Image of brilliant sunlight shining on grass and flowers next to a tree trunk. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #3

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #3


The Fable of the High Priestess


Sincerity of Heart


The High Priestess


The High Priestess

The lore of priestess

Is an enchanted garden

Of a life of sincerity

In the chalice of self

Of a union sublime

In a system of dream

Of a fostering of care

That causes the endeavor

Of a truth of the heart

In a motion divine


Fostering the Arcana of Truth


There are major and minor arcana of the tarot. Major arcana falls into two categories. The positive major arcana cast a dream for the life to be lived to the fullest within. The negative major arcanas are subject to being pitted against the one mastering self to augment an understanding of truth. The parable that the teacher becomes the student is one of this type of understanding. Those sustaining the positive or negative side of the arcana are unique to each happenstance in life. For one the darker arcana is an obstacle and for another the same individual a delicate balance of self that sustains the life. No two will harvest the same lore with the same other. Lore is a case specific encounter of the divine or non-divine with each mastering self-realization.


Love is a cherished service unto each in the lore of the major arcana fable for life. Love incants a spell of the divine to be experienced in the lore of the two, the family, the group or the land. The love of the two ignites a spell that can embrace one another of divine origins of self. Divine love is not an obstacle in the tarot arcana. Divine love causes the obstacles to fade and anther dream of delight to enchantment to be born. Divine love is an estuary of self. The estuary of self deposits the love of the divine into the incantation of the two or the many or the land. The two or the many foster the beauty of the divine for a time and until the spell wears off. If the spell is sustained, the divinity of the two must be mastered within each.


Obstacles are also special notions in which the understanding of divinity through compassionate action is born within and through life happenstance. Life of those in positive arcana lore fables will sustain themselves through encounters with the negative lore humans in the spiritual foray of dreams. Spiritual dreams oscillate a notion of dark lore encounters to augment realization of self. Sometimes the lore shifts of dark attributes of self from one to another in the life game. The shift is an encounter of the non-sublime that was once divine. It is often the lore of the shift into the non-sublime that is the greatest teacher of one’s experience of realization. 


The Tale of the High Priestess


The high priestess is the arcana of truth. The truth of the sublime is a divine dance of an oscillation of care fostered in motions of sincerity. Sincerity is an oscillation of truth that enchants and fosters another manner to be with one another that is divine. Sincerity leads to compassionate understanding of self in oneself and each in the life. Compassionate understanding abridges forgiveness into an understanding of the divine nature of all the arcana lore including the darker happenstance of self in a motion to cause realization within.


The Femme Fatale of Truth    


Neha is a gifted musician unknown to the region. Her voice is of a bird and she sings as she tends to an older gentleman of the land. Alfonzio does not notice Neha’s uncanny voice until he awakens one morning to her singing in his personal quarters. She is washing the windows and suddenly Alfonzio feels something so divine that he cannot help but get up and look to see who is so melodious. He is surprised to discover beautiful and graceful Neha in her simple attire causing the windows to sparkle in the morning sun. He watches her for an hour until she completes her estuary of music, listening to each song that she sings. She has the magical lyrical voice of a gifted opera singer of the night. He desires her with his loins but chooses otherwise.


Alfonzio is fond of the opera. He attends each performance near and far as he can. He knows many a talented singer personally. He invites one of the most talented performers that he knows to cascade into Neha’s beautiful voice. She does not fail to impress the opera star Jerram who chooses to take her to the producer of his current happenstance of theater. Jerram seduces her into a love affair of his own in divine delight. Jerram is lyrical in his nuance of voice and is spawned in a motion of the divine in the incantation of the priestess Neha in her consortium of self. The producer Forestiver is also enchanted with Neha and chooses to offer her a minor part in the cast of the upcoming opera. She accepts and soon discovers her life blossoms in a new musical of its own.


Forestiver strongly desires Neha in his loins. Soon she departs the union with Jerram for the delights his boudoir of the night. Forestiver is an avid lover with encounters through time. Something exquisite about Neha is more enchanting than his other lovers. Although he would never choose to marry, he entices Neha with delicacies of the designer flair of the day and takes her to many delightful and magical engagements of his social flair of self. Neha discovers herself encountering new and unusual people of aptitude and wealth that she is unaccustomed unto within. Her aptitude for acting causes her to take on the role of the chantilly of self that delights in the attention of most.


