Image shows the Eternal Divine Spark of the Infinite Self.

Our Ultimate Destination Is The Infinite Self


Image Credit: Sequoia Arayas


We are infinite and eternal. We are a genuine conscious creation of Divine Source. We are a part of the very same Source energy that created us, and we have the same power to create. The only difference is that our duality as Source energy manifested in human form has been veiled from us so that we may have this marvelous human experience in its totality. The ultimate destination of the human experience is finding our way back to our Self!


Doorway to the Infinite Self


The Superconscious mind represents the doorway to the Infinite Divine Self. It is the arena from which inspiration and imagination is sourced. It is the sacred limitless potential of the nonmanifest. By tapping into the Superconscious mind, we can access the infinite wisdom, love and abundance that are readily available to us all.


We don’t always realize what or why things happen to us. Our Infinite Self holds the knowledge that we have gained from all our lives – past, present and future. While the subconscious mind also holds this information, the key difference is that the Infinite Self knows all. The Infinite Self is connected to the Whole, where all knowledge and all wisdom dwell. When we align ourselves with our highest intentions, we are synchronizing ourselves with what we came to Earth to do, teach, serve and achieve.


Aligning with the Infinite Self


The point in aligning ourselves with our Infinite Self is so that we can align ourselves with our true infinite Divine essence. Our Infinite Self knows what is best for us and knows our heart’s desires. By choosing the philosophies of our Infinite Self over that of fear-based philosophies, we allow ourselves greater scope of achieving love, joy, peace, ease, freedom and abundance. The Infinite Self knows all; It has the sight of an eagle and sees beyond the horizons. It sees past the challenges that we face and sees the rewards on the other side of the hills.


Your Infinite Self is your best friend and confidant. The love your Infinite Self holds for you is beyond any words known in our language. This best friend is unlike any you have ever encountered; you can tell It (huge Consciousness field of Source energy) anything for you trust It implicitly. It knows everything about you, yet do not judge any of it. You know It loves you completely and wholly; It would do absolutely anything for you, as long as they align with the Law of One.


You are inextricably linked with your Infinite Self, who does not, cannot and will not leave your side for any instant. Your Infinite Self will not infringe on your free will and so can only watch and gently nudge you along your path throughout your life so that you can achieve greater happiness, joy, wisdom, enlightenment and abundance.


Connecting to the Infinite Self


Our Infinite Self is the part of us that always remains in Source vibration no matter what our human counterpart chooses to do; It knows All, It is All, It loves All.


Meditation is an awesome way to connect to your Infinite Self as regular meditation practice will raise your vibration and make it easier for you to link to It. The more you experience the presence of your Infinite Self, the more you will recognize and understand its unique vibration.


Please click here for a meditation to reconnect to your Infinite Self: Inner Light Meditation


You can call upon your Infinite Self at any time. Ask and you shall receive. So begin by acknowledging who you truly are at your core. You are a conscious manifestation of Source energy, a multidimensional Light Being of fluid Consciousness powered by Love. Ask your Infinite Self to make Itself present and show you how to transcend your human confines so you may live from a place of Love and Light.


Be open to hearing It and allowing It to guide you. Your Infinite Self speaks in the wordless language of the Heart. Listen to the song of your Spirit and let the melody guide you to yourself.


Anything you do to raise your vibration will bring you closer to your Infinite Self. If meditation is not your cup of tea, then you can spend time out in Nature, paint, sing, write, garden, exercise, play sports, read spiritual or inspirational books, or participate in any activities that uplift and bring you joy.


Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides vs the Infinite Self


The angels, ascended masters and spirit guides are wonderful characters as they are past, present and future versions of ourselves. They are filled with love and humor and sometimes have outrageous and entertaining personalities. They are great friends and mentors, and they truly love us without too much judgment. You can use your spirit guides for anything you like, and they will always assist you in the best way possible for your highest good. But your spirit guides as well as other spirits that had once existed in human form still maintain some amount of personality and ego as they retain an energetic connection to their own past incarnation.


Your Infinite Self is completely ego free. It is absolutely powerful and totally enlightened because it is the purest part of Source energy as it remains in a total state of Divine Love with only observation and objectivity to guide you.


Your Infinite Self is always with you and has been with you since the beginning of Creation. It knows you better than any other spirit ever could. You will never obtain any greater wisdom than from your Infinite Self. No angel, ascended master, spirit guide, deceased love one, ancient wise one, or galactic being can ever give you the totality of love and wisdom that you will receive from your Infinite Self!


Your Infinite Self is pure Consciousness and your most direct connection to all Source energy and Consciousness. Your Infinite Self is you as you truly are in your purest Love and Beingness on a Spirit level as conscious intelligence. You merely have to connect with It and choose to live your life from this place.


The main objective of your angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides and their overall purpose are to help you reconnect to your Infinite Self. It is a Cosmic goal of Source to have each individual soul/spirit experiencing duality to reunite with their multidimensional Infinite Self!

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