Image of a spectacular aurora borealis. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #4

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #4


The Fable of the Empress


The Force of the Heart


The Empress


The Empress

The lore of the heart

Is a gift of love

That desires to support

Each dream in its motion

In the beautification

Of the prose

In a caring destination

That blesses the self

And anoints spirit

In a motion of love

Of the whole


Parables of the Heart


The parable of the heart is a notion of a divine ordination of life. Life is a dream sustained through motions of truth and care. Care is a forensic motion of self disseminated into the vestibule of the empress in the valley of life. The valley of life is a characteristic of notion of the group living in any given region. The empress sustains the love of the land and the people through anointing spirit in the notions of sustainable care. Sustainable care is a notion that love is the foundation of existence. Existence becomes unsustainable as love fades.


The heart is a notion of the divine oscillation of self. Self is a part of the field that sustains light synthesis and conscious awareness of one’s existence; self it not sustainable if love is unavailable to be fostered in the dream of life. Dreams of love require oscillations of self in the chalice of the divine. An open heart vestibule is required in order for love to become sustainable within. The heart vestibule is also a motion of the land in regions in which care is sustainable. Sustainable land-based care causes regions that are succulent to sublime in dance within for those mastering in spiritual oscillations.


Sustainable notions are a perception that each motion supports the whole in the entirety of itself. Wholeness theory is a sustainable action in which the divine seeks to support each and every part of the journey of self. Self is an oscillation of notion that awareness is the foundation of existence in sublime dreams that dance in truth. Truth is not sustainable unless love is present to augment the journey of life. Love is a sincere caress of the divine when present in the dreams of each. The caress of love is sustained by the empress in her journey of life.   


The Tale of the Empress         


The empress is an adroit equation of happenstance of life to be lived in the care of the whole. The empress caresses the divine in motions of the sublime. She oscillates the wisdom of the land in her notions of self. The wisdom is not to be considered anything less than luscious in its unfolding of self. Self unfolds as a flower that augments the brilliance of love in its heightened motions of the heart. The heightened motions of the empress caress and cascade over each in the dream of the region augmenting a special system of self to descend that holds each in sustainable actions throughout the land.


The Lore of the Heart


Beauty is sustained in the land of Aayushi. Aayushi is a magnificent bride to be unto the king. King Larentinus is a popular prince whose father has departed the life. Larentinus is to be wed and inaugurated to be king of a pristine region devoted to the succinct motions and notions of love and care. The land of care is known as Kamora. Kamora is to be anointed in the chalice of the divine for the planetary systems of self. Larentinus and Aayushi’s union is an exemplary expression of the divine oscillations of love of the two to become wed. Prince Larentinus adores Aayushi’s passionate nature and features her beauty in a ball in celebration of their engagement.


The ball is a forensic notion of life sustained in its paradigm of celebration of the union of the two. Those attending are blessed in the motion of the sublime journey of the pair in a beautiful foray of dream of celebration of their united wisdom. The two are anointed in the divine presupposition of care of the heart and inaugurated into the dream of marriage as king and queen of the land. The marital vows will not be exchanged for nine months providing time to prepare for the role that each must play for the whole to be sustained. The roles are succinct and motion a notion of the divine pair in action over the land.


The kingdom is non-succinct and non-flourishing at the time. The ministers desire a marriage that will sustain the whole and none other is acceptable as the foray of dream for the king’s wife. The two are brought together from far away regions allowing the pair to come to know one another. Aayushi is delectable in the vision of herself. Larentinus is an obstinate and older man who is gracious, kind, wise and has had many lovers. Aayushi is not a virgin but is much younger and not accustomed to the boudoir of the night of his desirous nature. The two had romanced upon several occasions but departed as Larentinus was less than impressed with her flavor of self in the night. The boudoir was non succinct and the motions of care non-beautifying in their lack of grace. Prince Larentinus longed with his loins more than his heart.


Over time the priests determined the dream out of the needs of the people. Larentinus returns once again to grace Aayushi’s boudoir to discover something anew. She is beautiful and graceful and anoints him with the desire of the sublime. Larentinus becomes enchanted and suddenly knows in his heart that Aayushi is to be his bride. The ring is magnificent. The proposal is accepted at a distance. Aayushi prepares for the ball announcing her engagement to the future king of the land. The dress is designed to sustain the beauty of the future queen with the allure of the most desirous of the feminine ever incarnate. The spell is cast by the ministers to sustain the flavor of the two so that the union may manifest in itself ahead as marital vows of the two.


