self are also hoping to reverse the planetary extremes into a larger number attaining enlightenment in this era. There are many toxic circumstances that dander the possibility leaving extinction as the only possibility as the light motions cease again in three hundred years. The only remaining possibility is to realize oneself as the planet has no possibility of realizing anything else ahead.


Planetary Consciousness Retraction in 300 Years


It is planetary consciousness that realizes itself through time. The planetary consciousness and global Dao and Tao are choosing to retract as the coming three hundred years of light synthesis completes as there is nothing else to foster. Please realize you into the self of the self fostering itself in the deep accolades of forgiveness and compassion of each and all as there is no other era ahead to realize within for future ancestors yet unborn. Those in major arcana lore are to be ignited into further light synthesis of self allowing another fate to unfold due to planetary choices of the Dao and Tao of the Earth.


The threshold of fables unfolding in the thousand years ahead will be akin to an age of enlightenment even if light motions abate and cease to motion through time. Compassionate demons are to overtake human dreams fostering an era of equality and humility of self. The Dao of Earth is fostering mercy reversals to allow for humans to cease to war upon or starve one another through time. The fostering of mercy is a divine intervention of the Tao of this sector who witnesses the deep pain that life fostered into times of extinction befall. The Tao of the sector of this creation blesses Mother Earth and her children a new fate of compassionate mercy into an era of extinction ahead.


The Tale of the Chariot


The arcana fate of the chariot is the one who dreams big to foster the self of the self of the whole. The whole is an adroit equation of the family, the clan or tribe, the region or the continent and the international foray of interrelations expressed through time. The tale of the chariot appears in all sectors of life in times of light synthesis motion of self. The chariot is an arcana fate that comprehends dream weaving in its capacity to intend to foster the livelihood of self and the self of each. The chariot is not a hypothesis in eras between light synthesis motions of self.


The Truth of the Chariot Dreamer


Earendel is an auspicious young man that fosters a following wherever he aspires to live. He has moved fourteen times since his youth due to the vagabond style of his parents who are bead traders of sorts. In time the family fosters a bead trading shop that motions light synthesis allowing Earendel to remain in a superlative region. He is home schooled by an adroit aunt Rashel who is spiritually fostered throughout her lifetime. The two are twin flames of the heart and love one another in the deep appreciation of the care of the two. Earendel is distraught when his aunt Rashel suddenly passes in the plight of the night of a heart stroke of self. She passes her mastery levels on to her twin flame Earendel.


Earendel is seventeen as his aunt passes. He is unwilling to remain with the family any longer and departs after her death. Earendel motions to be fostered further in an ashram fostered by an experienced guru in the region. The ashram is large but guru Magnus pays special attention unto Earendel due to his uncanny capacity to foster a following in the chariot of his heart.


Magnus is the local leader of a sector of a sacred rapture of spiritual fostering. The global leader guru Cristobal is a sacred visionary of self that resides far away and in the east but causes nine ashrams to form around the world. Magnus is paid a sacred visit of Cristobal only once per year. After three years of fostering Earendel, Magnus speaks about his young adept with Cristobal during his yearly visit. Cristobal is intrigued but does not foster a relationship with Earendel for another four years. Each year Cristobal hears more about Earendel’s development from his student Magnus.


As fate may have it, Magnus is becoming ill and Cristobal knows of it within himself. Cristobal knows that he needs to replace Magnus with an adept leader of the whole of the clan in the region of his birth. Earendel is a gypsy descendent of Cristobal’s own family long ago that broke away from the clan for its own cause. Cristobal begins to prepare Earendel for the role of the regional leader with special systems of self. Earendel is a bit festered within as he attempts to foster a superlative region for Cristobal in his spiritual development. There are twelve leaders to be fostered on the part of Cristobal to create a few more sacred ashrams in other regions abroad.


Over time, Earendel gains the favor of many others of the twelve hundred initiates developing under the care of Cristobal. Over three hundred align as a following of Earendel. Three other leaders foster another three hundred following each creating a union of the whole in four segments of the east, west, south and north in aspirations of life. Earendel is to foster a group in a southern route of self into the deep apothecary of fate of the rebirth of life. Often the script of the rebirth of self is one of strife through time of the plight of the people who transform the leader into vast awareness of the need to find compassion for each.


