Image of the Majestic Trees. Nature Kingdoms have this message for humanity: Unite With Nature.

Unite With Nature


The Nature Kingdoms have the following messages for Humanity:


1. “Many have come before you, without the awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. We only bring this to your attention so that you can see the link between us, yourself, and all life forms, and care for all of Nature’s  creatures as your own. For indeed, all creatures are your children, whether born of you or not. For there is only one great Mother, and she is the Earth herself—giving birth to us all and giving us all a home to enable us to have the experiences we need for our souls to grow and thrive, so we can move on to higher realms.


“So cherish the Earth, feel the sacredness of all life, and walk in harmony as your feet touch the Earth and your heart intertwines with ours.


“We thank you for reading our messages. May you understand the Great Laws of Life and act to bring peace and harmony back to our planet. We stand with you as ONE.”


2. The Dark Forces “are instrumental in preventing you from experiencing the range of Light Encoded Information that’s streaming onto the planet. They do this by manipulating your environment through cell towers, cell phones, TV mind programming, food, water, and the air you breathe. It’s a campaign to thwart your growth and turn you into a robot, and they are succeeding on a mass scale. The best remedy for this is your return to Nature.


“So turn off their frequency by going out into Nature where you can turn on the Creator Frequency, and you will bypass the darkness and re-bound into the Light. You can consciously do this through your awareness. We will help you.”


The Trees Want to Reconnect with Humans


The Trees are Majestic Beings, evolved beyond anything we can imagine. They wait for us humans to recognize them also as the stewards of the land, as the Cetaceans are the stewards of the sea, always giving us the oxygen we need, and absorbing the pollutants we create. They are yearning to communicate with us, yearning to feel our touch and embrace us in their love and energy. They have been waiting eons to have humans reconnect to them again.


The Trees stand vigilant over our homes and communities as protectors of our very lives. They wait for us to pay attention to them, to touch them and wrap our arms around their trunks. Go to them, talk to them, sit with them. Talk to them, and they will answer.


The Trees Wait for Humanity to Ascend


The Trees are not leaving the Earth plane without humanity coming along. Their souls remain encased in their bark, waiting for the ascension of the planet.


They stand firm in their stance, and firm in their resolve to remain here on the surface and ascend with all life forms and Earth herself. They will not abandon their posts. There is too much at stake now, and every one of us is needed. All life forms on Earth are needed. Our Light is crucial at this time to create the Light Wave that will propel us into our ascension mode.


If humans could communicate with all the other life forms, we would know what is occurring on the Earth, and we would be better able to prepare ourselves for the ascension changes that are fast coming.

Connecting with the Elementals


Elementals are here to work with humans as co-creators and in partnership. This is how both races can evolve. We must work together with the Elementals as One to more rapidly evolve. The human race has been devolving because we have cut ourselves off from the Elementals and from all other life on Earth. Now is the time to acknowledge their existence and connect with all Nature Kingdoms.


This is the next step in our evolution, to connect with the Trees, the Elementals and all life forms on Earth. The Elementals will teach us to manifest and teach us to co-create our dreams. So reach out to them, as they reach out to us. We will find them wherever we are, but especially out in Nature where it is quiet and serene. They wait for us there.

Being in Nature Raises One’s Vibration


Our living environment is not conducive to life. Life is not meant to be lived in noise. Everything in our lives is now inundated with noise. Wherever we go, discordant sound and music is played to disrupt our thoughts so that we cannot even think through a thought anymore without being distracted.


This is everywhere, from gas stations to restaurants to airplanes to shopping malls. If we cannot think, we will think we need to buy everything when we hear the music. The music is to deaden our senses so that we can become random buyers to support the “system” that is robbing us of our life. This “music” is programmed to take our free will choices away from us, and make us slaves to the establishment.


We keep buying our way deeper and deeper into slavery and debt, making malls our frequent outings instead of Nature. It is Nature that will cure all, restore our senses and bring us the emotional balance our soul cries for. Malls are dead zones. Nature is a live zone.


When we’re out in Nature, all life forms will surround us with their love. Their gentleness and songs will sooth us, and we will feel so good. They will all crowd around us, and we will feel heaven within. Nature’s heavenly vibration serves to offset the lower vibration of our lives. So the more we are with Nature, the higher our vibration climbs, until we are once again merged wholly with Source and back on our evolutionary path through the Stars.

All Forces of Nature Are on Our Side


The Trees are humanity’s protectors. They are here as our bastions of strength, our warriors in disguise. When we align with them, we can overthrow the tyranny of the dark ones by our combined strength and wisdom.


All the Forces of Nature are on humanity’s side. If we align with their consciousness and stand solidly with them, we can disarm the Dark Force. We do this through our combined consciousness. When we combine our consciousness, our Light exponentially magnifies which can disarm, neutralize and quell all negativity on Earth, leaving not only humanity, but all life forms, free to evolve as we were always meant to.


It is so important to connect with All Forces of Nature. You have heard of the term “divide and conquer”? The Dark Force knows this tactic so well. They have divided us by separating us because of our different forms. Well, now many humans are on to their game. If we unite with Nature, we can be a force so great that even their best strategists would give up in alarm and flee their posts. You know this phrase well: “United we stand, divided we fall.”


So stand with the Nature Kingdoms, and we will carry each other to Freedom. Together, we will be able to surmount and overcome all tyranny everywhere on Earth.


United We Ascend


We can speed up our journey into Light by connecting with Nature on a soul level, so all our souls can make this journey together in hyper time, and not at the snail’s pace that we have been traveling by trying to do it alone. Humans need to recognize that All Forces of Nature are our brothers and sisters who live in different life forms. We are all here together because we are all meant to work together in our common goal of ascending  together.


Someday we will all be awakened and find ourselves where our beliefs have taken us. Some will have ascended, and some will remain on a 3rd dimensional sphere, still trying to wake up to who they are. So wake up now; why wait any longer? All together we can ascend now. Remember, there is no time, so why delay it? It can all be done right now. Ascension in any moment can occur when enough humans align with all of the Nature Kingdoms. It is that easy.


The energies streaming into the planet are to raise our vibrations, nudging us into higher states of awareness where we become more and more aligned with the Will of God-Source, so that every thought, every feeling, is divine and brings us only that which is aligned with our highest good and the highest good of Mother Earth. By uniting with Nature, we can all work together to bring Earth into her ascension.




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