Image of a sublime canyon with a glorious sunset. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #5

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #5


The Fable of the Emperor


The Force of Truth


The Emperor


The Emperor

The lore of Emperor

Is a gift of force

That fathoms to foster

The sustenance behind the dream

In the fostering of truth

In order to believe

In a magnificent incantation

That sustains the magic

Of the land

In a motion

Of abundance


Parables of the Tarot


The tarot hosts a truth that is a reflection of the arcana in action in the dreams of humankind. The truth of the fables has been lost over time. Humans rarely inherit the fable as an actualization of self. The fables often play out in life dramas but the realization that is spiritual fails to be fostered in the one that is to master. The result is non-conscious dreaming that plagues the systems of humanity. Non-conscious dreaming triggers little understanding of the issues to surmount within to foster forgiveness or compassionate action. Non-conscious dreaming is painful for those who are sensitive and desire to know enough to forgive the difficult journey presented in the major lore of realization as it motions in the life.


In the current era of potential enlightenment, the major arcana scripts present themselves once again. Those catching the dreams of the major arcana are fostered in a journey towards realization of the internal truth of self to be lived and honored within. Truth within directs the experience and fosters the understanding of what to intend to forgive in order to allow the drama to unfold into a sublime journey of actualization. Those who are non-conscious often fail to forgive leading to travesty in lieu of realization through a difficult happenstance of major arcana dreaming.


The tale of the emperor is a very difficult happenstance to realize within. The dream is fostered to cause something difficult to be surmounted within in order to actualize the life lessons that foster compassion. Compassion is the sought after notion for all major arcana dreams. Compassion acts as a complex substance that bathes the dreams of the emperor so that they align into deep accolades of non-strife through time. The lessons trigger the heart to emerge into superlative flowers of self that bathe and bless the land in the truth of the love within. The land flourishes and the truth blossoms for each aligning with the emperor through time.    


The Tale of the Emperor         


The emperor is an equation of the one who is to not sacrifice themselves for the people or the land but realize his or her truth in the journey of life. Sacrifice is the act of the savior that attempts something and then realizes upon a cross of fate that fails to trigger an alignment within. Savior-ship is not a realization happenstance except to actualize through. Realization occurs as the savior forfeits his need to save any person or region and stands tall in his or her truth within. The emperor is not a king per se but someone who feels deeply at cause of some issue and takes a stand for what is in integrity for the whole; and sometimes is shot down in the process only to rise again in deep compassion of the happenstance following a dark night of the soul hypothesis of experience.


The Lore of Sustenance


Wisteria is a beautiful sojourn of a region that prospers. Wisteria is known for its abundant beauty with canyons that are vast and filled with wildflowers, forests that are grand in architecture and abundant wildlife, mountains of superlative hues of green fostering many waterfalls as the lush region winters in its abundant rainfall, and vast lakes the size of small oceans of hues of turquoise and blue. Small numbers of humans remain year round. Most adventure on holiday to enjoy the beauty of the land and lushness of the region but rely upon a fostering of life elsewhere. Wisteria is a superlative region in a union divine within the natural world foray of dream. A beautiful monastery with many realizing self thrives in a nearby spiritual estuary.


The emperor of Wisteria is a kind man who is gentle spirited and fosters a union with nature in order to anchor the beauty of self realizing itself within. Vidalia is Joakim’s beautiful wife. Emperor Joakim is a loving spouse unto Vidalia. The two wed in the canyon with brilliant rainbows behind the scene of the two. They are in love and the beauty between and through the two is witnessed by those in attendance and is a magnificent experience fostering continued honor of the region. Joakim and Vidalia foster a honeymoon in another canyon choosing not to depart the region for their own cause of the love of the land. They ignite in deep passion and the land’s dream flowers and expands inviting more commerce and development than previously fostered.


Those of wealth begin to develop resorts and amenities previously unavailable in Wisteria. Increasing numbers of tourists choose to adventure to the region to experience the magnificence of nature. The emperor and his wife are astute aspirants of realization of self. They mature into older age with a stature of a young body due to the transfusion of self and of the land. The two reign for four hundred years as a result of the renewal and their mastery. There are two children fostered eighteen years apart to allow for time to witness the maturity of a young person realizing themselves and triggering family realization of self. The focus of the pair are inward and in dreaming of their realization and not necessarily of anything else.


