Image of a majestic Whale breaching in the ocean. Whales and dolphins are fully conscious beings.

Whales And Dolphins Are Fully Conscious Beings


The Cetaceans are Great Beings of Light who come from many star systems, some having traveled great distances to be here on the planet at this time. They are our oceanic brothers and sisters, and they work along with us to preserve and care for our home on Earth. They are here in full consciousness waiting patiently for humans to mature into responsible caretakers of the planet.


Divine Bliss


Whales and dolphins are always in a state of Being known as Divine Bliss. Their ways are gentle and peace-loving. Every activity of their lives is filled with loving thoughts, and every action is undertaken with gentleness. Living this way brings constant bliss.


They continually beam their Love and sing love songs to humans on land. Love flows invisibly through the ocean’s waves as it gathers momentum on its destination to the shore.


The Cetaceans are holding the Light in Earth’s oceans, and gradually sending it to shore in increments, perfectly geared to humanity’s capacity to absorb and anchor it in our bodies. They know exactly how much to send, as they operate in full consciousness, and thus can determine exactly how much to unleash at every given moment. Since Love is a very powerful force, they are careful not to overwhelm us, but to allow us to carefully absorb Love in steps according to our evolutionary level. 


Full Consciousness


Dolphins and whales know that they and humans are One. All of Creation is One. All of Humanity is One. They don’t divide themselves over political or religious factions. They love and respect one another for the truth of who they are. They are Great Beings of Light carrying their Light to disseminate it on Earth.


They can distinguish our Light through our vibratory rate and our matrix of colors and thought patterns. They can identify an individual person and can easily distinguish each from other brothers and sisters on land. They have this capability due to their full consciousness and are able to view the planet in all its many and varied layers of existence. They are like photographers, snapping pictures in their mind of all the different life forms with which they communicate.


The Cetaceans broadcast Love to all who tune into their energy band. Those who listen with their hearts can hear their love and laughter no matter where they are located on land. Laughter is an integral part of their lives. They openly express the joy they feel with others. They don’t repress their feelings as we humans on land do. Instead, they openly communicate with their hearts and express their thoughts and feelings with one another. This is one of the benefits of being fully conscious.


Contrary to humans, whales and dolphins remember all their thoughts and dreams, for they are lucid, conscious dreamers, who dream of life in the stars. They dream of all that could be, and know its truth and beauty from within their souls. They love their life. They love all life.


Their life is very exciting because they are not confined to this location of space as many humans still are. They can travel instantaneously to other regions or star systems with the flick of a thought.


Fully Conscious Abilities


Whales and dolphins are able to “see and hear” all that occurs on land and in the water. Their full consciousness enables them to exercise completely their abilities.


All that they need is stored within their bodies. Their bodies are well equipped for their lives in the oceans. All the equipment they need for navigating the oceans is stored inside, operating fully at optimal levels without the breakdowns we experience on land. For example, we use binoculars when viewing great distances, they use astral projection. It is cheaper and there is nothing to “carry.”


They keep up to date on all Earth’s activities and follow the “headlines” just as we do. However, they don’t read the newspapers for information. Instead, they tune into the “light grids” and pick up the information from the thought waves as they are broadcast out. They are able to read our thoughts, and they intercept the radio and television news stories as they leave the stations. This way, they have first-hand news.


Dolphins and whales have multidimensional eyesight.  They move continually, surveying the land and the Universe with their extra-sensory perceptions. Similar to TV, but better, as they follow their vision and see the screen live, and change the channel with their thoughts. They can see anywhere they want, with just a flick of their eye. This is something all fully conscious Beings can do.


With their multidimensional eyesight, they can see the stars no matter what time of day it is. Although they are confined to water, they “see” many kilometers out into space. This is how they navigate. They navigate through the oceans in daylight using their other senses for direction. At night they use the star patterns in the sky.


They have complete control of their bodies. They can attune to different frequencies in the colder months which help them keep warm. They raise their metabolic rate substantially in the summer and lower it during winter. All multi-dimensional Beings can do this and more.


Fully Conscious Lifestyles


The Cetaceans have a varied diet. The foods they eat are rich in vitamins and nutrients, which give them the energy and strength they need to swim in the oceans. They eat only foods that invigorate them and that aid them in their work on Earth.


They have full consciousness, and they keep their consciousness clear by eating only those foods that enhance their clarity. They understand the reasons for eating certain foods, and they are able to monitor their bodies to determine what they need. This way, they operate at optimum efficiency in all they do.


They eat only fresh, “live” food and breathe deeply of the fresh ocean air. Their food and clean air keep them clear and strong and enable them to endure storms and other hardships without losing their strength or clarity of purpose.


The oceans supply them with all the oxygen they need to maintain their full consciousness and light bodies.


As far as entertainment goes, whales and dolphins have a vast system of apparatus for their use. They can plug into any movie anywhere, or any book, and scan its pages in seconds, with full memory and understanding. All they need and want to know is at their fingertips.


They can store vast amounts of information from whatever they choose to “watch” or “read”. They are not limited to Earth for information, for they can consciously project to other planetary systems and scan their records. They can learn about many civilizations all over the universe because of their capacity to astral project to wherever they choose.




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