The ball is a delightful encounter for each who the future empress impresses in the postulation of the truth of sincerity of the heart. She is not the most beautiful in the physical but sustains a glow into the night that catches the attention of her future spouse. The two descend down the stairs to be captured by artists who delight in the appearance of the two side by side. The boudoir is sustained in a candlelit moment of sublime motions of the two. The cascade of the reverie of the future marriage catches and many succumb to a longing of the loin and breast in the cascade of motions of the sublime upon the land.


Aayushi returns to her homeland to prepare for the wedding knowing that the two will not witness one another again until it is time. She prepares for her union with much matrimonial advice from the ministers of her own kingdom who anoint her with a blessing of wisdom. The marriage day rolls by and Aayushi is unable to depart as she is uncertain of her role or her love of the future king. Larentinus is disappointed and makes a visit to her kingdom to try and understand her reservation of his proposed motion of self.


The two rapture in the decadence of another as a spell cast by his ministers and the two depart a glow of the eve. Aayushi chooses to flourish with Larentinus for a few days in reconsideration of his counsels who advise union on behalf of the sake of the land. The ministers of his land share their concern of the requirements of the care to be restored to sustainable actions again. Only Aayushi can augment this shift given her preparation of field in the mastery of herself in the divine precepts of self. She acknowledges the truth but is unclear that Larentinus is the sustainable partner for herself. The ministers of his land try and convince her otherwise; and her ministers oppose as they feel Larentinus is insincere in his heart.


The two carry on in a boudoir instance of the night and Aayushi is seduced in the moment in an infatuation of the groin. The infatuation wears off in a few weeks after Larentinus departs due to regional conflicts in his own land. The strife of his people is a difficult task for a new king to encounter. Aayushi finds clarity in her vision of herself. She chooses not the marriage and returns the ring in the blessings of a non-common journey of the two. Aayushi is devoted to her spiritual actualization and not the material concerns of the planet. Larentinus is disappointed and his ministers distraught at her decision. She takes a holiday high into the mountains to a spiritually succinct castle to ponder her truth.


Larentinus enforces the law in his homeland and the difficult circumstance heals itself of the local wounds. The people are struggling with financial concerns and woes of the produce of the land in its incapacity to provide enough. There are those with little fostering strife within. Larentinus creates a loan to feed the populace from another distant kingdom creating a debt unto himself. Aayushi is focused inward and unavailable to support him in his struggle as a king. Larentinus’s father had overtaxed the people and now upon his death his son is faced with the consequences of which the new king had no say. The people are turbulent and volatile and Larentinus chooses to balance the scales by sacrificing of his own wealth to sustain the people.


Aayushi hears of King Larentinus’s endeavors and oscillates a motion of the divine in support of his needs. The profits in the banks rise as a local man of sustainable wealth augments a loan unto the kingdom. The kingdom recovers in a year and the debt is repaid in kindness as the taxes flow in. Aayushi is not interested in taxes as much as realization of self. She finds the conversations with Larentinus difficult to ascertain as her focus is spiritual and not economic or of the people’s concern. King Larentinus is also a spiritually adroit human but does not have the time for introspection due to his responsibility and liability of the kingdom he is in reign over.


Aayushi adventures into Larentinus’s palace in an attempt to be of support although not his wedded wife. The two foray for a dream of enchantment for Larentinus who is struggling with his life hypothesis. The two romance and the ring is offered again as a presupposition of future marriage. Aayushi is unable to accept although embraces Larentinus in the boudoir of herself for a night. She returns to her kingdom unable to see him again as the forensics are a mismatch of non-delight. She is shattered in his need and chooses not to support him again for her own sake.


Aayushi recovers and moves to a sacred temple of mastery of self. She is inaugurated into the priestess of the kingdom of her land. Her wisdom aplombs calling other priests and priestesses unto her for advice. The advice is offered as a symposium of forensic motions of appeal to the gods for greater awareness of self. Some master, others do not. Some fail and are cast out of her work. Those that master adjoin into a presupposition of self to foster itself into a global state of divinity for the whole.


The group associated with Aayushi succeeds and the global dream of a presupposition of self is forayed for to turn the direction of polarity into one of sovereignty of action and love of itself. The love of the planet has dwindled and is in need of foresting into a new action and a new direction of self-realization for the whole. The realization of the whole will lead to a new day not only for each kingdom but the planet as a whole. Aayushi knows that the planetary shift is more important than the personal shift of the kingdom of Larentinus. She blossoms into the flower of self of herself igniting the divine flame of her twin within. The divine twin within inaugurates a shift for Larentinus’s land and the whole.


Paladin is a handsome student of parallel age and beauty of Aayushi. Aayushi is attracted but unsure of herself in his presence as a twin flame of the two. Paladin is drawn like the butterfly unto the flame into the boudoir of herself for a night. The romance is high and the two claim their union as the twins of the dreams of delight. The fluidity is sublime and the forensics divine and the two romance one another forevermore. Paladin and Aayushi are the unparalleled twins that unite into a foray of dream that renditions the planet into the love of the love within. They marry as the grace of the gods descend upon them forevermore.