Quiterie is a feminine leader under Cristobal’s wings of development. She is in deep appreciation of the natural world habitat of the planet. Three hundred align under her aspirations of self to foster the care of the region and planet at large in another ashram in the east. Gaspard is a masculine counterpart unto Quiterie who marries her and causes another three hundred followers of Cristobal to align in natural world care of self.


The pair adjoins into the apothecary of the lovers of fate in the arcana dreams of the era. They motion of their following to foster the people of the east into deeper compassionate action within to offset a plundering of the natural world due to over consumption and greed. The pair represent the eastern and western approaches of the medicine wheel of fate. The east is a sunset of deliberation of change and the west is a rebirth into a new hypothesis of life. The two succeed at their spiritual goals in eighteen years.


Ivaleine is a female adept of Cristobal from a far away region that is under the equator. Although beautiful, Earendel is put off by Ivaleine’s fate as the leader of the north. The leader of the north is the guiding force of the planetary influences and affluences of life of humanity. Cristobal fosters Ivaleine into a beloved of his own heart with a destiny key of a child of fate born through the love of the two. Cristobal and Ivaleine marry in a beautiful sunset ceremony with a sacred gathering at sunrise the day to follow. The clan of twelve chant into the night in honor of their leader and his new bride. The chants can be witnessed for fifty miles away from the beautiful and sacred ceremony adjoining the two in a wedding of extreme fate of change for the planet. A child is not conceived through time as Ivaleine is sterile.


Cristobal and Ivaleine choose to retreat for a time to foster their union and later travel to the regions each of the twelve new born leaders of fate are to foster ahead. The global change is accomplished in twelve years of marriage of Cristobal and Ivaleine. The two foster the mastery of the love of the whole. The love of the whole is rebirthed by the twelve associated with Cristobal’s ashram leadership program fostered into the care of the planet. Each of the twelve is magnified in life to foster a global shift of great proportions of self into a rebirth of the planet.


Earendel returns to his homeland known as Baraball following eighteen years of fostering on the part of Cristobal. Baraball translates into region of beautiful light motions of self. Baraball is in dishevelment due to a plight of the weather. Hurricane after hurricane has blown through in recent years damaging the farmland and crops. The peoples are distraught with fear of not enough. The current leadership is ill equipped to handle the plight of their own homeland. Earendel quickly rises into popularity winning the regional role of prime minister of the whole. He is loved and almost worshipped as the savior of the future of the people. Earendel is unclear he will be able to fulfill upon the objectives at hand finding his way to popularity for a second term of fourteen years as the regional prime minister.


Through time, Earendel is uncanny in his capacity to perceive future dreams. He witnesses a future dream of an aptitude of crops that withstand the heavy rains of hurricane type formations in the weather of Baraball. Sacred seeds are imported and planted widespread with an understanding of their purpose. The plants and crops fostered prefer really damp to watery circumstances and provide amply of their fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables and gourds in the year to follow. In three years’ time, the people are no longer sitting in fear of fostering enough to sustain their families. Earendel is perceived as the minister of savior of all time by those in Baraball.


The regional hierarchy of governance over Baraball listens to most everything Earendel suggests after his success at turning the region into a place of abundance of the land for the first time in long term memory. Earendel imports other gifts of other regions that he has become attuned unto in his work with Cristobal. Cristobal’s following is worldwide and less determined to be in the perception of superiority founded upon cultural nuances of self. Earendel’s region had become very arrogant in their capacity to foster light.


Light over time triggers too much heat that then diminishes the rainfall needed to sustain the land. The polarity opposite became a formation of a sequence of rainstorms to provide for the needs of the land to an extreme. Earendel understands the peculiar regional hypothesis of strife as a spiritually adroit master of himself. He successfully reverses the polarity of extremes in weather and rebalances the region into the middle path of just enough rain and sun through time in his light synthesis motions of field. Abundance is restored to each in Baraball as a result. The region celebrates in bi-yearly formations of ceremonies that honor each and the land that are fostered by Earendel and his ashram of a spiritual following.