Joakim pays not attention to the excessive development in one valley of Wisteria. The remains of the visitors begin to amass into a polluted happenstance along the side of the largest lake. The fish begin to die due to lack of oxygen in the water. The food resources are abundantly farmed but discharge of fertilization and minerals wash into the rivers triggering an imbalance in the eco-systems of the valley. Joakim begins to enforce new legislation upon those amassing a fortune from the holiday visitors in Wisteria to pay to clean up the eco-system. Those of fortune choose to attempt to overthrow the emperor for their own cause of loss of profit and gain.


Joakim ignites a key in his dreaming of the position he and his family holds within the region. The key fosters a confrontation with several investors who are angry at the new tax infrastructure designed to offset further damage to the natural preserves of the region. The investors payoff is diminished by one third each year as a result. Joakim enforces the changes due to the beginning signs of severe eco-damage afflicting three other valleys. Wildlife is beginning to die off due to the heavy traffic and recurrent and increasing farmlands flourishing diminish the beauty of the reserves. Joakim puts a halt to all further development and chooses to increase taxes yet again to force those who are less than helpful to depart the region. Some do and yet others choose to attempt an overthrow.


The attempted overthrow begins with demonstrations that rage through the land catching upon the local populations that make their living from the tourism. Tourists depart and the numbers of visitors begin to diminish as they do not feel a desire to understand or participate in the locals’ dispute. The locals lose not only in taxation but so do the investors due to the loss of revenue from a one third decrease in tourism.


New legislation is added to cease to tax those on meager incomes out of the fairness unto the whole. Those working at minimum sustenance levels are relieved as it is the investors and those profiting greatly that are hit the hardest in the new taxation system. Joakim is compassionate and caring as a leader of most and listens for months on end to each plight and issue that some in the region needs to speak. His caring attitude flows in his favor up until an assassination attempt a few years later.


Joakim is wounded in the chest and is removed from the region by craft to allow for a hospice circumstance to see if he can recover. His wife Vidalia rises to the occasion to carry on in the now rising disputes. She is mesmerizing in her beauty and in the honor of the land and region that she and her spouse and children have loved. Vidalia does not wish to see the land disturbed any further due to the spiritual happenstance of small numbers of those realizing themselves in the era.


The spiritual elite need a place of refuge for the introspection and inner work. Each realizing contributes to the planet in many ways and is needed for the whole of Earth. Vidalia takes a spiritual stance with eighteen monks of female and male orientation of spiritual journeys of self. They meet endlessly for months in the attempt to end the dispute that Joakim fell prey unto in his life.


The monks foster a round table gathering to understand and reflect upon the needs of the people, the investors and the land. The investors do not attempt another assassination as Joakim has now passed. They feel that the spiritual assembly can be bought off and moved elsewhere ceasing to interfere with the profits of the region. New leadership can be elected that will lower the tax infrastructure. A prospective offer is made and the monks introspect over the possibility for eighteen days.


Vidalia is against the move although the land offered in trade is also a beautiful estuary but in another continent. The loss of her husband propels her into deep grief and it is difficult for her to depart, she feels. The monks do not accept and counter offers to split the land into three segments overseeing the most superlative of regions for their own need. Vidalia feels that the counter offer is a mistake but is not in an emotional position to take a stand against the other monks.


The dispute is settled and the monks retain the land that is most precious unto them. Vidalia sells off three parcels amassing a small fortune, losing the castle of her marriage. The castle is turned into a museum of the beauty of the land in an estuary for tourists to enjoy and understand the special culture of monks that foster realization in the region. Many visit the museum and one monk adventures each day to meet with the public and explain their unique lifestyle and purpose as transfusion lore of self representatives of Earth. Some adventure to study with the monks in small huts on a beautiful preserve nearby. The monks are gentle but the region grows into a massive city with many ports of entrance. Tourism grows to unbelievable numbers fostering waste equivalent to the loss of the natural beauty of the land.


The monks cannot understand the deterioration of their own estuaries and preserves. Vidalia transfuses into a crossing to be near Joakim who was not gifted enough to transfuse due to his injury in body and spirit. The transfusion caresses the region with compassion as Vidalia blesses and releases herself from her physical happenstance of plight in her life. She realizes in the end that the region needed to settle its karma with many tourists who required a visit to complete something in the ancestry.


