Image of a colorful soap bubble to represent the ease and joy of work in the Golden Age.

Work In The Golden Age


In the Golden Age, individuals will seek work that aligns with their higher purpose and brings them satisfaction. Those who raise their frequency and attune to the higher energies available will find their soul work, which will automatically come to them under the Law of Attraction.


By 2050, the majority who live in fifth-dimensional communities will occupy themselves in a way which honors and respects their gifts and talents.


Creativity, Serving Others and Attuning to the Earth 


The fifth-dimensional world is one without ego, power struggle, personal drive or ambition, just a desire to express yourself creatively, serve others, connect with the Earth and attune to the spiritual dimensions. This may seem boring to those who are caught up in the dramas of personality struggle and emotional need. However, it will offer a wondrous sense of joy, contentment and peace to those who are ready for the NEW.


It will be considered important to do what fulfills you and makes you happy, and the people will spend their time being creative and happily productive.


Because the majority in the world will be living in the fifth dimension, communities will be cooperating and sharing for the highest good, so there will be no need for money. Instead goods will be exchanged locally.


Earning a Living in the Golden Age


Many types of work will change, but everyone who wants to be employed can be; all salaries and wages will be equitable and more than sufficient. Greatly enhanced food production methods will provide an abundance of nourishment for everyone around the world.


We are accustomed to thinking of employment as a job with salary or wages whereas that word means the use of time, tools or services advantageously—that is what we will be doing in the fourth and fifth dimensions. Because many kinds of careers that we are accustomed to doing or requiring don’t exist in the higher dimensions, they will be phased out gradually so as not to present hardships to anyone.


Changes in Career Areas 


Areas that will cease or change considerably include military service and all industries associated with war, chemical production, oil and natural gas extraction, logging, mining and manufacturing.


Multinational corporations and monopolies in any business field have no place in the higher dimensions.


Bodies will be healthy and perfect, so physicians, psychological therapy, pharmaceuticals and health care insurance won’t be necessary.


There are no financial binds—no mortgages or other indebtedness—so there is no need for lending institutions, and there is no reason to sue anyone, which eliminates the need for legal counsel in those kinds of matters.


Because many of the laws, regulations and various types of licenses won’t be needed, the people who enforce or issue those won’t be needed either. There will be far less need for attorneys, judges and court reporters.


We won’t miss those kinds of jobs, and we won’t miss the common aspects of working. In the fourth and fifth dimensions, there are no tedious or monotonous jobs; no 9 am to 5 pm or weekend workdays or swing shifts; no long commutes to workplaces or traffic jams; no quotas to fill; and no concerns about loss of jobs.


All Levels of Academic Studies and Training Available


If your experience and expertise is in a field that is not part of higher dimensional life, please do not worry! Academic studies and training at every level are available to all, and you can choose to enter any field that interests you. The wide variety of possibilities includes communication, education, child care, transportation, clothing design, entertainment, sports, architecture, construction, landscaping, property maintenance, farming, food service, animal care, libraries, artistic and cultural events, publication, commerce and civic administration.




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