Earendel not only ministers unto the region but forms a spiritual Ashram of sacred spiritual text through time. The group grows to encompass fourteen adroit masters of both male and female flavor of self plus a following of three hundred spiritual aspirants. Two of the fourteen leaders adjoin in sacred marital happenstance of self. Earendel chooses to remain single if for no other cause than a busy schedule in life. He rarely sleeps as his mindset does not rest affording him ample time to guide those in need. His fostering of an ashram leads to a donation of beautiful land and housing for his community of spiritual support nearby Baraball. The ashram resides along a sunny coastline of a superlative light fostering.


Cristobal pays a visit with his beautiful wife Ivaleine unto the new ashram of Earendel and his adepts. Their entourage bring many gifts from many regions to foster the new land and adorn the interior of the new buildings. Cristobal and Ivaleine bestow a sacred ceremony for the ashram out of deep honor of the success of his fate of forgiveness of the weather issues of the land of Baraball. The ceremony gathers other adepts that Cristobal personally fosters from nine regions nearby. Baraball’s ashram rings the bells into a new sequence of sound in the form of duets of the two in the beloved of self and sonatas of fate of the harmony of the whole.


The region sways into new nuances of light that had been lost through time. Baraball glistens in the luster of an era long lost as the ceremony of thirty days concludes with Cristobal and Ivaleine as facilitators. The pair depart in the glory of the clan of Baraball now restored under Earendel’s administration. The work of the ashram will now take off. Earendel retires from his position as prime minister of Baraball to allow the next level of his lore fable of mastery to unfold.


His ashram grows into nine hundred aspirants through time. The following desires to see Earendel wed. The adepts under his care intend for a feminine counterpart of equal aplomb to himself for the ashram to love. A beautiful female from far away accompanies Cristobal in his regional bi-yearly visit. Ivaleine is assured in her vision that this is Earendel’s future mate and beloved of the heart and feminine fellow chariot dreamer of the ashram. Sussiya is eastern but gorgeous in her bosom of self. She dresses in seductive cultural garb of her nation.


Earendel is beside himself with desire and soon the two are wed in a sacred ceremony fostered by Ivaleine and Cristobal. The ceremony hegemonies the ill fate of Baraball upon another region not fostered in leadership of Cristobal’s adepts. The new fate allows Baraball to continue to be prosperous, gentle and loving for the people to live within in syncopated light motions of self.


Earendel and his new bride Sussiya depart their homeland with Cristobal and Ivaleine for an international gathering of all adepts fostered by him through time. Four couples under the guidance of Cristobal convene together in special sacred ceremonies of the beloveds. Five couples including Cristobal and Ivaleine synergize unity divine to foster world peace. There is an uprising in the land of Gaspard and Quiterie known as Deckahals.


Deckahals translates into land of deep transformation. Deckahals has experienced uprising after uprising of mind bend constituents in three neighboring quadrants nearby. Soldiers have overthrown the life of many leading to deprivation and war-torn experiences. Many are in deep gloom and pain. Cristobal fosters the convergence of the five couples including he and Ivaleine to foster a motion of non-strife and peace over the war-torn land of Deckahals.


The motions of care of the heart succeed at fostering peace and soon the uprisings diminish enough that normal commerce resumes in Deckahals. The five couples return to their region of origins to resume the leadership of their respective kingdoms following an eight-month hiatus to foster the spiritual goals of Cristobal. Cristobal is aging rapidly following his stand for world peace. It is as if the uprising of the land of Deckahals has entered his field and body and is destroying him. He chooses to transfuse to an early death at age forty-six fostering deeper alliances of peace in the wake of his transfusion crossing.


Ivaleine is deeply saddened at the loss of her beloved Cristobal. She retreats for a time into the region of Baraball to self-heal. Sussiya and Ivaleine are fast friends and their natures compliment deeply allowing her to heal some. Over time Ivaleine does recover and departs for her homeland in the east. Sussiya hopes that she will find the next beloved of her fate soon.


Ivaleine meets Ralifer, a gorgeous eastern male of deep aplomb of the heart. She falls headily in love. He adorns and adores her for four years. Soon Ivaleine discovers that Ralifer’s truth lies elsewhere other than in union with her. The two depart and once again Ivaleine fosters Sussiya to heal her ruptured heart. Sussiya is less interested in spawning her recovery as the wear and tear of the distraught Ivaleine departs a difficult motion of strife between her and Earendel. The leadership of the ashram is not fostered well if Sussiya motions into strife due to the difficulties of her friend. She chooses to abate the friendship in lieu of the important role in leadership over the ashram that she is to foster ahead.


