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Transmutational Symptoms Of Ascension


Presently, we are in a phase transition of expansion into the realms of experiencing higher consciousness as “multidimensional” human beings living on this planet. During this phase of the Ascension cycle, we as human beings will experience various physical symptoms as we shift our cells into higher frequency patterns.


A myriad of possible and unusual experiences can result from the integration of our higher light-energy bodies that happens during our Ascension process.


Mutational Symptoms


Mutational symptoms are transitory physical symptoms that occur in our body as we raise our frequency and shift more fully into our higher dimensional state of being.


Every aspect of our physical bodies is undergoing a dynamic metamorphosis, in every cell. All systems in our bodies are changing. Dormant genes are being activated in our DNA, causing new and unfamiliar chemical changes. Our bodies are shifting from carbon-based organisms to crystallinelight bodies”.


For several years, many of us may have been experiencing a whole spectrum of unusual physical symptoms. Some of the symptoms reported include:


Extreme Fatigue


Periods of immense sluggishness, when we seem to have little physical energy. This may happen on and off for a while. Often this is because we are working intensely on the inner planes. This takes almost all our energy to accomplish.


Sometimes exhaustion sets in simply because your body is having to adjust to new, higher frequencies. Try to give your body all the rest and sleep it needs. Be kind, gentle and loving to it. It will eventually adjust to the new levels of consciousness you’re ascending to and you’ll have more energy again.




You may suddenly have periods of cleansing the intestines at different intervals, for as you raise your frequency, your body must interiorly realign. It is as if you are going through an internal “house cleaning”. Everything within your physical vessel is being recalibrated and realigned.


Aches and Pains


You may find yourself with unusual body aches and pains. Or you might feel waves of heat or energy passing through your body at odd times. Our bodies are being shifted in thermodynamic ways and with so much light entering the fields of the body, some of the “symptoms” we experience are actually preventing our physical vehicles from bursting with the intensity of light.


Changes in Sleep Patterns


You may find that suddenly you seem to need a whole lot more sleep than usual. You may at times wake up feeling exhausted and have a sense that you’ve “been somewhere” and “done a lot” in the sleep state, although you can’t remember what.


You may go through periods of time in which you find yourself having intense dreams every night. You may find monsters and battles appearing in these dreams or other fearful kinds of scenarios. Fear not, as they’re simply signs that old, negative patterns and memories are releasing.


You may experience waking up every 3 hours or interrupted sleep as you are being recalibrated and worked on energetically at night. This can add to your being restless and tired in the morning.


You may also find that at times during the day, your whole body suddenly pulls on you, demanding a nap.


Changes in Diet


At times, we may develop strange eating habits where we want to eat only one type of food or have cravings for something not normally considered healthy. Many of us are now discovering that much of the time we need far less food than before and are being drawn to lighter and healthier foods. Although there are definitely times when we need to eat copious amounts to keep ourselves grounded.


Other Symptoms


Other symptoms some may experience are nausea, dizziness, spinning, blurred vision, and headaches, to name a few. Your physical form needs time to integrate and assimilate these powerfully high vibrational energies that are streaming through your multidimensional being at an immense speed. You may feel dizzy or like the room is spinning when you stand up, lie down, or close your eyes.


Don’t be concerned, for this is actually a very good sign that you are transmuting and transforming your vehicle into its higher dimensional state. There may be days when you feel as if you can’t read or clear your vision, for the molecules, subparticles and atoms that are rebuilding your inner matrix affect your vision markedly, due to the fact that the eyes have a very complex and pinpointed molecular makeup within the corneal vortex.


Additional symptoms include severe cranial pressure and headaches, forgetfulness, irritability, sleeplessness, muscle cramps in legs and calves and shoulders, flu-like symptoms, kundalini experiences, feeling out of sorts, skin rashes, tingling in body parts, diminution of spatial awareness, clumsiness, feverish feeling, feelings of being there and not being here, loss of visual acuity, memory loss, changes with body and head hair, lack of the ability to concentrate, the feeling that you cannot accomplish anything because there is not enough time, anxiety attacks that happen suddenly and disappear just as suddenly.


You may experience shortness of breath and an erratic heartbeat. The heart chakra is opening and expanding more fully in preparation for deeper communication through the heart center as multidimensional beings.


The electronics in your home or surrounding area may suddenly go haywire, or malfunction for no apparent reason. You may blow light bulbs and fuses. This is because as your frequency rises, you emit high velocity electromagnetic pulses that affect electronic gadgets in your energetic vicinity. As frustrating as this may seem, it is actually a wonderful sign that your vibration is very high.


Seek Medical Advice?


Instead of constantly running to doctors who often find nothing wrong, you might want to seek out a holistic healer who can better understand what you are experiencing. Of course I am not professing to be giving any medical advice. It may be beneficial for some of us to seek out medical or psychological treatment during our process. We must follow our own inner guidance or intuition on how to proceed with what is occurring within our physical and energy body systems. It’s important to remain open to all forms of help.


Please know that we are so deeply loved and appreciated by Source, Spirit, the Guardians, the Cosmic Councils of Light, the Planet, and from all those of whom we serve as One, during this Ascension cycle!




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