Perhaps the size of the community grew to meet the land’s needs in karmic settlement of something bigger than she understood while she was alive. In the forgiveness of Vidalia in her hypothesis of transfusion lore, life flows back unto the land triggering a renewal. The natural world regains its beauty and all is well in Wisteria for many centuries to follow.


Three monks transfuse to follow renewing the agreements for a total of eight hundred years of continuous renewal of the land. The land is beautiful in spite of a large metropolitan area nearby. Each monk also realizes something about the plight of the region in their transfusion, and in the forgiveness and the birth of compassion, the land is once again able to renew in Wisteria. The remaining monks fall in consciousness over time and are unable to foster the level of transfusion of Vidalia or the other three monks. The blessings diminish for the land, and in the centuries to follow, the life force fades leading to a loss of the beauty of the region.


Four hundred years later, the city of Wisteria befalls a sad fate of a large earthquake that destroys much of its infrastructure. Investors fail to re-invest to rebuild due to the plight of the world economy. Locals in time move elsewhere to foster their existences. In eight hundred years, the region sinks into an underwater estuary of renewal. Life is fostered again upon the remaining land devoid of the happenstance of a city and the large populations and all that this causes. The final wish of Vidalia is granted in the forgiveness of herself in her last day of transfusion; that the peace and care of the land in its beauty and renewal would be in time fostered again ahead and forever in the forever of her Tao.


The Fortuitous Missionary      


There is a devoted missionary named Bellerose, a spiritual name given to her by a stunning guru from the east. Bellerose takes on cause after cause defending the plight of the people or the land or the oceans or whales as she feels devoted unto within. Bellerose travels the world having inherited a small fortune from a wealthy uncle who bequeathed her a mansion. The mansion becomes a nest of others devoted to various causes that Bellerose has often donated large sums of her inheritance unto in charities to offset the tax system. She relishes her adventures on land and upon the sea in motion with the causes she believes in so deeply. Bellerose is also very emotional and a gifted speaker often called to present information for gatherings or on film about certain causes of plight of the world.


Bellerose falls in love with another devotee of gifted pursuit of yet another cause. The cause is one of a region that has become depleted due to development but also is killing many people with a specific toxin generated by a particular industry. The industry is failing to cleanse the byproducts of the factories flowing into the lakes and ocean. The people are ingesting the substance and dying in large numbers at early ages. Kostas is a handsome athletic statured man of sincere appreciation that glows from his beautiful eyes and has taken on the cause of the people of this land. The two romance in an island foray of dream in an estuary of care that Bellerose knows of. The mansion is a private estate she has access too. Soon the two swoons into the boudoir of herself into delightful intimate moments of care of the heart.


Kostas proposes and soon a large wedding is to be orchestrated. Bellerose spares no expense to fly those to the rendezvous that she cares about and cannot afford the cost of the journey. She has known many in the causes she has been devoted her life unto and desires them to each be present. The wedding is for one thousand present who know the two in the causes that they stand for. The wedding occurs at dawn followed by special service offered by several monks from the east. The group is invited to spend the afternoon fasting and focused inward for a sacred ceremony on the beach at sunset. The clouds are brilliantly illuminated in dusty colors of rose, lavender and blue. Candles and torches are lit and a sacred blessing flows in an eastern flair from a monk whom Kostas has studied with. All are embraced in the love of the two.


A mesmerizing vegetarian meal is served with sacred music and dancers who perform special eastern movements. An incantation flows unto the land and the pair for their wedded bliss of the two in the enchantment of the now. The attendees feel honored and enhanced in the experience. Some flow off into new romances of their own making. Others who are couples find themselves drawn into the romance with a spouse in which the union had faded generating a moment of bliss. Unions aplomb into the night and Kostas and Bellerose fly off at dawn to a special destination for their honeymoon. The honeymoon is unusual but the romance fades by the end of the first year.


Bellerose and Kostas are often in the news pertaining to issues of import in some regions of flair of certain causes. Causes are the focus of the life of the two. Soon the media catches the attention of an issue of Kostas’s from a prior time in his life. Kostas had been accused of abusing a former girlfriend who took pictures of her bruised body and gave them to the police. The police arrested Kostas but he was acquitted as he held evidence that he was elsewhere at the time of the incident. Another case opens to re-try the incident on the part of Zelma, the former girlfriend. Kostas is upset and Bellerose unclear about what the issues are in the plight of the night of their life.