The fate of the people of Baraball is more important in her eyes. Ivaleine is devastated but understands the difficult nature of leaders of deep care of the people. She retreats and never witnesses the region of Baraball again. She dies one stormy night of lightning, wind, rain and thunder in a rapid death of transfusion lore of self to be with her beloved Cristobal again post life. The love of the two ignite the heavens upon Earth in her departure. Earendel and Sussiya feel the blessings as the calling to bear a child. Sussiya conceives the night of Ivaleine’s passing. The care of the three overcomes the pair leading to a tantric conception of deep care of the heart for the child, the ashram and the whole.


Little Nilalar is born a beautiful boy with curly locks of his father and eyes that shimmer like his mother. The region exonerates the birth with celebrations that last a month or more. Sacred ceremonies are fostered each Sunday for six weeks to follow. Nilalar is a twin of the heart for Sussiya. The love of the twins ignites destiny keys that flux into Baraball. Nilalar is a hermaphrodite bearing both feminine and masculine attributes of the physical and of self of the self within.


Hermaphrodites are an omen of deep aplomb of care of the two with both male and female sides of self in balance within to foster balanced transfusion of the land. The people rise into an accolade of deep sincerity at the birth of a young master of the care of the two within. The heart accolade of Nilalar is a sacred happenstance of life ignited in the love of the twin Sussiya. Sussiya is honored for her role as the mother of fate. The mother of fate is a known main partner through time in the life of the hermaphrodite. Earendel retreats to allow the mother-son union to blossom in their lives.


Nilalar matures and fosters the role of leadership not unlike his father through time. Earendel perishes in a difficult fate key of an accident upon a boat abroad while visiting other leaders of Cristobal. The boat capsizes and he drowns at sea alone. Nilalar is capitulated into a leadership role over the ashram immediately upon the news of the death of Earendel reaching the land of Baraball. Nilalar is not ready for the attention he receives but Sussiya manages to support him in all of the beauty of her estuaries of self. The following of the ashram adore the pair in light of the loss of their favored master of the community.


Nilalar is young but gifted. He-She fosters many illuminated concepts that can provide for the ashram and trigger deeper alignment of fate of the mastery arcana of each and the whole. The ashram unites in the choice to exonerate the mother-son union divine into the most adored pair of leaders ever. Sussiya and Nilalar are loved in ceremony after ceremony as the most adored ashram leaders of all time. The bells ring for miles and miles triggering more interest in the ashram. Additional following find their way to the studies brought through Earendel through time. New adepts aplomb in the love of the twin leaders over the ashram.


The twins depart their union as Sussiya chooses for a transfusion lore death of self. She is aging and incapable of renewing much longer. The fate of her death is a beautiful crossing of deep care of the two. Nilalar is blessed in her release from the physical happenstance of fate. He meets another twin fate of self as a homosexual partner of deep care of the heart. Locklar tends to Nilalar like no other. The two aplomb as gifted leaders of the ashram through time fostering the love of the whole in Baraball. Locklar is devoted to Nilalar as his twin flame for life. The two transfuse together in the end restoring the love to the ashram and the whole.


The Flight of the Two


Geodee is an astute and handsome dreamer of himself. He is mature and desiring the beloved of his life. Geisily is an eloquent spokesperson and singer for an adroit guru of some fame. Geodee attends a magnificent and mellifluous concert and a celebration to follow. He is attired in his wear of the search for his twin flame. Geisily announces many voices of interpretation of concepts of mindset development amongst the speakers at the festivities.


Musicians accompany Geisily as she demonstrates her mellifluous voice. Geodee is transformed by her mele and dance. Geisily is a gifted light wave dancer in addition to a composer of her own spiritual flavor of music. He attempts to go near but she is surrounded by fans and also those who protect her for the sake of her own eloquence of stature in the ashram of the guru friend of her heart.