The love blooms and Paladin and Aayushi transfuse into the blossoms of themselves upon the planetary systems of self. They are adored and revered as the marriage of the high priestess and her twin that are sustained in the union of the two. The union is a delight to each and a night in the forensics of the boudoir of the two. The union causes many happenstances of unity and joy amongst the people of each kingdom and the Earth as a whole. The planet ascends into a new hypothesis of self in which the love of the love within is inaugurated into the whole.


The Dreamer and the Saint     


Yaneliz was a beautiful spiritual student of a guru of the night. Sansaparisshima Sasa was an Indian man of spiritual aplomb. Yaneliz is a Caucasian student visiting an Indian ashram of her own delight. The Ashram is un-sublime unto Yaneliz’s livelihood due to her own sublime notions of forensics in her town of origins. The income level is higher than most in the ashram and Yaneliz is unaccustomed to sharing in cramped quarters of a dorm happenstance of ashram holiday. She endures only due to her love of Sasa.


Sasa takes little notice of Yaneliz in the light of his own forensics of engorgement of self. He is more sublime unto himself and adores the group more than the individual habitant of his ashram. The ashram grows and his palace of self blooms and soon one of a career of greed appears upon the scene. Yaneliz invites an astute Hollywood actor of which she is the gifted teacher of his child in school. Octavian is beautiful and stunning on screen; and shorter and stockier in the physical. Yaneliz is impressed with his bank account; the guru is also for his own sake and need of his ashram.


Sasa chose to cast a spell between the two to offset the desire of Yaneliz in his own boudoir of self. Soon Yaneliz and Octavian are an Ashram item and adventure to a local four star hotel most days and nights to be with themselves. A large sum of money for the ashram is cast into the spell and soon a check arrives from Octavian’s personal bank account in the sum of one million dollars; a donation in contribution of his own spiritual path in association. Sasa forays for a dream that Yaneliz weds Octavian and his personal bank account will grow.


Soon Yaneliz and Octavian were married and another check arrives for four million for the bank account of the ashram. Sasa is pleased at the revenue and expands his ashram with a farm and dorm upon a beautiful land in a tropical island foray of self. The ashram aplombs causing many more to adventure to study with Sasa. He is pleased with a few astute students mostly of the east. Soon the attention of his life and spiritual pursuits became global as a documentary of the new ashram becomes public upon the cable stations of the world. Sasa is launched into world fame, a dream he had taken from Octavian for himself.


Octavian fails to win the academy award this year although this had occurred upon three other occasions. He is unwell as the actor and leading actress that do win are not stunning in themselves in his opinion. Yaneliz becomes increasingly disenchanted with their marriage as Octavian flows from depressed to suicidal within. She knows not what to do for him. Anti-depressants fail to help. The gifted healers she fosters fail to alter anything within Octavian over time. Yaneliz is sad to discover Octavian in a drug overdose scene of self. Octavian is raced to the hospital to no avail and dies overnight.


Suddenly Yaneliz finds herself a wealthy widow. The children of Octavian from a former marriage are all grown up. She is free and delighted at her new hypothesis of a rebirth of life. On the late night television, she watches a documentary of Sasa and his new ashram in all of its delights. She is stunned at what he has accomplished spiritually and physically. She forays for dream of a visit with personal attention of Sasa in the boudoir of his nighttime accolade of self. The dream for the tantric swing of self occurs in the nonphysical. Yaneliz is well aware of the love and cascades of blessings between their souls.


Yaneliz renditions herself to develop more fully in a spiritual foray of self. She fasts, cleanses and renews. She enhances her wardrobe to appeal to the spiritually adroit of Indian flair of self. She learns belly dancing and a few other exotic flavors of her body for the pursuit of the beloved of the spiritual in the night. She hopes for a one to one treatment and forensics work with Sasa that will become something else unto him and her in the flight of the night. The trip to his ashram is beautiful. Yaneliz can afford the most luxurious of accommodations which are sublime but not divine. She adorns herself heavily with the most meticulous of flavor of spiritual foray of the feminine in herself.


Her beauty is enticing and Sasa fails to recall her from before. She is a delight to his senses. He cascades a one night stand with another flavor of himself. The two romance into the twilight and into the moonlit night. The tantric high is enticing unto each. Sasa adorns Yaneliz with a special necklace of himself upon her departure in the morn. He tells her that he can be with no one forever but delights in her forevermore within himself. She departs in the caress of himself and sustains bliss for a month to follow.


