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Tips For Getting And Staying Grounded


The following tips are from Chapter 9 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1:


1. If ungrounded, go for a walk or swim. The act of moving the body will move the energy allowing the pain to be released so that soul may re-anchor in the form.


2. Eat chocolate or drink coffee. Both chocolate and coffee contain caffeine, which will ground soul into form in less than 5 minutes. As such, this is a good quick fix to take on the road!


3. Sit in meditation and run the Kundalini energy system clearing the field with one’s own internal fire. (Please see Chapter 5: Supporting the Human Form in Ascension for more information.)


4. Eat protein. Protein will allow soul to anchor for many hours. For some ascending humans living in the denser regions of Earth, eating protein daily may be a good solution to the need to remain grounded in order to ascend. We do not recommend protein powders, which are toxic to the form because they are so highly concentrated. Instead, we recommend food that is raw or freshly cooked that contains high amounts of proteins from plant or grain sources, such as nuts, beans, quinoa, and legumes. If allergic to chocolate, take some trail mix with you on the road.


5. Take a 10-minute sun bath or walk in the sun. Sun bathing will bring one into communion with Earth and our solar system allowing soul to be re-anchored into the form. The sun will also burn off the etheric pus that accumulates in the process of ascension allowing one to feel rejuvenated. As the pus leaves, soul more readily anchors into the form.


6. Take a candlelit mineral bath. Watch the flames flicker in the room. Candles are fire, and fire is a part of Earth. As one communes with the fire of the candle, they commune with Earth. As one also communes with the water in the bathtub, they also commune with Earth.


7. Burn your favorite incense, frankincense or sage. Smoke clears one’s auric field of entities related to the patterns that one is releasing. In essence, such entities do not like the smoke and leave. As the entities leave, soul enters the form with greater ease.


8. Apply essential oils to one’s body or burn essential oils in a room. Asur’Ana often travels with a little bottle of essential oils of lemon, spearmint, orange and eucalyptus mixed together and applies it to her wrist and forehead. The smell from the oils cause the entities to leave that she is either releasing or have attached to her field due to the crowd that she is in.


9. Take a shower utilizing the salt scrub formula. Moving water assists one in communing with Earth. The salt scrub allows entities that do not like the smell of the oils to leave, and etheric pus moves with the water down the drain.


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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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