Neha is sincere to the love in her heart for Forestiver but he is not. She witnesses his fostering of another love as a new mistress of his loins emerges within the cast. Neha fears she will be tossed aside and not in a favorable role unto the orchestration of future engagements. She forays for a dream of a former beloved. Jerram is now enchanted with Mabel who is expecting their first child. Another romance is fostered and does not catch favorably for Neha. Zarek is not a kind person and soon she discovers that she has lost a small sum of money given unto her by Forestiver for her livelihood. She requests as a bequest a gift to meet her needs. Forestiver feels unwell and provides for her, but tells her he cannot do so any further.


Neha retrospect’s over the lavish balls and other occasions experienced with Forestiver after his departure from her boudoir. Her beautiful designer clothing is showing wear and tear and she has not the income to attire herself as the chantilly of the night in the happenstance of the rich and famous. She chooses to vie for a leading role in another production in a major city traveled through in the theater of Forestiver’s cuvee. She wins the leading role due to her beauty and gifted voice.


Soon Neha discovers herself with enough to replace her lavish wardrobe with the help of a gifted seamstress. Lylac reminds her of her self of the self with a gifted voice of her own. She chooses not to introduce her to the cast other than for the part of the management of the play’s stage wear of designer flair of the theater. Lylac is gifted and beautiful and soon the producer chooses for an outlandish affair of the loins. She conceives and is left behind in another region as he is not interested in the burden of a wife and child given his lifestyle.


Neha forays for another beloved but nothing offers the aptitude of the heart. She chooses instead to remain the beautiful artisan and wins the hearts of the audience in a new leading role of the delight of herself. The part is a difficult tale of a femme fatale of a sincere loss of the voice. The music and Neha’s voice mesmerizes the audience which is moved to a point of tears in the lofty story of the devastation of a femme fatale of the night. The performance is fostered in major cities all around the world. Neha travels first class as a leading lady of the cast. She enjoys her happenstance but sets aside funds in the event of another year of less than full aplomb of self occurs ahead.


A beautiful man known as Quirin finds enchantment with Neha’s performance. He chooses to meet her at the lavish reception for the cast to follow the opening night. He romances Neha in three regions of performance over a year’s interim. Neha is enchanted but is also leery of an insincerity of heart. Quirin is certain that she is the one forever for himself and chooses to propose following a celebration of the conclusion of the production in its final performance. Neha vies for another leading role and is not chosen for this. She instead chooses to accept the offer of marriage and the two are soon to be wed.


The cast and producer are all present for the beautiful wedding of the bride and groom’s heart’s desire. Neha and Quirin glow in the autumn sunset and dine together with the guests in a candlelit delight in the wedding nuance of self. Neha is delighted in her choice and the two soon depart for a honeymoon of the heart. A lovely castle is chosen to visit of those that Quirin cares for in his life. Neha soon meets his friends and family and discovers he is a Count of his own region. Neha flows with the performance as the new Countess as easily as her leading role upon the stage. Those in the Count’s community adore her and are mesmerized by her enchanting voice. Each congratulates the pair as an inspiration of the love of the two.


The Count has always been known as a mystical man of his own making. He has often been secretive about his personal affairs and longed for a beloved that would understand the sincere motions of the heart. The two caresses late into the night of the honeymoon foray only to awaken in bliss divine. The love enchants the land and soon the people of the Count’s affairs blossom anew within. The land flourishes and Neha conceives two beautiful children who each are born to inherit the Count’s land. Neha and Quirin flourish into a transfusion lore of self in a flame of the divine in an incantation over the land with the lore of sincerity of the heart forevermore.


Quirin acknowledges Neha’s beauty within in a succinct heartbeat of the flame of honor of the two. The honor of the two mesmerizes the populations and allows the children of the pair to flourish in their own lives. The legend of the love of the two fosters the community into nuances of the sublime. As the children mature, Neha chooses to produce her own musical theatrical performance of self. Her children perform amongst many a talented cast from the region. The play is not a highlight for anyone other than those that know of the family affair, but is an enchantment to behold unfold amongst those who agree to attend.


The family happenstance of theater continues for a few seasons in the region. One daughter Umeko chooses to repose her mother’s life finding her way to center stage. She is an auspice of the divine and enchants the audience with a voice of the sublime perseverance of self. She has studied with many a talented opera singer over time, one of which is a son of Forestiver known as Valadymir.


Valadymir and Umeko ignite a flame of the heart and adventure with center stage performances of their own theater performances of self. The pair enchants many others in the sublime motions of self. The theater of the two fosters an income and allows many adventures to other regions to perform. The performances receive adequate attention but fails to launch into a more famous rendezvous of self. The two return to the land of Umeko’s origins and choose to settle and raise a family. They wed in the blossomed field of her youth surrounded by those that care including the Count and Countess.