Geodee knows in his heart Geisily is the one for him. He floats through levitation unto her boudoir and up three flights into a balcony where she is watching the starlight night and crescent moon suspended over the ocean. Geisily is startled by the sudden appearance of Geodee who lands on her balancing like a graceful swan. Geodee simply claims he was unable to thank her for her beautiful mele and chose to foster his compliments due to his gifted mastery over the physical plane.


Geisily is not offended but does ask that he depart and make a formal and announced plan to meet up with her. Geodee hovers in front of the balcony for as long as he can suspending himself without falling. The two engage in merriment and laughter over many issues of the ashram. Geodee has been a part of the upper legions of mastery of the ashram for over thirty years.


Suddenly Geodee realizes he has run out of steam in his capacity to levitate. He drifts rapidly to the floor of the garden beneath and lands with a thump. Geisily streaks and runs down three flights of stairs opening up the shutters of a living room unto the garden to make sure Geodee is not injured. He lays a bit dazed amongst the posies and between two bushes. She kneels next to him stroking his face and asking if he is injured. Geodee just sighs drawing her on top of him.


Geisily does not resist and the two nuzzle for about four hours in between the bushes and much to Geodee’s delight along with herself. The guru is not amused at finding the two together in front of his own personal suite. Guru Frester is a small and gay but gifted leader of a large organization on self-realization fostering that the ashram supports. The two are so engrossed with one another and with their arms and legs intertwined in a mesmerizing embrace that Geodee and Geisily barely hear the doors flux wide open. Frester looks down from his lanai upon the garden beneath and the two in the hush of the night.


Frester chooses not to say anything except “L’amour” throwing up his hands and returning to his night cap and dream time rendezvous with a twin flame of his own. Frester and his dream time twin sway to and fro with Geodee and Geisily until dawn breaks. The pair graciously un intertwine and Geodee attempts to follow Geisily to her boudoir upstairs. She does not refuse him as the two gently kiss up the stairway unto her private quarters.


Geodee spends the next day and into the eve with Geisily. The two cavort in their bare flesh until the morning light once again. They are twins in love, they proclaim into the repose of the night. Frester witnesses their repose and chooses to bless the pair in a union of the twin flame system of the ashram. The pair foster a position in which the group will support and sustain the two through time.


An engagement is quickly announced a few days to follow. Geodee wishes to spend every night with Geisily who has a difficult time resisting when he levitates to her boudoir recurrently. It is twin flames in love. Frester requests that they abate the consistent flux to be together as each has many issues to process to witness a twin flame of the heart marriage into the new year. Geodee listens but often cannot refrain himself from fostering a short cuddle from the wee hours until sunlight only to depart before Frester knows he has paid a visit.


The two conceive a love child rapidly and before the wedding. Geisily is not disappointed as her desire for a child has been lifelong levels of betrayal of the wrong partnership for her. She had long determined she would never meet the right “one” and chose to be a close friend unto Guru Frester instead. Frester often accompanies her as a partner of the heart although he is gay and until his own twin also arrives to fill his heart. Frester knows that the arrival of Geodee as Geisily’s twin is a rapturous notion that his twin of fate is soon to follow in a physical happenstance of partnership.


Geodee and Geisily announce the pregnancy at a sacred dinner of the most elite of the ashram. The pregnancy is not denounced as non-special, but most wonder if the two are rushing into parenthood, without witnessing the union for a time and at first. The most elite suggest Geisily consider a natural abatement of the pregnancy as it is early and can be terminated through conscious choice if the child is willing. The child is unwilling to abort due to its own issues at the forefront of its own mastery.


Geisily and Geodee consult with one another and Frester for a month in order to make the most eloquent choice for their union in association with the ashram. Frester wishes to witness a beautiful child of his heart too and invites them to not abort but pay attention to the issues of their twin nature in a triad formation of self realizing itself. Frester chooses to become the god father unto the child in a special accord of himself.


The wedding and celebration for Geodee and Geisily is interesting. The pair are surrounded by others of the ashram who are sacred but in contemplation about the pregnancy. Each brings special gifts to support the need to create a boudoir for the three and in another part of the ashram. A sacred home is offered by one who is divorcing and needs to depart a home dwelling at this time. The two thank Tigrini for her grace and wish her well in the return to a life of a single human realizing herself through time. Partnerships flux in and out of the ashram in a sacred ordering fostered by Frester himself to witness divine partnership outside of his own calling. He knows that a twin fate would not be useful unto the ashram unless compatible.


