Image of a lady floating on the water with a bird on her finger to represent tranquility, one of the tips for living in the Fifth Dimension.

Tips For Living In The Fifth Dimension


Image Copyright: Kagaya Yutaka at Kagaya Studio


1. Staying aligned to Source: Maintain the connection to God-Source by consistent meditation, prayer, gratitude, creativity or doing that which brings you joy.


2. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like them to treat you. Constantly think how others feel and would like to be treated.


3. Do things that are for your highest good: If something is not for your highest good, then it is not for the highest good of others either. The converse is also true.


4. Associate with high frequency people or with those who inspire and uplift you: Choose your friends wisely, even if this means walking alone or having fewer friends for a time until you attract new ones.


5. Prioritize your life so that you have more leisure: You cannot be too busy and maintain your vibration in the fifth dimension.  Allow time for meditation, prayer, creativity and play.


6. Take things lightly: Treat things lightly so that you enjoy fun and laughter. Choose laughter as a response. You will feel happier and so will people around you.


7. Practice and embody high octave emotions: Remember that high octave emotions such as love, compassion, and gratitude make us feel so much better and increase our vibration. Thank the Divine every day for all the goodness you have in your life.


8. Listen to the divine promptings: Watch for signs and always listen to the promptings of the Divine. This is part of fifth-dimensional attunement.


9. Keep your home in a high vibration: Keep your home clean and harmonious. Flowers, beautiful music and colors help.


10. Live with abundance consciousness: Watch your thoughts and words. Make sure that they align with the highest possibilities of abundance and manifestation.


11. Healthy living: We are becoming more conscious, which requires us to operate at higher frequencies. To keep our bodies and minds tuned up and clean we need to increasingly eat lighter, healthier and fresh plant-based foods and stay physically active. What we eat, drink, think and do create the energetic vibration that we are.


12. Spend time in Nature: Being in Nature keeps you in balance and harmony and really helps you to maintain a fifth-dimensional frequency.


13. Find work or employment that satisfies your soul: When you are doing what you love, you live in joy and are in higher consciousness or have an internal feeling of “Heaven on Earth”.

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