Forestiver attends the wedding of his son. He solicits his new and gifted daughter in law into appearing in a production of his own. The two newlyweds are enchanted with the possibility of appearing on stage together again. Soon they discover an aptitude of aplomb previously unknown unto each due to Forestiver’s redirection of self. The production is heralded as one of the best in the land and the cast is invited to rendezvous in many regions near and far. The performance is successful for a year. The couple shine on stage and are revered as actors and actresses of the sublime. The two depart the final performance to retire and raise a family of the heirs to the Count’s land.


Umeko is unable to conceive although quite abundant in the boudoir of the night. Valadymir is delighted but desires the child with his loins. Over time, the flair of union dwindles between the two. The dream for a child unfolds in another affair of the heart of Valadymir that conceives instead with a beautiful maiden known as Solestie. Solestie moves into the castle in hopes of creating the heir to the fortune of the land. Umeko is heartbroken at the happenstance of ill fate of an illegitimate child to the father of her heart, the Count. Solestie does not flow in the union of the family lore of self. The child is a nuisance and perishes of a plague of the land. Solestie is cast out of the region on the part of the Count who purchases a small property elsewhere to sustain her. Valadymir is relieved as the union with Solestie was far from sublime.


Umeko attempts to restore her union sublime and does not depart the marriage. She introspects over the loss of the divine flame between the two. Although she cannot bear children, she is a beautiful spouse and enchanting wife. The two fail to re-inaugurate the flame of the divine. The union fades over time. Umeko’s continued introspection leads to a new direction for herself. She chooses to divorce as she feels unwell and disrespected due to her incapacity to conceive and give birth to a grandchild of the Count. She decides that the dejection is an invalid cause of a loss of love within. She chooses to re-inaugurate the love of the love within in the divinity of herself in the departure of her union with Valadymir.


Umeko moves into the family castle of her parents one misty day in December. Valadymir is depressed and forays for a dream for another union to achieve his goal of a child for himself and not as an heir of the throne. Soon Darreth appears, a stunning beauty of another culture and land. She wins Valadymir’s affection and soon conceives a child. The two marry following conception. Valadymir cares for Darreth not and finds himself depressed after the child is born. He is unable to reinvent the flavor of the beloved as experienced with Umeko in the caress of the two. The birth of the child fails to fill his heart or life. Darreth is unable to love and the child holds a parallel fate of self.


Valadymir suffers the sad occurrence of a disenchanted family-in-law happenstance with the king of another land and of his new bride. The king is not happy with his daughter conceiving before wedlock and chooses to renunciate the marriage of the pair due to his power of command. Darreth is heartbroken by her father’s position. She and the child depart for her father’s castle leaving Valadymir in less despair. Valadymir longs for the love to be restored in his heart and chooses to foray for another moment as the beloved of Umeko. Umeko does not feel attracted to repeat the flavor of demeanor of the heart. Valadymir chooses to depart the region disenchanted in himself.


Umeko becomes the wisdom keeper of union of the heart. A temple is conceived and she becomes a priestess of the night in the love of the two of the moon and sun. Many travel far and wide to bear witness unto her blossoming knowledge of union. Each receives the blessings of the heart for a union of the sublime within. Some manifest a union sublime within; others fail to do so and depart unhappy in the experience. A few manifest a union divine not unlike the Count and Countess achieved in their lifetimes. The loft of the love fills Umeko’s heart as no other beloved through time. The love of the divine manifests for Umeko as a foray with spirit in her heart accolade of self. The heart blossoms and she transfuses, departing in the love of the oneness of the land in the forever of the Dao and Tao ignited within.


The Estuary of Life       


The sweetest music resounds through Tanaya. She caresses her audience in donning one attire with jewels that sparkle in the night time sky and lights of the auditorium that she performs within. She glows endlessly as she sings her melodious repose of self in an orchestration of divine music within. Tanaya performs around the globe in sacred ashrams of spiritual devotees. Her love of music is contagious and she witnesses a beautiful shift into golden-pink energy formations due to her performances. She is considered a priestess of sound in both eastern and western lore of spiritual flair of self. She dons many costumes appearing as the empress to the exotic to the mesmerizing beauty to the queen of herself. She is the bride of no one and everyone simultaneously.


Tanaya is avid in her focus and unusual in her spiritual aspirations. The inner unfolding causes her to expand in herself in an expose of rhythms of realization flair of self. The love radiates and surrounds her everywhere that she rendezvouses. The blessings of self draws a circuit of friendships and a following that are divine in parallel aspirations of life. She kindles many directions in the love of herself with each that crosses her path. She has many lovers in the boudoir of herself in the flame of the night to her delight.