Tigrini sadly departs a difficult nest. Geisily wishes to retain her boudoir above Frester for another year instead of gifting it to Tigrini. Geisily feels she needs her space to process too and also be with the new born child of her own near Frester. Tigrini is sad as she is hoping that the closer proximity to Frester would aid her heart in mending. Frester chooses to motion Tigrini into the third level suite for his own sake. Frester adores Tigrini and is witnessing a collision of a counterpart union that he must also process within to foster his own union divine with the Dao and Tao of his heart.


The collision of the heart and ashram is with her partner guru Wapta. Tigrini feels un-enticed to accompany Wapta full time in his own ashram feeling somehow diminished in an austere mastery level schemata of his group. Frester feels that she will eventually anoint Wapta in sacred blessings of the two ahead and as her own mastery fosters equality within. Wapta is undisturbed by the turn of events as Tigrini is his counterpart and will in time flux towards Guru Wapta’s life again. Frester desires to foster her into a deeper level of union with Wapta for his own sake and the sake of the needs of both ashrams.


Geisily is head strong and desires to abate Tigrini from her suite and return her to the arms of Wapta. She cavorts a meal or two or three to voice her opinion with Tigrini while in the high of her courtship of her twin and pregnancy of fate. Tigrini is less than appreciative and complains to Frester that Geisily is difficult for her at this time to witness given her happenstance of strife. Frester tempers Tigrini into an introspective meditative retreat off the premises of the ashram and in a sacred space of his own device. She retreats motioning inward to see what her truth is for her future life fate. Geisily bubbly visits Frester in the wake of Tigrini’s retreat desiring the suite for her own private studies with him. Frester is not unkind but feels she needs to be with her twin and child and not with him.


Geisily understands and recognizes that her relationship to Frester has shifted in another direction less intimate as a friend. The walls appear miles high around him now that Geodee is in the chariot of her dreams of fate. The baby triggers Geisily to become overly emotional and she takes a weepy stance with Frester. She feels that she is losing her best friend in her marital and pregnancy happenstance of fate. Frester consoles her but shows her that the motions of her field are uniting with three and he cannot be in the middle of the lore of the family. The invasion of her lore would disturb her union and the baby through time. Geisily is less aware but gets the point and allows herself to remove all her belongings from the third floor suite she had adored for over six years. It is painful for her to depart the care of Frester within.


The baby is born a beautiful little girl but with a small physical defect. The pinky finger is missing. Frester visits the child holding her hand to see if he can elicit a shift in the DNA so that the missing finger will grow. Seven years come and go and still there is no change in Audrine’s small hand. Oddly, another finger grows on the hand of a young adept in the ashram. Geisily ponders as does Geodee the ominous reflection in the mirror of life of a child with a birth defect.


Frester perceives the loss of a finger as a departure of the union of the three. Geisily, Geodee and the baby depart the ashram seeking out another happenstance of life fate. A year to follow their departure, the missing finger begins to grow upon Audrine’s hand. Frester takes this as a positive sign that the right life choice was made for the triad of union of a family happenstance of life. As Audrine’s finger grows, the other adept’s finger departs the physical.


Families are not generally welcome in Frester’s ashram due to the spiritual processing and sometimes difficult emotions and fluxes of field of his most astute students. His students however cavort a flavor of loss as the little family aborts the dream of the whole. Frester shares that he feels that the group depressed a dream of motions of the three elsewhere due to the needs of the mastery of the whole.


Indeed, the little family cavorts a new position in an ashram developed by a competitor of Frester. Frester’s most respected advisor feels that there is a problem in the dream of healing for the child’s hand in their ashram. Frester is witnessed as having blockaded the healing in some manner by his close sector of students. The students fail to speak to him about what they perceive but allow Frester to foster an understanding of the truth in his own time and through introspection within.


Nemesis dreaming provides mirrors for one’s own system of existence. Sometimes students perceive a pattern with the guru in the nemesis mirror that is not sincere unto the other’s happenstance of self. Mirrors are personal and if others are witnessed as having caused something outside of karmic habitat of fate, a nemesis injunction is placed against them. If the perception holds true, the law is enforced and the guru or student are removed from the ashram. No injunction has been placed upon Frester in association with Audrine through time, and his closer sector of students cease to worry about him in the continued leadership of the ashram.


