Image of the tail of a magnificent whale against the background of enormous moon and shooting star. Whales And Dolphins' Devotion For The Planet

Whales’ And Dolphins’ Devotion For The Planet


The Cetaceans share their story of love and devotion for the planet and for all the living beings with whom they are privileged to share this celestial space.


They tell us of the music they weave through the oceans, holding the emotional body of Gaia together—keeping the seas in balance. They tell us how their galactic and universal families serve the entire Multiverse: other worlds, other dimensions—Creation itself.


The Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings are known as the Q’iquoq’i, [pronounced khi’-ee-KWO-khi’-ee]. Since time immemorial, they have woven the light of universal consciousness through the oceans of Gaia and who still attempt to hold our Planet Earth’s emotional body in balance.


These mighty beings ask us to wake up. They ask us to realize the greater intelligence of all living beings and learn to honor their right to be here, free to live in peace and dignity. They ask for our help in altering the course of dangerous events that have been bringing our beloved Earth to the absolute brink of extinction.


Can we, guardians of the Earth, rise to the call? 


Musicians of the Seas


The Q’iquoq’i are musicians of harmonious cosmometric design, through which the vibrational patterns of consciousness are exalted throughout existence. They have all contributed to the task of holding planets intact, by calming their emotional bodies with ancient lullabies and the perennial music of infinite possibilities—music that plays the vibrational strings of the Cosmic Sea.


They are the musicians of Earth’s emotional body, the waters. They weave the light and bring the music to the seas and oceans of our planet.


They sound the music around the globe and travel great distances to assure that the balance remains and that Gaia’s emotional body holds its rhythms. They play Gaia’s soul sounds back through the ethers, like a hypnotic refrain that one cannot stop hearing, over and over again, through the mind within the heart.


Dolphins and whales serve Mother Earth in the enormous task of holding the frequencies of our planet together. Their purpose is to weave the lattice of musical harmonies (sacred sound) through the waters of the world, perpetuating the higher vibrations of Gaia’s emotional body, so that balance prevails—to fill the heart of Gaia with joy.


They sing from her, through her, and for her. This has been the way of the sea for millions of years. They have made music, each note woven through the light of Spirit, as the reason for their existence as individuals, and as a collective.


Gaia’s Magnificent Song


There is a very particular sound that Gaia contributes as her note in the galactic chorus of heavenly beings. She has emitted energies of untold beauty into the realms beyond the boundaries of her own auric presence in the physical and nonphysical dimensions. She has created a most definitive and distinct impression upon the Cosmos of Soul.


It was not only her beauty and bountiful seas that lured visitors from other worlds to engage in Gaia’s evolution. It was the magnificence of her song.


The Q’iquoq’i have been part of that music for millions upon millions of years.


Guardians of the Oceans


The Cetaceans have been on Gaia before the beginning of time. They have been the guardians of the Ocean Song ever since, watching our civilizations rise and fall, like tides of the eternal sea.


In all this time, they have woven the frequency of celestial song through our crystalline waters joyfully, celebrating all that Gaia needed in order to assure the flourishing of life—in all its magnificence—in her domain. They played the symphony through the Cosmic Sea, sending Earth’s harmonies through the heavens, magnifying the light of our planet through the reflective lenses of parallel worlds and universes.


Whales and dolphins have existed for so long upon the Earth that they have seen the evolution of countless species as they have come and gone, and witnessed the landmasses shift, the waters respond, and life forever interacting with the forces and the celestial music of Gaia.


The Q’iquoq’i have been steady guardians of the song of the Earth all this time—never faltering, never missing a note, in the symphony of celestial song.


Love for Earth


The Cetaceans immensely love Gaia and devote themselves to holding her oceans together. Love is what holds the planet in the Light. Their love warms Mother Earth’s heart, as she draws in the light of the Sunstar, creating her fields of limitless possibilities through which life is seeded.


They are ancient souls, from stars beyond and time unknown. They are dedicated servants of the Light. They carry boundless love through the great oceans of this amazing world, a world through which they are honored to contribute to the flow of universal wisdom, as weavers of the tapestry of frequencies that reflect the cosmic consciousness of all life.


Dolphins and whales are the weavers of the song of the seas, holding the balance of the entire emotional body of the Great Mother. They have the capacity to send a vast array of sonar frequencies and light vibrations through the waters of Earth. These essential vibrations are needed to keep the wave motions to their rhythms and to set the pace of new growth in the plant communities of the sea.


Love for Humans


The Cetaceans have loved us very deeply and unconditionally, despite experiencing cruelty and murder at the hands of unenlightened humans. They have the following messages for humanity:


“All of you who are striving to assist Gaia in her hour of transformation are light weavers, surfing the waves of higher consciousness. The Q’iquoq’i can still resonate with your thoughts wherever you are, reading the harmonic chords that emanate from your soul/mind/body instruments—a divine trilogy of intent, thought, and manifestation.


“When you think of us, or celebrate our lives—even in the sadness that you feel when we are taken from the embrace of Great Mother—we feel the love pour from you, like the waterfall to the stream.


“Your heartsong speaks beyond the time and place of our leaving and we feel you everywhere, honoring life in all its diversity.


“We recognize the darkness and light in man and know that you, the life-loving ambassadors of the human race, stand in that light, where you shine the range of your potential as the true guardians of the Earth out into the ethers. We are aware of your efforts to prevent cruelty, to awaken your species, and to restore balance upon the earth, in the skies, and in the sea.


“Yours is a gargantuan task and you give so much … how well we know. The animal kingdoms know who you are—so do the flora and the crystalline memory beings. Everyone, all the species who reside here, are talking about enlightened and compassionate humans, because you are how our Elders remembered Homo sapiens. The good within you precedes you. And now, that the entire human race will determine what happens on Earth, you are the voice of the innocent.


“You give us hope. We know you. You are the light of humankind.


“That devotion and the boundless love that pour from your hearts to ours are enough for some of us to turn back to the great sea and return to the Deep for one final concerto.


“You are the ones who will lead the others of your race and the hybrids back to sanity. You are the spirit leaders of this Earth.”


The Aquarian Dawn


The family of whales and dolphins has sounded its message for humanity to hear and to hold in the light of our discernment. They ask no more than the freedom to live in peace, by our side, and to be there when the Earth needs them most, as the planet ascends into the crystal-clear waters of the Aquarian dawn.


They see the joy of bright human souls, who hold the frequencies, the light and the love of the Great Mother.


They see these emotions as great cosmometric patterns, imprinting the no-time in which we all dwell.


They see the miracles unfolding, now that humanity is hearing the messages of the dolphins and whales. The Q’iquoq’i of Gaia are calling out to us, sending us their sounds before sound—showing us what limitless unconditional love we are all capable of knowing, in this hour of our unfathomable transition to the next dimension.




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