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Workbook 1: Chapter 3 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 3: The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 1) and Chapter 3: The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 2)


The Dance of the Archetypes: Learning the Spiritual Lessons of Our Human Inheritance   


These worksheets are devoted to assessing the spiritual lessons of your human ancestors. Not all lessons will apply to all lives of those associated in the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). However, the school itself holds individuals each of whom represents as a collective all spiritual lessons of the human species. As such, karma for the entire human species can be released at dreamtime events, as the group is a collective representation of all of humanity.


In our work together, there is an opportunity to understand the entire wheel of spiritual lessons that must be released in order to master full consciousness in ascension. One’s future ancestors will be faced with the karma that one may not be able to release in this lifetime. In the understanding of the nature of the karma, a path towards full consciousness can be called forward for the future generations associated with oneself. This assures a path to this goal ahead.


Each in the DAS program or reading these materials also has an opportunity to release all karma in one’s birth tapestry allowing for a spiritual opportunity to work one’s way off the reincarnation cycles of birth, death and rebirth. What exactly does this mean? This means that one’s future ancestry will cease to be propelled into creating children that cannot ascend as the karma for non-ascension will be cleared in full from one’s tapestry. This will allow for the selective creation of future generations with all the necessary information to ascend to full consciousness and beyond.


What is it to live a life that is karma free? This is what most humans long for; a life where there is no debt and where a dance of balanced giving and receiving along with unity can be called into the dance of life. This can occur only as one has completed with all karma in one’s birth tapestry. As many in communities into the future complete with all birth karma, then there is an opportunity to map make a different dance of life that can become the foundation of a new type of human civilization. This too is the purpose of this program. By highlighting all the karma, the karma one has agreements to complete with in this lifetime will be triggered so that one can fulfill upon this spiritual goal. 


The largest contribution one can make to Earth or to one’s species is to ascend. Through ascension and as enough of the body becomes crystalline, a strong enough kundalini is constructed to push enough of the element of fire through the field to burn off contracts from prior lifetimes associated with one’s inheritance. Karma is contracts; contracts are agreements that are remaining as they were made but never fulfilled upon in the given life of an ancestor. The shortened lifespan of the human species has left billions of unfulfilled agreements over time and related to each human at two segments of DNA.


As one ascends, one also pulls forward other lineages creating a template of 144 main branches within the tapestry of ancestry. It is in the releasing of all agreements in the 144 lineages that one works one’s way off the wheel of reincarnation. It was as one’s ancestry fell beneath 3,000 segments in consciousness that reincarnation, as you know it was set in motion. As one works one’s way back in time to this vibration, then all remaining contracts can be released, allowing a different dance associated with the procreation of future offspring to take hold.


What will be the difference between reincarnation and this new type of future procreation? Reincarnation forces offspring to be born to fulfill upon unreleased agreements; sometimes the agreements cause the offspring to be sick or deformed. There is no selection of DNA that is consciously chosen in such a system. In essence, reincarnation is a mechanized form of procreation that is non-selective in the lineages and DNA chosen. This leads to much suffering of the human species.


The new form of procreation system will be that which was known only by the Grand Master inheritance in times past. This form of procreation is highly selective; lineages and parts of lineages along with DNA can be edited to create a particular type of human that can honor and co-exist in unity as well as ascend. This is the goal for all humans following this period of cleansing ahead; to allow all future generations of humans to have a conscious choice in the DNA and lineages chosen as an incoming child. This can only occur as all karma is cleared from all lineages that enforce a mechanized form of procreation.


Mechanized procreation is Anu-Slave karma. It was the Anu slaves that were mechanized to breed and become fertile once per month without choice. As the red nations peoples fell into the pyramidal energy flow, they were pulled into the same forms of procreation as the Anu slaves. This occurred as the Pharaohs stripped the red nations’ peoples of genetic information to extend their lives. The red nations’ peoples fell into the same patterning thereafter as the Anu slaves with procreation becoming a mechanized birth, death and rebirth cycle due to the unfulfilled agreements from each life.


What were the unfulfilled agreements at cause of this type of procreation? Primarily this was the over taxation by the Pharaohs of their defeated populations. Each lifetime of red nation peoples that gave and gave and gave and were given little in return created a karmic debt so large that it is hard to measure. Much like the Anu towards their slaves, it is so large that it is off the scales, as you think of them in human terms. The Pharaohs repeated this patterning due to their Anu inheritance, increasing the debt of the Anu lineages yet again in a future time period.


In this time period, the same dance is occurring again with the same of Anu inheritance who have risen to power. However, Earth has this time invoked a settlement so that the entire dance can conclude. This settlement may cause those of great wealth to donate and donate and donate to others of special causes that are of red nation interest to settle the debt that is so large. It may be this type of settlement that those desiring to co-create community can call into the dance for themselves to provide the necessary funds to purchase land and as well as the building materials to construct the community.


We intend now to highlight the primary spiritual lessons of the different eras of humans that have existed upon Earth over time. We hope that each enjoys working with these worksheets and examining one’s personal life lessons that were drawn forward in the choice to ascend at this time in history. Many drew these lessons forward at birth and have been living these lessons for a long time. Now is the time to release through forgiveness all the spiritual life lessons so that a new day can be born ahead.


How to Work with These Worksheets


One first may wish to go through the spiritual lessons below highlighting those that pertain to one’s personal dance of life in this lifetime. Then one can take the intentions and make them a part of one’s firepot ceremony or daily intention list if one is working upon such patterning in present time.


Then Earth suggests that each read all the other patterns associated with the mirror that others present or the world mirror, and intend to release the patterning triggered that others are struggling with. Each has ancestry that has experienced all things; through the intention to release everything triggered, a more direct path to the goal of ascension will be created for one’s future ancestry.


If judgment, anger, bitterness, pain or other emotions are triggered in this chapter and worksheets, allow for the process of catharsis. There is nothing wrong with anger and it is a response to being violated in one’s inheritance or present life circumstance. Process the emotions and it will lead one ultimately to peace and forgiveness.


Please click on the link below to download Chapter 3 Worksheets in PDF:


Chapter 3 Worksheets in PDF

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We hope that you have found these lessons that have been mapped out from the teachings in Chapter 3 useful upon your personal path of ascension. There may be additional intentions that one perceives as necessary to release the karma triggered within through these materials. Earth guides each to take the time to write down the intentions that will support one’s karmic release for those lessons in particular that one is working upon in this lifetime.


Intentions are one method of molding one’s dream in a particular direction. The intent to ascend alters the dream to allow for the possibility of ascension. The intent to release karma and forgive will bring about the circumstance through which the forgiveness can be fulfilled upon. Karma sometimes will not release through intention without the act of forgiveness.


As this occurs, the ongoing intention to ascend will call an experience into the dance of life so that one can understand the spiritual lessons one is working upon and through such understanding, forgive. Forgiveness requires an open heart and a willingness to love what is perhaps unlovable in current human perception.


As one releases through forgiveness, those predispositions that are non-unity based within one’s tapestry of ancestry and current life archetypal nature, a new form of archetype can be embodied. The new archetypes equate to the new astrology for ascension that we’ve shared in Chapter 19 of Ascension Insights, Volume 3. The new astrological holograms will hold all the cleared patterning that supports ascension and the anchoring of the Language of Light in one’s field. This is how one evolves from one’s current holographic nature and into the new astrology founded upon the Language of Light. We will be writing more about how this is accomplished in the chapters to follow.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and open the heart in order to forgive oneself and all others. As it is only as one forgives oneself and one’s ancestors along with all others and their ancestors that a new life of unity, honor, joy and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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