An effectual attorney is hired. The evidence is examined and others brought to the witness stand claiming that Kostas was in another region too far away at the time of the crime. The former girlfriend Zelma was explicit in her sentiment that he had abused her badly. The photos were presented to the jury. Kostas claims that he could not have been present and perhaps she was on drugs and confused about the identity of the one who beat her. Zelma is a known addict of certain drugs that affect memory. Doctors present the facts about the type of drug use that Zelma frequently participated within over time. The jury acquits Kostas but the news takes a toll upon his union with Bellerose.


Bellerose is exhausted from the stress of all the media upon the case with Kostas and how this has affected other aspirations of her life. She feels her cause has become herself and her partnership and not the cause of another issue of focus for a long time. Her joy has faded and her appearance shows the signs of aging and a digression of her health. She chooses to fade into an eastern clinic for one month to revive herself without Kostas. In the clinic, several of the monks she aligns with are invited to work with her. She recovers some but the wear and tear is still evident upon her face as she rejoins Kostas in one of her beloved places of her heart. She has built a special estuary of a home for the two of them in a foreign land and Kostas retreats there following his acquittal to hide.


Bellerose and Kostas fade as romantic partners. The issues of Bellerose’s health are a deep concern of Kostas. Soon Bellerose is diagnosed with an immune dysfunction. She introspects deeply over the plight of her body taking time to rest, fortify herself with nutrients and uncover what it is that is killing her within. Kostas introspects not enough and is desirous of defending other causes. Bellerose invites Kostas to return to the scene of several causes leaving her the time she needs to introspect over life. Bellerose invites one of her favored monks to join her for a month’s worth of introspection. Capucine is a beautiful female who is large in stature but gifted at healing and spiritual insights of self. The two work sometimes into the night over the issues surrounding Bellerose’s declining health and aged stature in life.


The insights foster many motions of forgiveness as Bellerose witnesses how much of herself she had given to the groups involved with the many causes she had been involved with over time. Each cause had taken a part of her soul and self to foster their publicity and stance of righteousness upon Earth. As Bellerose begins to retrieve her soul, she begins to surmount her immune deficiency.


Capucine cannot remain forever having others to attend unto. Bellerose remains in her mansion for another year and heals in full finding her way to compassion that blooms within. She transfuses infusing light into the body to trigger a self-healing. Bellerose divorces Kostas witnessing him as an equation that draws upon too much of her vitality and life force. Although he is upset, in the end Bellerose recovers her truth and finds her way to peace and sustainable health within.


Analysis: The Tale of the Emperor   


The emperor is a hypothesis of the one who finds their way into compassionate action in the life happenstance of plight. If compassion is achieved, the body, mind and spirit carry on in the life dream. If compassion fails to be achieved, the life perishes as the dream only shifts if the mastery succeeds within. Mastery within is an adroit equation of perseverance through often difficult dreams of non-fortitude and non-joyful happenstances in life. As forgiveness and compassion is inaugurated into the dream of life, the body recovers and the mindset develops further to offset continued strife through the act of light synthesis and transfusion.


Renewal of self in realization of itself is a sacred blessing of the love of the love within. The love of the love is fostered by the Dao and Tao within in masculine and feminine equations that foster life. The two dances within and a union divine that renews the cells. Union in partnership that is long term requires two that master care within. Only one that masters within causes a non-sustainable partnership. Non-sustainable partnership kills the one that is not mastering over time. Partnership of two in mastery is an equation of life all of its own founded upon the principles of wholeness theory.


Wholeness is a succinct rhythm that sustains the life of the one or the two along with the life of the land. Wholeness theory allows each to align in a dream in sustainable resources of development of self that foster dreams of health and continued transfusion into new life hypothesis of dream. Life is a hypothesis of dream to be fostered through time. Each receives a hypothesis at birth to foster the life dreams in increments of seven years. Each life change fosters another hypothesis to drive the dream forward for another seven-year cycle of mastery of self. Dreams of transfusion that renew can be lengthy lives in times past or in reclusive regions in present time generally unknown to the public. Transfusion renews each mastering into health as the mastery motions forward through time extending the life for further realization of self.


In the truth of the love within,

Master Yogananda


The Emperor


The EmperorThe lore of Emperor

Is a gift of force

That fathoms to foster

The sustenance behind the dream

In the fostering of truth

In order to believe

In a magnificent incantation

That sustains the magic

Of the land

In a motion

Of abundance


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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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