Sometimes the darker attributes of life catch upon Tanaya’s dream. A devil of a partner Fabius arises in her circle. She accepts the engagement and entertains him for many years. The brighter she grows the darker he eclipses into the demon foray of himself. The two ignite a key of marriage and soon Tanaya becomes ill. At first, she is unclear about the undercurrent of her difficult potential partnership. In time she realizes that Fabius is not suited to herself and she departs the union forgiving the engagement.


The undercurrent of strife increases leading to a fall into disease. Tanaya struggles to recover with a foray of natural remedies and treatments for herself. The medicine people reveal many causes of the undercurrent of strife that is not legitimate to her cause. She forgives and returns the cause unto those responsible in the lore of themselves including Fabius. Tanaya carries on in her gifts of music selling many recordings as another means of income. She restores her capacity to perform her musical foray in groups only of increasing awareness. The groups foray for a resounding moment of joy in a cathedral of a sacred region. The group gathers and the glow of the event cascades upon the Earth leading to a new repose for the planet.


The planet recovers its repose of truth in the wake of a divine magical moment of the consensus. Tanaya retires from global commitments and carries on in the dream of her sound performing new compositions that elate and cascade dreams of beauty and non-strife upon those who catch them. The foray of her music is not popular to everyone as the compositions repose only amongst those who are attuned unto the mindset of herself. The mindset develops in the youth of the world later causing a love of her music as they mature and rapture in the divine oscillations of sound reposed within. Tanaya vies to never marry due to her own cause and effect over life.


Tanaya hosts a magical event at a rendezvous of the divine accolade of self in the most sacred of sanctimonial exposes of self. The event is an achievement of self beyond the magnitude of possibility of the time. The world resounds in deep beautification of self causing a sincerity of the heart to be recorded forevermore. The love of the love within emerges for the planet allowing each kingdom to herald a new era of possibility within. The possibility manifests as an adroit equation of the sublime in a restoration of Earth as the beautiful of the love of the one of the truth of the Dao and Tao ignited within.


Analysis: The Tale of the High Priestess     


The high priestess is an estuary of self for the purposes of healing the planet. She is always gifted at causing a symposium of self to arise into the auditorium of herself to orchestrate a dream of the divine for the whole. Many resources work with the high priestess arcana for a lot of causes upon Earth. The foray for the dream of the high priestess is not always easy in life. The darker arcana surmounts an opposition in the theory of healing Earth. The struggles are not always as difficult if the arcana is not associated with a spiritual foray of dreams. Dreams of the high priestess arcana cause realization in surmounting the strife of the darkness that appear as other major arcana in life and in opposition to wholeness of the planet.


The high priestess knows her parables of self. The parables of self orchestrate a union divine within and not necessarily in partnership. If a partnership emerges it is due to the forensic notion of spirit to cause two to align for a common purpose of self to be fulfilled upon for planetary purposes in the truth of the love within. The truth of the love of the love within is a mastery level of self-realization inaugurated in life. Inauguration occurs during particular lore fables in times of spiritual foray of understanding. Dreams for major arcanas of planetary effects are orchestrated only if realization occurs in the life. Realization is a case specific archetypal foray of dream for special purposes of the divine in oscillations of the sublime.


The lore of the high priestess is not a common life today. There are many difficult systems of self that augment problematic patterns in the realization of those of a major arcana. The other major arcanas are more commonplace and some arise into the role of realization in life. Realization is not necessarily a possibility of other spiritual focuses other than those that are inward bound. Realization is an internal attribute of existence and not necessarily about life dreams of spiritual cause other than forgiveness within. Forgiveness is not case specific. All may forgive but many may not realize. Realization is a difficult journey in the physical for those choosing to understand the parables of their lives and in the lives of others to be forgiven.


Those realizing self are humble aspirants of the path. Rarely are they anything less than the loving and mesmerizing spiritual truth reflected in the mirror of life. Self reflects truth through those realizing in a beautiful foray of dreams of understanding and forgiveness. Forgiveness is the foundation of realization of self. Self chooses to forgive all that it can in any given life of realization. Forgiveness leads to understanding of compassionate action. Compassionate action is a state of the divine mastered within.


In the love of the truth within,




The High Priestess


The High Priestess

The lore of priestess

Is an enchanted garden

Of a life of sincerity

In the chalice of self

Of a union sublime

In a system of dream

Of a fostering of care

That causes the endeavor

Of a truth of the heart

In a motion divine


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