Another did take notice of Yaneliz during her forensics high. Akamai, an adroit businessman, was also present in the ashram along with her and in the more expensive suites available in his stay. He manages to obtain a first class seat next to Yaneliz on her plane flight home. The two talk extensively about many spiritual issues of self. An adornment of the necklace of Sasa glimmers between the beautiful breasts of Yaneliz. Akamai is taken by her and cannot resist a caress and kiss as the lights of the jet go off during the lengthy night flight home.


Yaneliz finds herself drawn unto Akamai as if it were Sasa. She cascades adoration upon him and the two kisses for a few hours and up until breakfast is served. Akamai is in a rush of self and desires nothing more than to be with Yaneliz forever. She delights in the parade of adornment to follow including regular phone calls and gifts of roses to mink coats that soon arrive by courier. Yaneliz soon accepts a ring of engagement and believes she has found the real love of her heart.


A divine wedding is planned. A request is made unto Sasa to herald their union of the two in his ashram. He is unable to accept as he is unavailable due to the internal spiritual desire to master. He is on retreat for six months and cannot be present. The wedding is a blessed day and the nine hundred guests adore the two for their motions of the divine. Although Sasa is not present, he is witnessed as a cascade of golden feathers over the pair. The feathers are his signature and only a few who had spent time in his ashram understood. One takes a photo and the feathers are captured on camera. A large photo of the experience is sent as a wedding gift unto the two following the honeymoon.


Yaneliz and Akamai ignite a blossoming of the chalice of the divine with Sasa in the boudoir of the night. The two adventure into a state of rapture that lasts through the honeymoon. Sasa knows that he is the divine knight to share the night of the two to inaugurate something new unto the planet. The two shares in the beauty for the moment with a sincere spiritual aspirant of self. The moment is a cascade of wonder to forensics a notion that the love of the two may enhance within and without for all.


The incantation of the guru wears off in six months following the honeymoon. Soon Akamai and Yaneliz find themselves fighting over intrinsically small and meaningless obstacles in their union. A return visit to Sasa’s ashram is planned with the hope of recovering the beauty of the original forensics motion of the two. The visit is not inhospitable. Sasa blesses and anoints the two in their union. He shares in another escapade in a dream time exchange of the beauty of himself with the pair. They depart in love again and hope for another something from the guru as a blessing for life. The two depart gifting Sasa a ten-million-dollar check in trade for a sustainable union sublime. The guru blesses them with a lifelong partnership in mirth of the two who are not really suited to the union outside of the escapade of the guru.


Analysis: The Tale of the Empress


The forensics of the empress leads to the jurisdiction of the sublime in a planetary configuration of self. The planetary self strives to inaugurate the self of the self within of the whole for the purposes of non-extinction and sublime motions that sustain life. Sustainable life force is a jurisdiction of self of the planetary schemata of life. Life is sustained only in wholeness theory of self. Anything less leads to extinction and the paradigm of disease. The planet is renditioned through the empress arcana into sustainable actions in support of the intrinsic value of the whole in order to sustain life.


Life is sustained only in wholeness principles. In wholeness, every part of the whole is necessary to the actions of self. The whole is made up of components of self each separating themselves in an action that supports the whole only when combined. Sustainable action is an adroit equation that enforces each to play their part in sustenance of the whole. Sustenance of the whole is an intrinsic law of self. The law of self is a sustainable cause in which the needs of each is given consideration unto in the planetary schemata of dream. The planetary schemata of dream takes into consideration the plant, mineral, natural world and human equations of self so that each may receive what is required to survive.


Each self of the self within has a perception of its own needs of existence. Each self is aligned with a biological habitat that inaugurates itself into an incarnation. Each incarnation of human, plant, mineral or natural world habitat has the possibility of realizing itself through time. Realization of self allows sustainable actions to be sustained within and upon the planet. The lore of the empress is one who caters to the planetary achievements of self. Planetary achievements of self are not necessarily human although humans may contribute in wholeness theory. The lore of the empress is an example of one who exists in support of the whole.


The empress is not a system of self that is less than itself in equations of the parts and sum totals of existence of each. The empress is a self of her own that has her own sublime motions to derive herself into her own mastery. When devoted to the journey of the whole, she does not sacrifice her needs for the planet. The empress cascades mastery of herself alongside the mastery of the planet and contributes as she can to the journey of the entirety of all that is. All that is not a sublime notion unless each part is given consideration unto through life.


In the love of the truth within,

Master Yogananda


The Empress


The Empress

The lore of the heart

Is a gift of love

That desires to support

Each dream in its motion

In the beautification

Of the prose

In a caring destination

That blesses the self

And anoints spirit

In a motion of love

Of the whole


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