Frester meets a twin flame of fate in a gay affair of the heart. The group motions to accolade a union far from the ashram in its plight of mastery. Frester motions into another region to foster a twin union of the heart in a gay happenstance of fate. Frester is overjoyed in the union of his heart that finally manifest in his life. Rodd is a handsome but young and astute master of many accolades of achievement through time.


The two sway to the moon and rise to the sun in a glorious tantric height of deep aplomb of the chalice of the divine. The pair flower in clusters of light synthesis waves of the heart over the land. The flowering bathes the region that Rodd is associated in for many moons while the two enjoy a dream of the beloved. Over time, Frester desires to demonstrate the flowering of hearts in a tantric revival in his Ashram. Sacred pairs are invited to witness and participate in a sacred blessing of the love of the two to honor the people of the Ashram and his homeland.


Geisily and Geodee are invited to participate in the twin flame oscillations Frester and his ashram is to foster. The two choose not to participate for the sake of their child. Geisily and Geodee feel somehow that the union of themselves is best fostered outside of the happenstance of Frester’s ashram. The two ignore fate keys to restore the love of the land in the blessings of the two and three in association with Frester and his organization. Frester chooses not to say anything but fluxes the fate keys towards the family in the hope that they will honor the requirement to be present to foster the love of the clan and the land. The family ignores the karmic keys due to another guru who placates them into fostering the flowering of themselves in his ashram instead.


Guru Xabi is not told of Frester’s style of development in a self-realization modality of heart space of self. Xabi prefers mind space and succinct rhythms of the divine that foster understanding but not always out of deep care of the heart. The two are polarized against one another in development styles triggering students to flux in one direction or the other rather than in wholeness theory of life. Xabi and Frester are astute aspirants of another guru of fame prevailing in the region in eras gone by. Guru Zashton was a remarkable hermaphrodite that fostered both mindset understanding and care of the heart in the flavor of the family or ohana of the whole. Following his departure in a transfusion lore death, his ashram broke into two followings under the auspices of Xabi and Frester who are brothers of fate.


The age span between Xabi and Frester as brothers of the same happenstance of parents is a considerable twenty-five years. The two did not grow up together or in the same region. Each found themselves into the auspices of a parish of Guru Zashton and later relocated into an astute realization development of the same ashram. The two did not know that they were brothers for a long time but fretted over one another’s variant approach to mastery as fellow ashram leaders.


The two aplombed and rose into power in the ashram with very different perspectives about mastery. Some followed one and others the other and some both for a long time. Zashton was well aware of the apartheid in the group over the two denominations of aspiration. He chose not to attempt to heal the ashram but depart the physical for his own fate of self realizing itself post life.


Xabi and Frester broke the group into two ashrams immediately upon the departure of Zashton in the physical. The group was torn in two each having to choose which direction to follow. Some abated the dream altogether adventuring somewhere else to realize beyond deep conflictive emotions within. The loss of their beloved leader Zashton was a deep wound in many. Some followed Xabi and others Frester. Each chose to create an ashram of their own. Over time each group of following of each ashram grew. Some from the former leadership of Zashton chose to adjoin Xabi or Frester for continued purposes of mastery. Some never returned following a journey of their own making and sometimes into other ashrams abroad.


Xabi rose to power with a larger ashram than Frester, almost triple the size. The calling of Frester is to attempt to restore love for the land and planet at large. Xabi is more concerned with personal realization than collective happenstance of thoughtform loops. Over time, villagers nearby began to conflict with one another in conjunction with the separation of two masters into two ashrams pitted against one another through time.


The disharmony in mastery is spilling over on others who are less devoted to the spiritual fate in life. Xabi chooses to witness the blossoming of the care of the heart of Frester and Rodd in the flowering of their union divine. He attends along with a twin flame of his heart in his sacred calling and ceremony to also heal the heart of the people. The blessings are astute and foster Xabi into a deep retreat of his own to define what is truth is given what he has witnessed and experienced within in the love of the two.


Xabi chooses to intend for a beloved twin of his own heart in another fate key to foster divine partnership. There is only one he has always witnessed as a superlative master who is very devout and pretty in the physical. Xabi rings his destiny fate key to be as one with Othwyn. Othwyn is very delicate in her physical and nonphysical attire of self. Xabi is a warrior due to the need to lead the ashram in syncopated light rhythms for the cause of development of self.


She too rings her keys of fate to foster a protective stance for her delicate field with Xabi’s aplomb of the warrior of the chariot of the ashram. Xabi embraces Othwyn in the care of the two and they unfold a blossom that is quite astute in its mind-heart flux of truth as they exchange marital vows. The flux is felt by Frester and his twin as they attend the ceremony. They each accolade unto Xabi to learn more flowers of self in his new born union.


Three years pass and Xabi and Othwyn spend many hours mastering tantric focuses to flux a love motion of care of the people over the land. They are guided within to approach Frester and his twin Rodd for an extended journey of introspection over the motions of the land. Frester and Rodd accept and the four journeys into a sacred region to foster an understanding of the variations upon a theme of the mastery quotients fostered in each ashram. The variant mastery quotients appear to be afflicting the people into conflictive stances in life.


Rodd is astute and has moved into a warrior position protecting Frester much as Xabi protects Othwyn through time. The four find peace and harmony together within and in the journey into the sublime understanding to be gained in their focuses together. The two former enemies of astute awareness are only befriended as their twin flames arise into a union divine together.


The four launch a miraculous flower motion of light syncopating the rhythms over three non-succinct regions in despair and near warfare. The dream of the land shifts into new directions. A regional director in favor of war is overthrown. A new official is elected that is more reasonable and willing to negotiate over the needs of all regions and not just his own. The people find their way back to peace and a more prosperous economy unfolds in the following eighteen years. The team of four succeeded at their personal goals of mastery.


The four masters unite their ashrams into a two-camp series of studies that many can flux back and forth between. A new study focus blossoms surrounding the fate of divine partnership as another level of mastery of the two. The two couples bloom together as coordinators of fate of the four. A quad flux of light synthesis is fostered that takes the chariot arcana dream into another nodule of fate. An international fostering is formed igniting a divine twin flame heart of the whole.


Analysis: The Tale of the Chariot


The tale of the chariot is an endeavor of two couples in partnership to inaugurate a dream that encompasses the ashram, region or world in support of care of the heart. Mastery in this arcana lore fable ignites a dream of peace, unity, care of the heart, peace of the land and many aspirations that bud into beautiful dreams in a light synthesis era. Light synthesis eras are divine oscillations that foster unity of the whole. Humans mastering foster followings that are regional in most eras of a light synthesis blossoming.


The four of fate of two variant ashrams are key arcana developments to foster unity of the whole of the planet. Each has a leadership style unique unto themselves until the partnership unfolds. The partnership triggers an alignment of two pairs with parallel purpose but with potentially very difficult variances of mastery to foster a union divine within. As the union divine is ignited, the differences fade and unity to the ashrams and the whole is restored.


Often ashrams associated with mastery foster strife in mind flux when children are present. Children oscillate divine notions more rapidly often adventuring further ahead and before the adults foster their mastery within. The mind flux can lead to a mind dis-synergy of the child or the ashram. Some ashrams foster unity of the three and many family projects of triad and quad levels of mastery. Generally, the leader of family-oriented ashrams is of a different arcana of fate known as Justice.


The love of twins is a mellifluous force to synergize beautiful music upon the land and within the people associated with the ashram or region. Sound modifies dreams to foster unity, care of the heart, peace, and flux unity into the lives of others. Fostering light today is filled with strife due to all those who are running little to no light within. As the light era fluxes upon the planet, it will be easier for groups and communities to foster unity within the whole. Twin flames are good resources to foster unity of a group due to the oscillations of care of the two that flower over the whole re-syncopating the rhythms of the divine in each.


In the truth of the love within,

Master Yogananda


The Dreamer


The Chariot

The dreamer is the one

Who is the force of the chariot

That drives the emergence of the clan

Into a motion of truth

Of the beloveds

Who foster the region in purity of self

As a force of mellifluousness

In a sonnet of the divine

In which each harmonizes

Through time

And throughout the land


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